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Lupin Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Chapter 2


Published 4 months ago

Lupin Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Chapter 2

[00:00:30] Assane was being escorted by a prison guard. The guard assigned him to one of the cells. The man inside asked Assane what he had done to land himself in prison? Two days earlier, Assane had taken the necklace to his friend so that it could be examined. His friend told him that the necklace hadn’t ever been taken apart. Assane realized that the Pellegrini’s must have lied about the necklace, and if they had lied about that, maybe they lied about his father’s guilt. After 25 years of believing that his father had died a thief, Assane had reason to believe it wasn’t so. Assane’s friend tried to cheer him up, reminding him that he had the necklace and he had made it out without any suspicion. Assane told him to take the necklace apart. Raoul came upstairs and caught the two of them hiding something from him. Assane was hiding the necklace behind his back. He pocketed the necklace and showed Raoul both his hands so that he wouldn’t suspect anything.

[00:03:00] Back in the year 1995, Assane is living alone inside his father’s apartment. Lt. Dumont went over to check on him. He knew that Assane was living alone, so he told him to pack up his stuff so that he could take him to social services. Assane packed his stuff, but he refused to go to social services. Assane escaped through his window and went out through the next-door apartment. He thought he could escape, but Lt. Dumont managed to catch him. Going back to the present day, Juliette went to visit her mother who was living in a hotel. She told Juliette to stay vigilant and be careful around her father. It seemed that Mrs. Pellegrini didn’t know the truth about the necklace. She thought that it really was stolen 25 years ago.

[00:07:00] On her way out, Juliette received a letter from the front desk of the hotel. Inside the letter was a diamond. Assane had sent the letter and asked her to meet him at the Luxembourg Gardens around two in the afternoon. The letter stated that Juliette shouldn’t bring the police, but she decided otherwise. Assane posed as a food courier. He rode a bike into the garden and pulled up to Juliette. The police were guarding Juliette as she met with Assane. He saw the microphone on Juliette, so he covered it up. The police scrambled as they couldn’t see or hear what was going on. He asked Juliette why she had lied. Juliette recognized Assane and asked him why he had stolen from them. Assane wanted to clear his father’s name, but Juliette told him that Babakar had signed a confession saying he stole the necklace. There was nothing she could do

[00:10:00] Assane saw that the cops were closing in on him, so he needed to bail. He got on his bike and rode out of the gardens. The police tried to chase him, but he was too quick. The police cornered a food courier at one of the exits of the park, but it wasn’t Assane. After a few minutes, multiple bikers arrived, all wearing the same uniform. They had received the same order of burgers with no onions. The police ordered each rider to take off their masks, but none of them were Assane. He stayed inside the gardens to change his outfit and make a quiet escape. Assane returned to his hideout. He opened the confession letter that his father had left him. He noticed the words “libraryes” and “comit.” Assane knew that his father had left him a clue within those two words.

[00:14:00] Assane went to work to find the bread crumb that led to the clues. He went to his friend to show him the letter. The guy thought he was being delusional. Assane told him that he had found a guy named Etienne Comit. Mr. Comit worked at the library. His friend responded that it was just a coincidence; however, Assane still wanted to check the lead out. Etienne was in prison; he was sick and couldn’t leave his cell. This meant that Assane needed to get himself locked up in order to talk to Etienne.

[00:16:00] Part of Assane’s plan was to switch with one of the inmates in prison. He visited the inmate he had chosen and told him that they were going to switch places. The inmate laughed at Assane, but his plan was already in action. The guards outside the visiting room switched places. He managed to convince the inmate about his plan, but there was one problem. The inmate showed Assane his handcuffs. After a minute, Assane told the inmate about the handcuff trick. In the blink of an eye, Assane had managed to take the handcuffs from the prisoner and put them on himself. He called out to the guard and made his way back to the cell. Assane reminded the prisoner that he knew why the prisoner was here in the first place. He told him that he had gotten him out; however, he could also get him back in.

[00:18:00] Assane walked the halls of prison just like how he had walked the halls of the orphanage. Lt. Dumont had given him a bible when he had left Assane at the orphanage. Meanwhile, Juliette faced interrogation from the police. They thought she knew the thief, but she quickly changed the tone of the conversation by threatening the inspector. She told him that he could put her in jail, but within fifteen minutes, her lawyers would arrive, and he would lose his job. Juliette told him to focus on finding their necklace instead of wasting her time. The way Juliette had addressed them frustrated the inspector. He still had no leads as to who the thief was or why he had stolen the necklace.

[00:21:00] Assane roamed the prison looking for Etienne. He asked around while trading cigarettes for information. A group of men told him that Etienne was in cell number 241. Two men were watching Assane. They wanted to know everything about him. He went to cell 241 while assisting one of the staff members in handing out sheets and blankets. The inmate there told him that Etienne was in the infirmary. The two men grabbed Assane as he was going back to the sheets. They were looking for Djibril. Assane told them he was Djibril. Djibril owed the two men 1000 euros. They gave him three days to pay the debt. Assane agreed because he didn’t have a choice. Assane went to the infirmary, but Etienne was indisposed. He talked to the nurse to try and spend the night there, but she wouldn’t let him.

[00:25:00] Officer Guedira showed Lieutenant Belkacem his findings on both Paul Sernine and Luis Perenna. Both names were anagrams of Arsene Lupin. Guedira told Belkacem that they should look into it. Guedira wanted to show his findings to Captain Laugier, but Belkacem disagreed. She told him to focus on the case and do some real work so that they could find a lead. The next day, Assane approached the two men in the courtyard. He asked them some questions, which led to Assane getting stabbed a few times. This landed him a trip to the infirmary. The nurse agreed to keep him there overnight. Assane could finally talk to Etienne. That night, Assane went over to Etienne to get some answers. He introduced himself while reminding Etienne of his father, Babakar. Etienne told Assane that he didn’t know Babakar personally. He had only met him once to deliver a book.

[00:28:00] Babakar had returned the book and told Etienne that if anyone came on his behalf, he needed to give that person the book. Assane asked Etienne if he still had the book. He told Assane to go through his stuff and check. Flashback to 1995, Lt. Dumont visited Assane at the orphanage. He gave Assane the confession letter that Babakar had written for him. He also told Assane that a generous donor had paid for his expenses to attend a prestigious private school the following year. Lt. Dumont told Assane to seize the moment and opportunity. He could finally be somebody. Dumont left Assane after telling him that he was glad that Assane liked the bible that he had given him. Assane opened the letter and read it. He couldn’t accept that his father was a thief, so he crumpled it up and threw it away.

[00:31:30] Assane went to work. He delivered new sheets to cell 241. He asked Etienne’s cellmate where Etienne’s things were. The cellmate pointed to the second shelf. Assane checked the shelf and found a copy of Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief. Meanwhile, Raoul was already reading his copy of the gentleman thief. He couldn’t take his eyes off it, much to Claire’s amazement. Assane was also reading his copy in his cell. Babakar had marked the words in the book using coffee and Q-tips. Once Assane had finished going through the book, he read his father’s message. The message stated, “I am innocent, trapped by Anne Pellegrini.” Assane finally got the answer he was looking for. Dinner arrived as well as a message for Assane. The man named Bogdan would come for him tonight.

[00:35:00] Juliette confronted his father to ask him if Babakar had really stolen the necklace 25 years ago. Mr. Pellegrini got angry at Juliette. He told her to focus on finding the necklace instead of recalling what happened 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Assane went out to the courtyard where Bogdan and his associate were waiting. They planned to kill him at that moment, but he joined a group of men playing basketball in order to distract them. Without a clear moment to attack, Bogdan told his associate that they’d finish him off that night. Assane managed to get the basketball net and tried to dunk the ball. His decision to try and dunk the ball also opened up his wound. Assane returned to the infirmary to see the nurse. Assane went to see Etienne as well. Etienne asked him if he had gotten the book, which he confirmed.

[00:38:00] Etienne made a request. He wanted Assane to make his wife smile. It didn’t matter how he did it, as long as he would do it. Etienne told Assane that he could no longer make his wife smile, which was why he asked Assane to do it. Assane agreed. He left Etienne and told the nurse that it was a pleasure meeting her. Assane returned to his cell and turned off the lights. That night, Bogdan ordered his associate to kill Assane. The nurse found Assane in the showers. He was hanging from a sheet. It seemed that Bogdan had succeeded in killing him; however, that wasn’t the case.

[00:41:00] Bogdan’s associate returned to their cell as the alarm sounded off. He told Bogdan that he had found Assane hanging from his sheet inside the shower. Assane had stolen some pills from the infirmary as he was saying goodbye to the nurse. A bit of theatrics had distracted the nurse as he had kissed her hand to say goodbye. He ate a handful of pills and tied the basketball net to the sheet. The net took all the force of the hanging instead of his neck. He made it look like he had committed suicide. An ambulance took his body out of prison. He woke up and snuck out of the ambulance. Once again, Assane had escaped as the great Arsene Lupin.

[00:43:30] The next day, Assane went to visit Mrs. Pellegrini. He managed to swipe a maid’s keycard in order to gain access to her room. She was surprised but delighted to see Assane after 25 years. He confronted Mrs. Pellegrini and asked her about how she had framed his father. At this moment, he finally learned the truth. Mrs. Pellegrini had told Babakar to sign the confession in order to get a reduced sentence. She had tried to get Babakar a reduced sentence so that he could be free sooner and make it back to Assane. Things didn’t go according to plan, and Babakar ended up committing suicide. Mrs. Pellegrini confessed that she had felt responsible for what happened, so she helped Assane instead. She was the generous donor who had paid for his studies in a private school. Mrs. Pellegrini told Assane that a police officer was the one who had offered to help Babakar, but the help never came.

[00:47:00] Mrs. Pellegrini didn’t want to reveal the officer’s name, but Assane managed to convince her. She told Assane that it was Dumont who had offered to help clear Babakar’s name. The same officer who had taken him to the orphanage. She didn’t know why Dumont had offered to help, but she took the bait and fell for it. Assane now had a new target, Lt. Dumont. It was in the private school that Assane had met his associate, Benjamin Ferel. Benjamin was the one who had made the fake necklace for Assane. He went back to Benjamin after his successful mission inside prison. Benjamin was relieved to see Assane make it back. That evening, Assane fulfilled his promise to Etienne. He went to the apartment belonging to Etienne’s wife and snuck inside. Etienne’s wife was watching TV. He left one of the diamonds on top of their wedding photo. The diamond did its job and made Etienne’s wife smile.

[00:49:30] Assane went back to his hideout. He started looking for clues on the whereabouts of Gabriel Dumont.

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