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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 4 Recap – Pin the Tail on the Daddy


Published 10 months ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 4 Recap - Pin the Tail on the Daddy

[00:00:30] Lucifer’s daughter argues with him. He denies being her father, but she dares him to look in her eyes to find out the truth. The angel releases Lucifer and allows him to look into her eyes. Lucifer sees the truth, but he still denies being her father. The angel wants to attack Lucifer as he turns his back on her. Dan distracts her, and Lucifer subdues her. He tells her he knows how to be abandoned by one’s father, but he can’t be her father. The angel tells Lucifer she’s glad he abandoned her because she doesn’t want him as her father. The angel flies away and leaves Lucifer wondering who she is. Dan is excited to finally enter heaven. He realizes his guilt is betraying Lucifer to Michael, but he has already saved Lucifer from his daughter.

[00:03:30] Dan thinks everything is even between him and Lucifer, but nothing happens. He lashes at Lucifer for not knowing what to do with his problem. Lucifer tells Dan that he, out of all the angels, will know what to do, but he hasn’t figured it out yet. Dan points out he didn’t know angels could return souls to Earth. Lucifer tells Dan he knows but doesn’t think he should return to Earth. Dan feels betrayed and leaves the penthouse as well. Lucifer tries to stop him, but Dan doesn’t want to hear his explanation. The next day, Chloe arrives with tons of questions for Lucifer. She was up all night figuring things out for her and Trixie. Chloe wants to know how fast time went in heaven and how Lucifer will bring her back to Earth daily.

[00:06:00] Lucifer feels overwhelmed. He assures Chloe that once he assumes Godhood, he will figure things out with her. Lucifer tells Chloe not to worry about anything as he will be by her side every step of the way. Chloe feels assured and agrees with Lucifer’s plan. Lucifer goes to Amenadiel to ask about the rogue angel accusing him of being her father. He describes the angel to Amenadiel. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that the angel is in her early 20s with a mean, resting face. He adds that she’s combative, rebellious, and loves to blame others. The angel also told Lucifer that he had abandoned her. Amenadiel agrees based on Lucifer’s explanation that she could really be his daughter. They talk things over. Amenadiel suggests Lucifer went to Earth during the ’90s. Lucifer tells him he did go to Earth to celebrate the end of the ’90s.

[00:08:00] Lucifer goes to Miami to track down the women he had sex with during his celebration at the end of the ’90s. Dan returns to the precinct. He lowers his head and covers his face to avoid people recognizing him. As he walks around the precinct, a police offer walks through him. He then realizes no one can see him. He tries to call everyone’s attention by shouting at the top of his lungs, but no one responds. Dan sees Ella walk to her lab. He thinks Ella will see him, so he immediately goes to her lab. Dan waves his hands around to get Ella’s attention. She looks up and calls out his name like she could smell him. Dan thinks Ella remembers the scent of his body spray. He flaps his jacket at her to heighten the smell.

[00:10:30] Ella goes to her pet frog named after Dan. The frog is stinking up her lab, so she takes it out for a day spa. Dan feels miserable that Ella named her frog after him. Meanwhile, Chloe goes to Linda for advice. She asks if Linda has seen Lucifer because he’s not responding to his calls or texts. Linda tells Chloe she should just ask Lucifer what he’s up to. Chloe remembers an app she can use to find where Lucifer is. She opens the app and is surprised at Lucifer’s location. Lucifer asks Maze to help track down the woman he slept with during the ’90s. She finds four possible candidates and provides Lucifer with their location. Three out of the four women show Lucifer pictures of their daughters, but none of them look like the angel.

[00:16:00] Chloe tracks down Lucifer. She sees Lucifer with another woman and thinks he’s cheating on her. Lucifer explains what happened and why he went to Miami, Seattle, and New Mexico. Chloe can’t believe Lucifer’s explanation, but she gets past her anger and just tells Lucifer not to keep any more secrets. Dan goes back to Lucifer’s penthouse where he sees Maze. He thinks Maze can see him, but he’s wrong. Maze is getting fitted for new custom clothes, and she remembers Dan because his pants are tight. Dan gets furious that the people he cares about can’t remember the good things about him. He angrily walks out of the penthouse. Dan shouts at Maze that no one wears leather in LA.

[00:19:00] Lucifer and Chloe go to Boston to see the last woman on Lucifer’s list. Esther Barnum is a Rabbi, and she immediately recognizes Lucifer. She rushes over and thanks him for changing her life. Esther became a Rabbi because Lucifer found out about her desires. Lucifer asks Esther to show him a picture of her daughter. Esther tells them that her daughter, Mira, ran away five years ago. She shows them a picture, and Lucifer confirms it isn’t the angel because Esther has black hair while the angel has pink hair. Esther tells Lucifer that the angel he’s talking about sounds a lot like Mira. Chloe knows the feeling of losing one’s child. She assures Esther that they will help find her daughter.

[00:21:30] Dan goes to Lux and sees Amenadiel. He calls out to him, but he doesn’t respond. Dan gives up and screams in the middle of Lux. Amenadiel hears him and looks up. He removes his earphones and approaches Dan. Amenadiel thought Lucifer brought Dan back from hell. Dan says the unknown angel brought him back. Dan notices Amenadiel is reading police procedures. Amenadiel tells him he made it into the academy because of him. Amenadiel also apologizes to Dan for their fight before he died. Dan already forgave Amenadiel a long time ago. They try to hug each other, but Dan goes through Amenadiel. Maze comes over to talk to him as well. She was screwing with him earlier at the penthouse. They all miss each other and try to high five, but they just go through Dan.

[00:24:00] Lucifer and Chloe go to Central Valley to follow up on a lead. They are looking for Mira. The private investigator Esther hired gave them where the trail went cold. It’s a store in the middle of nowhere. Chloe asks the man at the counter about Mira. She even shows him a picture, but the man doesn’t want to talk to them. The man keeps denying Mira works there or ever is there. Chloe asks if the people at the avocado farm would know anything about Mira, but the man says no one is selling avocados around their area anymore. She buys something from the store and leaves. Chloe bought fresh guacamole from the store even if the man told them no one was selling avocados anymore. She knows the man is keeping secrets from them.

[00:28:00] Chloe and Lucifer walk around the area and find a tent full of young people. Everyone is in their ’20s. Chloe asks for Mira, but no one wants to talk with them. A young lady gets out of the tent upon hearing the name Mira, but the man from the store arrives before she can speak to them. The man tells them every one is there of their own will, but Lucifer uses his powers on the girl, so she shouts she wants to go home. Lucifer goes closer to the man, so he shoots him. After a few seconds, Lucifer gets up and sees his suit is ruined. He’s about to beat up the man who shot him, but more men arrive after hearing the gunshot. Chloe has Amenadiel’s necklace with him, so they beat up everyone.

[00:31:30] The police arrest the criminals who have forced the children to work in their orchards. Everyone is a runaway, so social services will take care of them and unite them with their families. The girl earlier tells them about Mira. She ran with a guy she met online and went to San Francisco. Chloe calls in favors and finds Rob’s address in San Francisco. She tells Lucifer to find Mira on his own. Lucifer is scared that Mira is actually his daughter, and everything that ever happened to her was his fault. Chloe assures Lucifer that none of it is his fault. She tells Lucifer they will get through the hardship whatever it takes. Lucifer tells Chloe he loves her and flies to San Francisco.

[00:35:00] Lucifer knocks on Rob’s door. He opens the door, and Lucifer immediately calls him a pervert. Lucifer barges inside Rob’s house and calls out to Mira. She appears, and Lucifer knows she isn’t the angel from his penthouse. Lucifer apologizes to Rob and explains why he’s there. He tells Mira to contact her mother because she’s worried about her. Lucifer adds that Esther never stopped looking for her. Mira thought Esther was mad at her for leaving, but she was wrong. Lucifer tells Mira he knew Esther from the ’90s and thought she was his daughter. Mira tells Lucifer she’s also looking for him, but he couldn’t find him five years ago. Lucifer asks Rob how he knew Mira was her daughter. Rob explains he had a gut feeling when he looked into Mira’s eyes.

[00:38:00] Dan goes to Chloe’s and sees Trixie crying from her bedroom window. Trixie tells Chloe she misses Dan. He can’t do anything to ease Trixie’s pain. Dan returns to the penthouse and asks Lucifer to bring him back to hell. He realizes why Lucifer doesn’t want him to go back to Earth. Dan feels the pain of not being able to console Trixie. He wants out. Lucifer apologizes because Dan is intangible, and he can’t carry him back to hell even if he wants to. Dan wants to kill the angel who brought him to Earth, but Lucifer tells him not to blame the angel. He realizes the angel could really be his daughter. Dan congratulates Lucifer for having a daughter. He tells him he must reconnect with her. Dan tells Lucifer he must make up for the lost time before he regrets it.

[00:41:30] Lucifer wants to find the angel, but he doesn’t know where to start. Meanwhile, Chloe bids Trixie goodnight. She sees an open window and thinks it’s Lucifer. She even calls out to Dan, thinking that he’s around her. No one responds, so she shrugs the feeling off. Chloe turns around, and the angel is behind her. Chloe doesn’t know her, but the angel just hugs her and calls her “Mom.”

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