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Ozark Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Kaleidoscope


Published 1 week ago

Ozark Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - Kaleidoscope

Back in 2007, Marty and Wendy were talking about Buddy Holly and Hitler when their car got hit at an intersection. Meanwhile, Del was looking for financial advisors across Chicago. He spoke to everyone, but Marty and Bruce caught his interest. Compared to the other financial institutions in Chicago, they were small and were starting to make a name for themselves. On the other hand, Wendy was applying to join Obama’s campaign team. She did her best to convince the head of the campaign team to accept her, but they wanted someone who was updated with the election trends. Wendy hasn’t been part of any campaign teams since 2002, which is why they didn’t accept her.

Agent Petty was already working with the FBI in 2007 and was already on Del’s case. He went to a guy named Lou and showed him an envelope. Lou checked the contents, and he knew that his days were numbered. Roy tells Lou that he must decide by Monday and leaves. Lou is somehow connected with Del, Bruce, and Marty. They all went to play a round of golf. Lou tries to ask Del if he could set up shop elsewhere, but Del doesn’t want to talk about business. He told Lou to play because it was vacation time.

Roy went to see his mother, Barb. She just left her second job in a month because she didn’t see eye to eye with management. Roy’s current boyfriend came a few minutes later, and people were looking at them because they were gay. Barb defended her son because she was fine that Roy was gay as long as he was happy. Roy’s boyfriend noticed something different with Barb and told Roy the possibility that she was taking pills. Roy responds that he would know if his mother was on something, but usually, people closest to the person wouldn’t notice if someone was doing drugs until it was too late.

Bruce visits Marty at the hospital where Wendy is staying. Marty appreciates Bruce for coming over as he tells Marty that he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened. Bruce tells Marty that everything happens for a reason, but he doesn’t believe in that shit. Marty knows that everything happens because people make decisions, and if shit happens after that, they have to live with it. Before the accident, Marty came home to find their front door was left open.

Marty went inside to look for Wendy and the kids. He found the kids in their backyard watching a movie on their iPad. Marty tells the kids to go inside as he goes upstairs to look for Wendy. He found Wendy inside their bedroom. She was sitting in bed, so Marty approached her. Marty wants to help make Wendy feel better, but she tells him that nothing he does would make her feel better. After a while, Marty, Bruce, and Wendy got invited by Del to join his family at a luxurious golf club. They were eating dinner when Lou arrived. Elena talked with everyone and decided to invite Wendy to come with her the next day to the street fair. Wendy agreed, so Del made a schedule of his own so they could go golfing again.

When Del was looking for financial advisors, Marty found something on his portfolio. The numbers were rounded off on some of his accounts, and it seems the accounts were fake overall. Marty knew someone placed the accounts there on purpose, and he thought it was some test. The accounts prove that someone was skimming money out of Del’s accounts. Del understood that someone was stealing from him, and Marty knew that’s why he was looking for financial advisors. Del knew that he had found the right guys for the job, but Marty refused to work with him. Bruce doesn’t understand why Marty turned down Del as one of their clients. Marty told Bruce that Del wasn’t what he seemed, but Bruce didn’t care who Del was; all he cared about was the money.

Roy and his boyfriend, Scotty, went to get a table from Barb. They were supposed to go on a fishing trip after, but Barb slipped on the stairs in front of her house, and the boys opted to take her to the hospital instead. Meanwhile, Wendy suffered a big time from the accident. She was crying when Marty returned to her room, and she couldn’t help but cry some more when she saw him. After the accident, Del invites Marty to have a drink with him. It was during their stay at Del’s golf club. Del tells Marty that Wendy told Elena about the accident and what happened afterward. He responds that something similar also happened to him and Elena, and it nearly destroyed their relationship.

Del offers Marty to enter a partnership with him. Marty knew that Del wanted him to clean his money. He also had an idea who Del’s boss was, but Del didn’t discuss who he works for. Del and Marty talked about ethics as well as risks, but in the end, Marty refused to accept. He didn’t want to risk anything, and he knew that Wendy would also disagree with the job description, even though Del assured him that he would be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. Del respects Marty’s decision and doesn’t push his offer further.

Agent Petty tries to get approval to take down Lou, but his boss refuses. Roy tries to plead his case, but his boss tells him to focus on his job. Roy came home and talked to Scotty about what happened at work. He almost ends up in an argument with Scotty, but he chooses to back off before it ends up in turned ugly. Meanwhile, Wendy was preparing for an interview. She was excited to return to the real world and be productive. Charlotte was still a kid back then and worried that Wendy wouldn’t have time for her or Jonah. Wendy assures Charlotte that she will always be there for her even though she can’t see or touch her. She tells Charlotte that she’s always just a call away.

Roy drops Barb off in some random neighborhood. She went to a nearby house, and a man opened the door for her. The man didn’t look decent, and from Roy’s perspective, he knew that his mother was up to no good. Roy gets out of his car to confront his mother. He goes to the house and knocks on the door. The man answers the door, but he doesn’t let Roy inside. Roy tells the man to tell his mother to come out. Barb responds that she’ll call him when she leaves. The man closes the door, but Roy decides to take matters into his hand. He shoves the door on the man to force it open. He enters the house and sees Barb doing drugs.

Roy stops his mother from what she’s doing. The man tries to fight Roy off, but he ends up beating him to a pulp. Barb leaves the house, and Roy follows after her. Barb tells Roy to stay away from her and threatens to tell his bosses that he assaulted her. She leaves, and Roy decides not to go after her.

Meanwhile, Wendy became distant from the kids after the accident. Charlotte chose to stick with Marty, which felt very painful for Wendy. After putting Charlotte to sleep, Marty found Wendy thinking about herself. She apologized to Marty for putting him through all of her shit, but Marty was doing fine. He offered Wendy to go on vacation and take Del’s vacation offer. He told Wendy that Del was a shady guy and he didn’t want to work with him.

While golfing with the guys, Bruce found out from Lou that he was cleaning Del’s money. Bruce approached Marty and told him that he would never doubt his instincts again. Marty had considered accepting Del as one of their clients during that time, and Bruce was too sure about doing illegal stuff, but Marty was confident they could pull it off without getting caught. Meanwhile, Roy took her mother in because she broke her foot after the fall. This was before he found out that Barb was doing drugs again.

Marty told Wendy about Del’s offer while they were on vacation. Wendy knew that Marty would turn the offer down as before, but this time, Marty wanted to talk to Wendy about taking Del’s request. Wendy gave in and asked Marty about the pros and cons of working for Del. Marty told Wendy they would be set for life if he accepted the offer, although he’s facing serious jail time if they get caught. Wendy thought about taking the offer. The thought crossed her mind. She was staring at Marty with the possibility of accepting the offer and becoming rich beyond what they could generally achieve. Wendy gave in and told Marty to get the offer. Marty couldn’t believe that Wendy agreed, but he was up for the task as long as she agreed.

During the day of the accident, Wendy found out that she was pregnant. The chances of getting pregnant again are slim for Wendy, and she asks Marty if he wants to have the baby. Marty told Wendy that it would be tough to have a third child, but he wouldn’t say that he didn’t want to. Wendy feels the same, but they wouldn’t have the opportunity to think about the third baby. The car collided with another vehicle while they were going through an intersection. Wendy would lose the baby in the process, which sends her into a downward spiral.

Marty and Bruce went to Del to confirm they would work for him. Del proceeds to fire Lou because he no longer needs his services. He knew that Lou was stealing from him and that the FBI was using him. Del decides to end Lou’s life, and his bodyguards do the dirty work for him. They suffocated Lou using his own hands. Once they confirmed that Lou was dead. Del sent the same eyeballs to Marty as a reminder of what happens to people who mess around with him.

Marty and Wendy returned from vacation, but Marty was already a changed man. He just saw Lou murdered before his eyes, and he’s now working for a drug cartel.

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