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Ozark Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Book of Ruth


Published 3 weeks ago

Ozark Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Book of Ruth

Marty was biking that morning when two trucks came out of nowhere. He tried to signal them to pass him by, but they didn’t. The trucks decided to drive close to him. Ash was riding in one of the trucks, and it’s safe to presume that all the other men were Jacob’s employees. Marty knew he was in trouble but couldn’t react in time. Ash stops his truck, and Marty hits the side of the truck. They got out and quickly threw him in the back of the truck.

Wendy, Charlotte, and Jonah were driving back to the house when they saw Marty’s bike on the side of the road. His bag was still there along with his helmet, but Marty wasn’t around. Wendy tried to call Marty’s phone, but it was also there on the side of the road. Ash took Marty to Jacob’s estate. They showed him a tour of their plantation and operations. Jacob and his family were running a drug trade of their own, and they needed the pastor to stay in the water. Marty disrupted the back end of their operation by taking over the bar, and now he’s disrupted the front end by building a church for the pastor.

They harassed Marty a little bit so that he would understand that they were not joking around. Jacob gave him an ultimatum regarding the pastor and his church. He told Marty to stop building the church. Marty didn’t want to stop at first because of his fear for Del, but Jacob made it clear that he needs to fear him more than Del because he’s closer to him. Jacob tells Marty that he will kill the pastor and his pregnant wife if he doesn’t comply. Marty doesn’t want the pastor to die because of him, so he finally agrees to stop building the church.

Marty’s family arrives at their house, and they immediately call out to him. When they couldn’t find him, Wendy went into protection mode. She told her children to stay in their rooms while she took out some guns from the basement. Wendy was loading one of the guns when she heard the children call out to her that Marty just come home. Marty knew he didn’t need to tell the kids what happened to him. He just told everyone that he got into an accident and that someone brought him back from the roadside. Wendy noticed that there were bruises on Marty’s knuckles, and she knew that Marty got kidnapped by the Snells.

Ruth put on some make-up and dressed up for something big. Wyatt asks her if she has a date, but it is someone more important than a suitor. She goes to prison to visit her father while Marty and Wendy figure things out back at home. Marty is worried about the pastor and his wife. Wendy tells Marty that they can fix things; they just need to act smart and quick. Meanwhile, Ruth’s father convinces her to make a move on Marty to take all of his money. Ruth responds that she can’t touch the money unless she knows how to launder it. Ruth’s father responds that a lot of accidents happen near the lake she just needs to find an opportunity she can control.

Petty makes a move on Russ to get closer to Marty. He tells Russ that he plans to open a business in Ozark and wants to talk to Marty to get an investment out of him. Russ eventually agrees to take Petty over to Ruth so they can arrange a meeting with Marty. Meanwhile, Marty and Wendy convince Mason and Gracie to stop construction on the church. He tells Mason that the grounds where they plan to build the church aren’t zoned out for any religious establishment. Mason and Gracie understand and agree to stop building the church.

Charlotte visits Wyatt to return the book she borrowed. She ends up meeting Wyatt’s father, Russ. Wyatt tries to invite Charlotte to a local party, but she refuses. Russ tells Wyatt that he and Charlotte don’t belong together. Marty is worried that the lodge and the bar won’t be enough to launder the remaining money. Wendy assures Marty that he could make things work out, and if it doesn’t, then they take the kids and run from Del. Marty knows they don’t have money to make a run for it. Wendy responds that she’ll worry about their money while he worries about Del’s money.

Wendy speaks to Sam about getting a raise. Sam’s mother, Eugenia, refuses to give Wendy a raise; however, all of Sam’s additional earnings were because of Wendy. She plans to leave Sam and join another realtor, so Sam agrees to give her a bonus on top of her salary. Wendy is delighted that she got things her way with Sam. Meanwhile, Marty calls Ruth to ask for a ride since his men need the minivan to get things done quicker regarding remodeling the bar. Ruth is surprised that an opportunity presents itself just after she spoke with her father. Ruth agrees to give Marty a ride when he needs it.

Rachel visits Marty in his office as things are still running smoothly at the lodge. She told him that many of their employees are looking for him to buy him a drink. With things running smoothly at the lodge, Rachel can’t help but get her hopes up that things would turn for the better. Marty was busy polishing the renovation details for the lodge. They need to renovate within the season so that they don’t get charged bigger by the renovators. Meanwhile, Wendy decides to enjoy a drink with Buddy so she can keep herself sane.

Buddy told Wendy that he had moved to Ozark because he had killed Jimmy Hoffa. At first, Wendy thought it was true, but they laughed it out and moved on. Buddy asks Wendy if she will tell him why they moved to Ozark, but she isn’t. Wendy told Buddy how she was part of Obama’s campaign for the presidency. She was very good at her job, but Charlotte came, and she needed to quit. After their talk, Buddy decides to go to bed. He tells Wendy that a package came for them earlier, so he placed it on the counter. Later that night, Marty arrives and finds Wendy sitting alone in the dark. She tells Marty that Del sent a package to them. Marty opens the package and finds a pair of eyeballs in a glass jar. Wendy was shaken up upon seeing the eyeballs, but Marty didn’t care.

Ruth went to the dock to work on her plan to kill Marty. She wants to electrocute him to death. She sets up a live wire and tests it out on a rat. The right died instantly as it tries to climb back up on the dock. Russ and Petty went to Ruth to lay out their business plan. Ruth doesn’t want anything to do with Russ at the moment but she tells him about her plan to kill Marty later that night. Russ leaves without any arguments because he knows that Ruth needs to work on her plan perfectly. Meanwhile, Charlotte meets Zach again only this time she wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass by. She went with Zach and his friends to the party cove.

Zach and Charlotte arrive at the party cove, and things are already swinging. There were naked women everywhere as people were losing control of themselves. Meanwhile, Marty calls Ruth to hitch a ride home. Ruth sets her plan in motion and tells Marty to meet her at the bar’s dock. While everyone was having a good time, Zach planned to get Charlotte in bed. It doesn’t take much effort as Charlotte made the first move to kiss Zach. One thing led to another, and Zach was on top of her just like that.

Ruth and Marty arrive at his home dock, but Ruth’s plan backfires. Marty steps onto the dock, but he didn’t die. Ruth was shocked because no one knows about her plan except for Russ. Marty thanks Ruth for the ride home and leaves. As Marty makes his way towards the house, Petty was in the woods keeping an eye on him, it seems he’s the one who foiled Ruth’s plan to kill Marty. Petty nearly gets killed by Jonah as he spots him in the forest. Petty knew to just back away instead of triggering a reaction from Jonah.

Marty gets word that his renovation scheme worked out perfectly. Everything is on track and he’s about to completely launder all of Del’s money. Wendy and Marty hug it out in order to celebrate their small victory. One thing led to another and Wendy starts pulling down Marty’s pants. It was just like the homemade porn video that he was watching a few weeks back. He remembered everything perfectly and recreated the moment. Marty guides Wendy to bed and puts her in a kneeling position. He slaps her big ass while thrusting his hips harder and harder.

Ruth arrives at home to see Russ and Boyd drinking by their dock. Ruth confronts Russ about her plan which backfired on her. She knew that she rigged Marty’s dock correctly and she knew that only Russ knew about her plan. Ruth got into an argument with Russ while Boyd thinks that Ruth must’ve messed up when she rigged Marty’s dock. Ruth knew that Russ had something to do with her plan backfiring, but she didn’t have any proof. Russ punches Ruth after she spits on his face.

The next morning, Wendy confronts Marty about what happened between them last night. She wanted to know why Marty slapped her ass last night. Marty thought Wendy would like what he did. Wendy had a hunch about where Marty got the idea, and she was right. She manages to open Marty’s laptop and saw the porn clip that he was watching. The man on the clip did the same thing Marty did to her last night. Meanwhile, Charlotte discovers that Zach left and went back to Chicago. She was hoping that there was a thing going on between them but Zach just wanted to fuck her.

Ruth went over to Marty’s house to return the minivan. Wendy saw that someone punched her so she told Ruth to get inside so she could apply some ointment to her bruise. Charlotte arrives home and she wasn’t feeling well. Wendy knew something was up, so she gave Ruth her number and told her to call her if she needed anything. Wendy turned her attention to Charlotte as she knew that her daughter needs her mother.

The two sat at the dock to talk things out. Charlotte tells Wendy that she hates being in Ozark. Wendy knew, but there was nothing they could do. They need to be tough until things go back to normal. Meanwhile, Rachel discovers what Marty is up to. She went to his office to help but discovered that everything was a lie. She knew that Marty was doing something illegal and she wants to know why. Marty tries to explain things to Rachel, but she won’t hear him out. Marty didn’t have any choice but to leave.

Things weren’t going well for Marty. He decides to call Wendy. He was on his way home when he passed by the church. Marty told Mason to stop the construction, but he didn’t listen. Someone decided to continue the construction and placed a huge cross on top of the building’s foundation. Marty hits his breaks upon seeing the cross. Marty got to Wendy’s voicemail and all he could say is that someone put up a cross on the church.


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