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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 6 Recap – A Lot Dirtier Than That


Published 6 days ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 6 Recap - A Lot Dirtier Than That

[00:00:30] Amenadiel is doing rounds with Sonya on his first day. Sonya gets two cups of coffee, so Amenadiel thought one was his. Sonya says the second cup holder is broken, so Amenadiel must hold her second cup of coffee for her. Amenadiel spills the coffee on himself because Dan startles him. He does his best not to speak to Dan, but he can’t control his responses. Dan wants to stay with Amenadiel for his first day, but he disagrees. They argue, making Amenadiel look crazy in front of Sonya. She sees him talking to no one. Dan finally agrees to leave and wishes Amenadiel the best. Sonya gets a call about shots fired, so they immediately respond.

[00:03:30] Lucifer returns to Linda for more advice. He’s looking for scenarios on how he would die to solve them, but none of his suggestions makes sense. Linda tells Lucifer he should focus on making amends with Rory. Linda knows Rory feels abandoned, so Lucifer must spend time with her and get to know each other to make up for his disappearance in the future. Lucifer thinks of time traveling, but he’s just joking around. Trixie is in science camp for the summer, so Rory can use Trixie’s room for the time being. She knows Chloe’s place like the back of her hand because she grew up there. Chloe apologizes to Rory for what happened at Linda’s office the other day. She tells her she’s the one to blame for Lucifer getting angry and blaming her for stealing Azrael’s blade.

[00:07:30] Rory tells Chloe she’s an amazing mom, and nothing will ever change that. Chloe tells Rory to give Lucifer a chance. She agrees and picks up the phone since Lucifer is calling her. Amenadiel and Sonya are at the crime scene. He secures the scene and makes a list of possible witnesses. Sonya tells Amenadiel it doesn’t matter what she thinks and points to the detective assigned to the case. Amenadiel recognizes the detective as the racist cop who arrested Caleb. He does his best to control his anger as the detective welcomes him to the force. Sonya fills Detective Reiben with the details. The victim is Kevin Campbell. Detective Reiben doesn’t want to process the whole crime scene. He’s convinced the shooting is gang-related. Amenadiel tells Reiben about the toothbrush and the bathroom, but he doesn’t care about his opinion.

[00:11:00] Sonya pulls Amenadiel out of the house before he says another word against Reiben. Amenadiel apologizes for stepping out of bounds, but Sonya throws the hammer at him. She tells Amenadiel to stay out of Reiben’s way because he’s their boss. She doesn’t want Amenadiel to throw away his career. Amenadiel argues that Reiben is a bad cop. Sonya was just like Amenadiel when she first started in the force; it got her nowhere. Amenadiel returns to the precinct to ask Ella for help. Ella thinks Amenadiel will reveal the truth about celestials and everything to her, but Amenadiel just wants Ella to secretly investigate the bathroom at Kevin’s crime scene. Ella agrees despite her disappointment. She hugs Amenadiel and tries to look for his wings or even a halo, but she finds nothing.

[00:14:30] Rory arrives at Lucifer’s penthouse where a choir sings Christmas carols. The whole penthouse was designed for the Christmas season. Lucifer even makes it snow in front of the elevator. Rory gets confused about what is happening, so Lucifer explains. He tells Rory he made a Christmas do-over for every year he missed. Lucifer got Rory a giant teddy bear and a pair of baseball mittens. He also got Rory a pink children’s bike, but she couldn’t ride it anymore because she’s already an adult. Lucifer realizes his mistake and knows he must get Rory something more appropriate for her age. Santa Claus arrives at his elevator, but Lucifer cancels him immediately before he can even finish his Merry Christmas chant.

[00:17:00] Amenadiel goes to Chloe for advice about the crime scene. He tells her about the evidence Ella found on the crime scene. Chloe sides with Amenadiel that the evidence Ella found is related to the crime. Chloe asks Amenadiel if the detective in charge of the case disagreed with the evidence. Amenadiel comes clean and tells Chloe that Reiben doesn’t know about the evidence yet. Chloe praises Amenadiel for his enthusiasm, but she disagrees with going over the detective on the case. Amenadiel tells her that Reiben is in charge of the case. He knows Reiben is racist and blames him for Sonya still being a beat cop. Chloe tells Amenadiel that Sonya refused the detective position offered to her. Chloe also offers to look into Reiben.

[00:19:00] Amenadiel continues investigating Kevin’s murder as he returns to Kevin’s neighborhood to question one of his neighbors. The woman living across Kevin is Loretta. She offers Amenadiel some pound cake while they talk over Kevin. She tells Amenadiel that Kevin isn’t involved with any gangs in the area. He worked in the post office and met Michaella. Ella found Michaella’s prints at the crime scene. Amenadiel knows he’s one step closer to solving Kevin’s murder. Loretta also tells Amenadiel that Michaella and Kevin love each other. She knows it because of all the sex. She knows that love is even better if the sex is that good. Dan suddenly shows up and laughs at Loretta. He quits laughing when he learns Reiben was promoted to Detective. Dan warns Amenadiel to be careful since he doesn’t know who he’s against.

[00:22:00] Before Amenadiel leaves, he asks Loretta if she knows where Michaella is. Loretta doesn’t know where Michaella is, so she asks Amenadiel to find her and look after her. Lucifer takes Rory out for driving lessons. He doesn’t have any other car, so he allows her to drive the Stingray. Rory drives the hell out of Lucifer as she speeds and zips through traffic. She nearly runs a red light as well. After a few more turns, Lucifer asks Rory to pull over. He’s delighted Rory picks up on the driving lesson so fast, but she tells him that the Stingray is her car. Rory adds that Chloe taught her how to drive. Lucifer fails once again to provide some quality time for her daughter.

[00:25:00] Amenadiel finds enough evidence to turn it into the lieutenant‘s office. He bumps into Sonya, so Amenadiel provides the details. Amenadiel tells her someone mistook Kevin for Sam, the apartment‘s former tenant. He adds they must find Michaella and help her. Sonya persuades Amenadiel not to go over his head. Amenadiel tells Sonya she killed her career by refusing a detective post. She thought Amenadiel was investigating her, but Amenadiel tells her Chloe gave him the details. Sonya tells Amenadiel that Chloe is white and she’s black. She tells Amenadiel that she turned down the detective position because they wanted to ship her out of LA and get rid of her. Sonya knows she can do more good in LA by keeping tabs on the hood.

[00:27:00] Reiben finds Amenadiel and confronts him inside the conference room. He asks Amenadiel if he’s doing detective work behind his back. Amenadiel tells Reiben the truth. Reiben tells Amenadiel he’s no longer the bad cop he knew. He thanks him for they found the real killer, Michaella. Amenadiel can’t believe Reiben is looking into Michaella as the killer. Reiben tells Amenadiel that Michaella ran with a gang, so it‘s her fault Kevin died. Amenadiel knows Reiben is still a racist cop, and he doesn’t care about doing his job properly. All he wants is to put someone behind bars and be done with it. Amenadiel leaves the conference room disappointed.

[00:30:00] Lucifer tries to make amends with Rory for the third time. He knows he can no longer make up for the lost time, so he wants to make new memories with her. Lucifer sets up a party for Rory at Lux. He invited Maze to support their fatherly relationship, but things turned south. While Lucifer prepares part two of his surprise, Maze sits down with Rory to explain things. She tells Rory to give Lucifer a chance. He’s trying, so it‘s something to applaud for. Maze tells Rory that Lucifer is just a man. She offers the wait staff for her leisure which surprisingly tickles Rory’s taste buds. Suddenly, Lucifer starts singing — the second part of his surprise. After Lucifer’s number, Rory confronts him.

[00:34:30] Rory tells Lucifer he can’t make up for any of the lost time. He wasn’t there for her first tooth or her first birthday, so nothing he does will make up for it. Rory is upset with Lucifer. He wants to use his powers on her, but it doesn’t work on celestials. Lucifer asks Rory what she desires. She says she wants him to leave her alone. Lucifer fails for the third time as Rory walks out of Lux. Amenadiel blames himself for putting a target on Michaella’s back. Sonya tells him it’s not his fault. She adds they must think before they act. Sonya got a lead on Michaella: A doctor that ran a clinic within the area patched up her wound.

[00:40:00] The doctor gives Sonya the bullet she pulled out of Michaella. Sonya tells the doctor to give Michaella her number if she ever sees her again. Amenadiel takes it to Ella for processing. The bullet belongs to a gun owned by Logan McCarthy. While Ella is discussing the evidence with Amenadiel, Sonya receives a call from Michaella. She’s at the cemetery because Kevin’s killer is following her. Sonya and Amenadiel rush to the scene to save Michaella. They find Michaella inside the mausoleum and assist her out. Logan opens fire. Michaella runs for cover. Sonya calls for backup and tries to fire back at Logan. She tells Logan there are cops all around the cemetery. Logan surrenders just as the backup police arrive, but they mistakenly take Michaella as the shooter.

[00:46:00] Detective Reiben arrives and tells Amenadiel to step away from Michaella. He tells them Logan is the shooter, and Michaella is the victim. Amenadiel stands in front of Michaella to protect her. Reiben has no other option but to bring Logan and Michaella in for questioning. The police eventually release Michaella due to the evidence Amenadiel found. Amenadiel is disappointed with the system. Michaella almost got killed by the very people who were supposed to help her. Sonya tells Amenadiel that they were there, and they helped her. She knows she can’t save everyone, but saving someone is better than saving no one.

[00:49:30] Lucifer arrives at his penthouse and sees Rory playing the guitar. They sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” as Lucifer plays the piano. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Sonya bring Michaella home. She holds up Kevin’s picture and mourns his death.

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