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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2 Recap – Buckets of Baggage


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2 Recap - Buckets of Baggage

[00:00:30] The penthouse is a mess. Lucifer and Chloe giggle as they just finished an all-nighter. Lucifer tells Chloe that if he realized things would be so great between them, he wouldn’t have made her wait that long. Chloe and Lucifer are having a great time when Amenadiel enters the penthouse. He comes to pick up Lucifer for his coronation, but Lucifer isn’t planning on going again. Amenadiel tries to convince Lucifer to take his place as God, but Chloe steps in. She asks Amenadiel why he’s rushing Lucifer. Amenadiel says the world needs a God. Chloe points out that God came to Earth and spent a few weeks there, but nothing happened. Amenadiel tells Chloe they don’t know what’s happening in other parts of the world or what effect it has if there‘s no God.

[00:03:00] Chloe tells Amenadiel to have faith in Lucifer as she defends his decision to stay on Earth a little longer. Lucifer tells Amenadiel he knows what must be done before he takes his place as God. Lucifer visits Linda for advice. Linda thought she‘s no longer Lucifer’s therapist. Lucifer tells her it was a mistake leaving her. Lucifer’s problem is that he only cares and loves Chloe. He knows God must love and care for all the humans on Earth, but he can’t do it. Lucifer asks Linda how she cares for her patients. Linda tells Lucifer she sets her personal feelings aside and listens to her patients without bias. Lucifer misunderstands Linda’s statement and suggests that Linda doesn’t care for her patients. He thinks he can just help people without caring for them.

[00:05:00] Lucifer thanks Linda for her time. He tells Linda she really has a special way of helping Lucifer with his problems. Meanwhile, Carol arrives at a crime scene and greets Ella. They find common ground as they discuss the movie “Supercop.” They love the movie because of Michelle Yeoh. Ella suddenly realizes things are turning out just like Pete, so she shifts their topic to the case and leaves Carol. He doesn’t know what happened, but he follows Ella into the theater. The victim is a John Doe at the moment. He died because someone stabbed him with a stiletto. Lucifer arrives at the theater and offers to help Carol because he doesn’t care for him. Ella and Carol don’t understand what Lucifer means, but they just agree with him.

[00:08:00] Lucifer brings Carol a mug of coffee which he respectfully declines. Carol tells Lucifer he doesn’t drink coffee. Lucifer empties the mug into a trash bin and tries to pour whiskey instead. Carol declines and tells Lucifer he doesn’t need his help. Lucifer wants to be the answer to Carol’s prayers, but he doesn’t need Lucifer’s help. Lucifer tries to use his powers on Carol, but it doesn’t work. He doubles his efforts, and Carol finally gives in. Carol tells Lucifer he wants to find the love of his life. Lucifer misunderstands things and thinks Carol just wants to have sex. Carol says it’s been 15 months since he got laid. Lucifer is now obligated to help Carol overcome his dry patch. Carol argues he doesn’t need Lucifer’s help for sex. Ella hears their awkward conversation and offers to come back later.

[00:10:00] Carol apologizes and wants to know why Ella wants to speak with him. Ella shows Carol the suspicious CCTV footage they acquired from the theater. The murder happened off-screen, but the woman caught on footage was running away from the crime scene carrying paper bags of branded shoes. Carol tells Ella he has a date with the shoe lady. He rescinds his statement and tells Ella he’ll interrogate the shoe lady. Carol leaves the precinct and tells Lucifer he doesn’t need his help. Ella visits Chloe to ask for her opinion and assistance. She likes Carol, but everything about him reminds her of Pete. Ella has trust issues since her previous boyfriend turns out to be a serial killer. Chloe tells Ella that Carol is Dan’s best friend, so he’s not a serial killer.

[00:12:00] Ella points out that she and Dan didn’t know Pete was a serial killer. Chloe asks Ella how she can help. Ella says she wants to know every single thing about Carol. Chloe suggests investigating Carol. Ella thought “investigate” meant stalking him on social media, but Chloe has a better idea. She offers to check the precinct personnel files. Ella knows checking the personnel files is a bit too much, but Chloe insists. Chloe adds it’s good that she’s checking what she’s getting into. Chloe invites Ella to check the files. Ella immediately regretted her decision to get Chloe involved. Meanwhile, Carol is interrogating the shoe lady, Kate Jacobs. She denies killing the victim. Kate tells Carol that the victim is her best client.

[00:14:00] Kate sells designer accessories. She was supposed to meet with her best client, but she found him dead. She panicked and left the scene immediately. Kate tells Carol she‘s the one who called the crime in. Suddenly, Lucifer speaks on the intercom telling Carol that Kate is a stand-up citizen. Carol tells Kate not to pay attention to Lucifer. They continue the interrogation as Carol asks Kate if her goods were stolen. She doesn’t confirm nor deny his allegations. Lucifer speaks on the intercom again, telling Carol about his chemistry with Kate. Carol tells Lucifer to leave the viewing room. Lucifer enters the interrogation room instead, so Carol asks him to leave. But Lucifer is hell-bent on finding a love connection for Carol. Lucifer helps Carol find a lead as Kate tells them about the victim named Fred. She tells Carol about Fred fighting on the phone with Busty.

[00:16:00] Lucifer tells Carol she knows a drag queen named Busty Bazoongas. Carol tells Kate she can leave. He also sarcastically thanks Lucifer and leaves. Lucifer is delighted to help Carol, but things don’t feel different for him. Lucifer leaves the interrogation room to look for answers. Meanwhile, Chloe and Ella hit a dead end as the police guarding the personnel files don’t allow them inside. The police leave to buy doughnuts, so Chloe secretly uses Amenadiel’s necklace to break the locked gate. They waltz inside to find Carol’s file. Carol visits Hamburger Mary’s to look for Busty. He finds that a girl named Fiona also works there. Kate mentioned a girl named Fiona earlier in their conversation. Carol asks one of the drag queens if Fiona and Busty are hostile against each other. She says Fiona is hostile with anyone.

[00:18:00] Niles, the club manager, overhears their conversation and offers to speak with Carol. He tells Niles he’s investigating the murder of a guy named Fred. It turns out Fiona is Fred’s drag persona. Carol tells them Busty was fighting with Fred before his death. Niles excuses himself as he must attend to his club. Busty’s real name is Brian. He comes up on stage to headline the show since Fred is already dead. Brian introduces Lucifer who plays the piano for their act. After their number, they wave to the audience, and Carol, looking at his primary suspect. Chloe and Ella spend the night looking into Carol’s file. According to his file, Carol infiltrated a meth ring during his days in Vice. Ella jumps the gun and accuses Carol of being a liar. Chloe adds that Carol went on vacation for a year after Vice.

[00:22:00] Ella is convinced Carol isn’t who he is. Chloe defends Carol since undercover cops always go on vacation because of the stress that comes with their line of work. Chloe adds there’s nothing left to investigate on Carol since his file is clean. Ella agrees with Chloe and ends their investigation. Back at the club, Carol finally asks Brian about Fred. Brian confirms he’s fighting with Fred, but it’s for her own good. Brian has personal problems with his drag persona. Fred served as Brian’s mentor in drag, and he wanted Brian to accept being Busty. As Brian explains his internal issues, Lucifer realizes he also has the same issues as Brian. Lucifer knows he won’t become God if he doesn’t accept himself. Carol doesn’t get enough information from Brian as to who killed Fred.

[00:27:00] Lucifer focuses on Carol’s relationship issues instead. He finds that Carol likes a woman with a big heart and gives great hugs. Lucifer tells Carol that he’s describing Ella. Carol denies it at first, but he comes clean. He tells Lucifer not to tell Ella about his feelings for her. Lucifer thinks he knows Ella, so he offers to change Carol’s appearance to Ella’s liking. Meanwhile, a woman walks through the corridors of hell. A demon dressed as a nurse confronts her and tries to stop her. The woman knows the demon despite not being in his true form. She wants to know what the woman is doing in hell. She shows Ratched her wings, so she‘s an angel. Ratched is surprised to see her, but she doesn’t know her despite being an angel.

[00:29:00] The woman wants to speak with Michael who‘s scrubbing the floors of hell with a toothbrush. Ratched tells her no one is allowed to speak with the prisoner. The woman wants to speak with Michael to find out what he did wrong. She wants to destroy Lucifer, and speaking with Michael will help her not to repeat his mistakes. Ratched tells her that Michael’s overthinking got the best of him. Ratched adds there‘s a stupid human who shot Lucifer and nearly destroyed him. The woman becomes interested in the human Ratched is referring to. Ella goes to Lux to meet up with Lucifer; instead, she sees Bad Carol. He‘s trying his best to walk and talk like a bad boy, but everything just feels awkward.

[00:31:00] Carol has enough and quits his bad boy persona, but it‘s too late. Ella walks out on Carol. He tries to stop her, but he can’t. Ella bumps into Lucifer on her way out of Lux. She realizes Lucifer tried to set Carol up with her. Lucifer takes credit for Carol’s bad boy persona, but Ella tells him she hates bad boys. Lucifer knows Ella is still caught up with Pete, so he apologizes for what happened. Ella is at her breaking point. Without feeling the presence of God, she doesn’t know what to do. Lucifer suddenly comes up with an idea: helping Ella will also solve his problems. Lucifer and Ella go to Carol’s house to find out if he’s hiding something. They rummage around but find nothing out of the ordinary, no hidden room filled with murder flowers.

[00:34:00] Ella is still unsure about Carol even after looking through his closet. She wants to know what Carol was doing for the year he went on vacation. Lucifer has enough of Ella’s paranoia. He tells Ella that Carol is just a good, normal guy. Lucifer adds that Carol isn’t Pete. Ella tries to drag Lucifer out of Carol’s room, but he insists on tidying up first. Lucifer lifts the sheets, and they find a locked trunk at the foot of his bed. Meanwhile, Chloe wants to do some bounty hunting. Maze doesn’t have bounties, but she offers to let Chloe know once anything comes up. She‘s about to leave when Chloe asks Maze for some sparring lessons.

[00:36:00] Maze refuses by telling Chloe she will snap her like a twig. Chloe doesn’t like the gesture, so she kicks Maze to start a fight. Things are heating up, so Chloe picks up a chair. Her plan backfires as Maze counters her attack and uses the chair on her instead. Maze thinks it‘s over, but Chloe gets right back up to attack. Back at Carol’s house, the locked trunk makes Ella anxious. She really wants to see what’s inside the trunk. Ella thinks a dead body could be inside. Lucifer tells Ella they should smell a dead body. Ella wants to get the bolt cutters from her car, but Lucifer breaks the lock himself. They open the trunk and see a bottle of scotch with a note, “One day at a time.”

[00:38:00] Ella realizes Carol is a recovering alcoholic. They return everything to its normal state as Carol calls Ella. He‘s at Fred’s apartment looking for clues. Carol wants Ella to come over and dust everything for prints. He has a hunch that whoever broke into Fred’s apartment is their killer. After their conversation, Carol comes face-to-face with their killer — Niles. He holds a knife to Carol’s face. Carol tries to talk it out with Niles, but he isn’t willing to talk. Niles orders Carol to handcuff himself to a table and tells him that Fred’s death was accidental. He just wanted to talk with him, but things got physical. They fell, and when Niles got up, he saw Fred stabbed by a stiletto. Lucifer and Ella arrive, heightening the tension.

[00:41:00] Ella and Lucifer talk things through with Niles. It‘s enough to distract him as Carol signals Ella to become a super cop. Carol distracts Niles; Ella does the rest. They disable Niles as Carol arrests him. Lucifer applauds their duo. Back at Chloe’s, everything is a mess. Maze calls it quits because she wants to sleep. Chloe really enjoys her super strength, so she invites Maze again for some sparring the next day. Maze passes on the offer because she has a wedding to plan. She worries about Chloe, but she doesn’t tell her anything. Maze leaves without another word. Ella and Carol finally get to talk. He apologizes for what he did back at Lux the other day. Carol tells Ella he doesn’t really have a bad boy persona.

[00:45:00] Carol tells Ella he just got some terrible advice. He confesses his feelings for Ella which makes her feel guilty. Ella comes clean. She tells him everything, including breaking into his apartment and opening his trunk. She apologizes for everything. Carol says he was in rehab for that one year. After rehab, he took things slowly, including dating, so he hasn’t dated anyone for the past 15 months. Carol isn’t mad at Ella since he took it as a sign that she also likes him. Ella asks Carol if he still wants to see “Supercop.” Carol agrees on one condition: He wants Ella to just ask him anything if she ever needs to ask something about his life. Ella agrees to his condition as they part ways.

[00:48:00] Lucifer is eavesdropping on their whole conversation. He feels genuinely happy for Ella. But after all the work he put into helping Ella, nothing feels different for him. Lucifer gets disappointed that nothing is working for him. Meanwhile, Dan is playing ping-pong by himself when the woman comes to him. Dan thinks she‘s a new opponent, but she didn’t come to hell for ping-pong. Dan asked if Lucifer had sent her, but he didn’t. The woman wants to know how Dan nearly killed Lucifer. He still feels guilty about it, but Dan tells her about Michael. Dan realizes the woman is also trying to manipulate him. He doesn’t want to help the angel to hurt Lucifer. She promises to get Dan out of hell if he helps her.

[00:50:00] Dan knows it’s impossible. She says any angel can fly him out of hell if they want to. Dan doesn’t want to believe it, but the woman tells him it’s the truth. The woman is about to leave when Dan changes his mind. He will help her in exchange for leaving hell. Lucifer returns to his penthouse and waits for Chloe. As she arrives, they greet each other and ask how their day went. Chloe tells Lucifer that her day was uneventful. Lucifer tells Chloe about helping Carol and Ella, but he still isn’t feeling godly. He apologizes for taking so long to become God. Chloe says there isn’t any rush. Lucifer agrees and plans to take things slowly.

[00:52:00] Ella and Carol enjoy their date. Carol tells her it’s the best date ever. He kisses Ella on the cheek and bids her goodnight. Carol leaves Ella by her truck. She looks to the heavens to thank God. Ella gets her keys and is about to open her truck when she hears a loud thud on her hood. She looks up and sees a frog that fell from the sky.

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