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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 3 Recap – Yabba Dabba Do Me


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 3 Recap - Yabba Dabba Do Me

[00:00:30] Linda is working on a journal about her relationship with Lucifer. He suddenly barges in to tell Linda that her advice doesn’t work out. Instead of helping Lucifer, she asks what happened the first time they met. Lucifer tells Linda about the Delilah case. Linda asks Lucifer about the details, so she can properly finish her journal, but Lucifer gets another idea and leaves without giving enough details. Lucifer visits Ella for information on Jimmy Barnes. Ella adopts the frog that fell on her truck. She has a gut feeling that the frog is part of something bigger and life-altering, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone because they might think she’s crazy.

[00:04:00] Lucifer tells Ella that Jimmy is in some sort of asylum because of him. Ella looks up Jimmy and shows his file to Lucifer. After looking at the file, Lucifer returns to Lux to prepare. Chloe arrives and asks where he’s going. Lucifer tells Chloe about Linda’s advice and is preparing to visit Jimmy in hell. Chloe wants to go with him, but Lucifer knows it’s a bad idea. He tries to talk Chloe out of it, but she insists. Chloe is starting to grow attached to Amenadiel’s necklace. The side effects are already showing as Lucifer tries to take the necklace from her. Chloe points out that the necklace gives her incredible strength — enough to survive going to hell. Since Chloe insists, Lucifer agrees to take her with him to hell. Just as they leave, Dan and the woman arrive.

[00:07:30] Dan runs inside the penthouse and calls out to Lucifer. He plans on telling Lucifer about the evil, murderous angel trying to kill him. The woman laughs at Dan and asks him how he will stop her plan. Dan tries to tackle her, but he just goes right through her. He tries to reach for an object inside the penthouse, but he can’t. Dan realizes he’s just a ghost. The woman tells him that Lucifer isn’t inside the penthouse, so she plans to wait for him. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer arrive in hell. She’s amazed at the place and asks about the high pillar in the middle of hell. Lucifer tells her that it’s his throne. Lucifer is having difficulty finding Jimmy’s hell loop.

[00:10:30] Chloe is about to open a hell loop as she gets attracted by a faint noise inside, but Lucifer stops her in time. At the precinct, it’s Amenadiel’s first day of field training. Maze is watching him when Ella arrived. She’s touched that Maze is there to support Amenadiel. Maze tells Ella she’s only there to find something to tease Amenadiel with. Ella sees Sonya as Amenadiel’s training officer. She tells Maze that Sonya is tough as hell, and most of her trainees drop out. Ella wishes Amenadiel well and leaves. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer find Jimmy’s hell loop. He tells Chloe to brace herself because he doesn’t know what’s behind Jimmy’s door. They enter the door, and they turn into cartoon versions of themselves.

[00:13:30] Chloe is so delighted at seeing her cartoon self. She lifts a tree and throws it across the land. Lucifer pulls down his pants to check, but he doesn’t have a penis. Chloe has a bit of fun, but Lucifer tells her to focus. Jimmy’s hell loop is when Lucifer barged in on his wedding. Lucifer is about to barge in again when his animated devil self appears. He’s offended at how his devil self is depicted, so he leaves. Amenadiel and Sonya are driving across LA when he tries to engage in small talk. He tells Sonya he’s committed to putting criminals away to make the world a better place for his son. Sonya hears Amenadiel, but she isn’t interested.

[00:17:00] A call comes in from a fellow officer requesting assistance. Sonya answers the call and responds with Amenadiel. The officer tells Sonya they caught someone spraying graffiti on a wall. Sonya tells the officer they will take it from there. The officers place the criminal in the back of the squad car. Amenadiel looks over and sees Maze. Back in hell, Chloe tells Lucifer they can’t just walk out of helping Jimmy. Lucifer realizes the reward of helping Jimmy may be worth the stay. Chloe realizes the door to Jimmy’s hell loop is missing. Lucifer tries to summon a new door, but he can’t. He tells Chloe he also doesn’t feel the normal control he has over hell. Lucifer does everything he can to get out, but nothing works for him. Chloe convinces Lucifer to stay and help Jimmy.

[00:20:00] Amenadiel tells Sonya he knows Maze. Despite this, Sonya still wants to put Maze in jail. Amenadiel objects. He tells Sonya that despite what Maze did, she doesn’t deserve such a harsh punishment. Sonya tells Amenadiel, “Once a criminal, always a criminal.” She taunts Amenadiel that he’s not cut out for the job if he can’t understand what she means. Amenadiel respectfully declines Sonya’s statement. He tells her he will never think that way. She’s proud of Amenadiel’s answer as she takes Maze to a woman’s shelter. Sonya realizes Maze has many problems and tells her many great women are there to help her. Sonya tells Amenadiel, “This is police work.”

[00:22:30] Chloe and Lucifer interfere with Jimmy’s hell loop again. Chloe fights with Lucifer’s animated devil self. Lucifer enjoys the fight as he cheers Chloe on. He takes a sip of whisky, but since they are in a cartoon, it turns out to be apple juice. Lucifer curses as he spits the juice out, but everything gets censored. Chloe wins the fight, and Lucifer confronts Jimmy. Lucifer asks Jimmy to reveal the worst thing that ever happened to him. He isn’t convinced his fake wedding is the core of his hell loop. Lucifer gets what he wished for as they are taken back to the ’80s. Lucifer tells Chloe that they really got the worse part of the deal.

[00:25:30] At the penthouse, Dan tries to talk to the woman to find out why she wants to kill Lucifer. Dan really thinks the angel will tell him her feelings, but she only makes fun of him for trying. Dan insists on talking and tells the angel he’ll listen to her, but she plays loud music to ridicule Dan into giving up. Chloe tells Lucifer they’re back to normal. Lucifer looks down his pants and confirms he’s back. Lucifer sees Jimmy. They follow him into a store. As soon as they enter the store, the hell loop changes immediately. Jimmy talks to the Wednesday’s Child and proposes a toast for their instant success. The lead vocalist disapproves and fires Jimmy as the manager. The vocalist suddenly changes to a woman holding a guitar as she tells Jimmy, “You’re only holding me back.”

[00:30:00] Chloe asks Lucifer if instant changes to the hell loop are normal. Lucifer tells her it isn’t normal. Chloe realizes Lucifer’s animated devil self told Jimmy the same thing, “You’re only holding me back.” Once again, the hell loop changes as Jimmy enters another room. Lucifer and Chloe follow him to see what’s happening. Jimmy is on the phone trying to destroy the Wednesday’s Child reputation to get back at them. A woman talks to Jimmy and tries to convince him to call them back and take back the things he said about the band. Jimmy loses it as he tells the woman to leave because he deserves someone better than her. The woman suddenly changes into the other woman holding the guitar as she leaves the room.

[00:32:00] Chloe wants to know who the woman with the guitar is. She suspects it’s either Jimmy’s first love or his first client. Lucifer doesn’t have a clue, but he understands the hell loop. He knows the woman holding the guitar had hurt Jimmy, even rejected him. Lucifer confronts Jimmy by telling him he doesn’t want to be abandoned. Jimmy rejects the woman earlier before she can leave him. Jimmy does his best to give everything to the people he cares for. Lucifer wants to know what Jimmy truly desires. Jimmy tells Lucifer he doesn’t want the woman to go. Lucifer tells Jimmy to go after her. Jimmy goes out to chase the woman.

[00:34:00] After confronting Jimmy, the door out of Jimmy’s hell loop returns. Chloe opens the door and tells Lucifer he succeeded in helping Jimmy. Lucifer isn’t convinced. He knows there’s something more behind Jimmy’s suffering. Lucifer really wants to know the identity of the woman holding the guitar. Chloe supports Lucifer as they go deeper into Jimmy’s hell loop. They go back further in time to a younger version of Jimmy. He’s sitting on the bed inside a motel watching cartoons. A woman approaches him and tells him to just watch cartoons and wait for her to return. The woman picks up her guitar and suitcase, then goes out the door. A man approaches her to get her suitcase as the woman looks back at Jimmy. The man tells her Jimmy is only holding her back. The woman goes out the door and leaves.

[00:35:30] Days passed as Jimmy just sat in bed, crying and watching cartoons. The shows changed over time, but Jimmy didn’t move an inch. One day, Child Protective Services arrived to take Jimmy away. He didn’t want to go with them as he still hoped his mother would return to get him. Lucifer can’t take the pain anymore. He orders the hell loop to stop. Chloe realizes Lucifer regains control of the hell loop; his powers are back. Lucifer confronts the younger version of Jimmy. He tells him he can’t get him out of hell. Lucifer isn’t sure Jimmy deserves to get out of hell. He understands his pain, leading him to a life of bad decisions and regrets. Chloe realizes that Jimmy’s lifeline is his cartoons.

[00:37:30] Jimmy imagined his hell loop as a cartoon because it’s a comfort during his tough times. Lucifer turns back time inside the hell loop to the point just before Jimmy’s mother left. Lucifer came to hell to help Jimmy, and he knew that Jimmy’s desire was for his mother not to leave. Chloe realizes that. Lucifer tells her it will have to suffice for the time being. They leave Jimmy’s hell loop. Chloe wants to go back, but she needs to see Dan first. Lucifer leads her to Dan’s hell loop. Lucifer realizes he’s finally ready to become God. He tells Chloe that if he can help Jimmy and learn to care for him, then he can love and care for anyone just like God.

[00:40:00] They arrive at Dan’s hell loop only to discover he isn’t there. Back at Lux, Amenadiel confronts Maze for what she did earlier. He knows Maze could’ve ruined everything for him. Maze knows Amenadiel passed because of her. They argue, but in the end, Maze tells Amenadiel that she’s only helping because she considers him a friend. Amenadiel thanks Maze for her efforts and their friendship. Lucifer returns to his penthouse to look for Dan. He arrives and sees Dan by the bar. He wants to know how he got back to Earth. Before Dan can tell Lucifer, the angel attacks him. She wants revenge for what Lucifer did to her. Lucifer doesn’t recognize her. He knows she’s an angel, but she isn’t one of his siblings. The woman tells Lucifer that she’s his daughter.

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