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Money Heist Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – Pasodoble


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 4 Recap - Pasodoble

[00:00:15] Berlin and Palermo headed to the bank of Spain. This was five years before the current heist. Berlin entered the bank and approached the receptionist, saying he had an appointment with the governor. Berlin scoped the lobby of the bank and caught Gandia’s attention. He approached the staircase, and Gandia stopped him. Amanda arrived to escort Berlin to the governor’s office. Gandia chose to tag along.

[00:03:20] Present day, Nairobi was slowly waking up as Paquita told her to rest while she went to the bathroom. Gandia arrived and used a pillow to suffocate Nairobi. Back at the lobby, everyone suited up to take down Gandia. Tokyo, Bogota, and Helsinki went upstairs to find Gandia as Denver and Stockholm stayed to guard the door. Tokyo had a heart rate monitor on her hip, which was going through the roof. It was Nairobi. The three of them ran as fast as they could.


[00:06:00] Nairobi tried to free herself, but she couldn’t overpower Gandia. She reached out for anything she could get a hold of and managed to grab a syringe. She stabbed Gandia’s neck over and over. Paquita exited the bathroom just in time. Nairobi stabbed Gandia one last time and left the syringe in his neck. Nairobi nearly died as Bogota, Helsinki, and Tokyo arrived. Tokyo ordered Bogota to stay with Nairobi. Tokyo and Helsinki tracked down Gandia.

[00:07:10] Denver ordered the hostages to stand up and keep still. Arturo tried to rally the hostages to overtake Denver and Stockholm. Denver opened fire at the ceiling to regain control of their situation.


[00:08:10] Berlin and Palermo showed their plan to Sergio. They were going inside the bank of Spain for a little practice. Berlin would pose as Arturo Kesmann and create a minor security crisis to see how the governor’s guards would react and how long it would take for them to move the governor out of harm’s way. The governor welcomed Berlin as Amanda offered him tea or coffee. Berlin asked for black tea and told Gandia that he would go crazy if he took coffee.

[00:11:45] Inspector Sierra set a recorder in front of Raquel. Alecia wanted to take her statement, but she was asked a question instead. Raquel asked Alicia what she had done when she got home to her husband. She told Alicia that her husband must despise her being called a torturer by the press. Alicia revealed that her husband had died two months ago from pancreatic cancer. Colonel Tamayo asked Inspector Alicia to step out of the interrogation room. He told Alicia that she wasn’t fit to lead the case, given her grief and anguish. Colonel Tamayo ordered Antoñanzas to guard Raquel as he talked things over with Alicia.


[00:16:30] Raquel and Helsinki searched each room for Gandia. The two of them separated to cover more ground. Helsinki entered the library while Tokyo checked the other room. Helsinki followed the blood trail left by Gandia, but it stopped in the middle of the room. Gandia had used his blood as bait to trap Helsinki and catch him with a noose. He hanged Helsinki from the second floor. Gandia left the library just as Tokyo entered through the other door. She saw Helsinki hanging from the second floor. She radioed out to Bogota for help. Nairobi urged him to go as Bogota ran towards the library. He lifted Helsinki and gave Tokyo a knife to cut him loose. Tokyo ran upstairs to cut the rope. She cut the rope just in time.

[00:19:20] Bogota shouted for Gandia as he had nearly killed two of his friends. Back at the lobby, Arturo gave Amanda a drug. He told her to take three pills, assuring her that it would calm her nerves. Inspector Sierra addressed everyone inside the command center per Colonel Tamayo’s order. She told everyone that her husband had died and how Colonel Tamayo thought she couldn’t lead the operation. Alicia assured everyone that she could lead the operation; she didn’t want to go back to her home to sulk over her husband. No one questioned her motives, and she rallied everyone to continue working.


[00:22:20] The team was starting to argue with one another. Denver placed all the blame upon Rio’s shoulders for not shooting Gandia. Rio told everyone that he had frozen and wasn’t able to shoot. Rio added that Gandia had pleaded with him and that he was unarmed. Sergio checked their security cameras for Gandia, but he wasn’t able to find him. Denver accused Rio of being a traitor, but Sergio radioed Tokyo and told everyone that Rio wasn’t the traitor.

[00:24:40] Berlin told Sergio that Gandia had to be killed. Sergio opposed the idea of killing anyone within the bank. He told Berlin that they would get rid of the governor’s personal guards by letting them out with the state secrets. Berlin responded that Gandia would not cooperate, nor would he obey their orders. Just as Berlin called it, Gandia never listened to anyone from the team, nor did he leave the bank.


[00:26:00] The practice run planned by Berlin and Palermo was a success. The explosion looked like an accident, and Berlin saw firsthand how Gandia and the rest of the governor’s guards reacted to the situation. He even saw Gandia’s personal armory, which had everything from knives to a sniper rifle. Back at the monastery, Palermo did some research into Gandia’s identity. Gandia was an assassin. Previously he was a Green Beret and a personal bodyguard for the Minister of Interior. Palermo told them that Gandia was also part of the black ops.

[00:28:00] Sergio told everyone who Gandia was. Denver couldn’t believe that they would be up against an assassin. Sergio asked them if they had found Gandia’s armory. Tokyo responded that they had searched everywhere but weren’t able to find it. Sergio ordered them to act decisively against Gandia while he kept the police busy from the outside.


[00:29:30] Arturo kept himself busy with Amanda. He put her to sleep with the help of breathing exercises and the pills that he had told her to take. Once Amanda had fallen asleep, Arturo got to work. Arturo tried to unzip her overalls, but Amanda moved, so he stopped. Sergio called the command center and told them about the state secrets. Inspector Sierra told him that they wouldn’t confirm any of the state secrets to the press. Sergio informed them that he already knew about Lisbon, and he would also leak the information to the press. Sergio added that he knew about the agents they had sent to the Philippines to look for Raquel’s mother and daughter. Inspector Sierra knew they no longer had the upper hand. She asked Sergio what he really wanted.

[00:33:30] Sergio requested that the police make the truce public. He also asked for food which the police obliged. The media covered the food delivery like hounds. News of the truce spread like wildfire; however, the team wasn’t celebrating inside the bank as they still needed to take out Gandia. Tokyo and Helsinki continued with their search as Sergio informed them that the only blindspot he had was the basement. Gandia was indeed in the basement as he had cut the video feed for the security cameras. Tokyo came close to catching Gandia, but she stepped on some broken glass, which alerted him. By the time Tokyo had arrived, Gandia had already left.


[00:36:10] Bogota and Paquita took care of Nairobi. Bogota and Nairobi had a thing going for them, and Bogota didn’t plan on wasting any time as he was already talking about marriage. Nairobi made it clear that she wasn’t going to be just another wife if they planned on continuing their relationship. Meanwhile, Rio and Stockholm continued to search for Gandia. Out of the blue, Stockholm asked Rio why he didn’t have any scars from being tortured. Stockholm also wanted to know how Gandia had gotten free from his handcuffs. Rio told Stockholm how he had felt when he was held captive. He swore that he would make her trust him by killing Gandia.

[00:41:00] Gandia crawled through the vents. Back at the lobby, the hostages were lined up, waiting for their turn to grab a beer and some paella, which was delivered by the police earlier. Denver ordered Palermo to shut up as he continued to pester the team. Palermo was worried that Gandia would come back and kill him since he had beat him up with a walking stick. He also got inside Denver’s head by asking why he was in charge of babysitting hostages when he should be with the team hunting Gandia. Palermo continued to brainwash Denver into letting him go and reinstating him as leader of the team.


[00:43:45] Denver left Matias in charge as he chased after Rio. Denver apologized to Rio for what he had said earlier and re-established their friendship. Rio accepted Denver’s apology and continued to search for Gandia. Helsinki was inside the governor’s office when he heard a faint noise inside the bathroom. Gandia came out of the vent and opened a secret entrance. Helsinki opened the bathroom door, but no one was inside. Gandia turned on the console and called the police. Antoñanzas answered the call, and Gandia demanded to speak with Colonel Tamayo as soon as possible.

[00:46:00] Gandia spoke with Colonel Tamayo. He informed Tamayo that he had escaped and was calling him from the panic room. Gandia wanted to coordinate an attack with the police to end the heist; however, Tamayo informed him that they were in the middle of a truce and couldn’t attack. Gandia informed him that he hadn’t signed any truce and would act on his own. Colonel Tamayo ordered Gandia to stand down but suggested that if he killed everyone, it would be tagged as self-defense. Meanwhile, Inspector Sierra told Raquel that their units had already arrived in the Philippines; however, her mother and daughter were no longer there. Raquel sighed in relief, but Sierra let her in on a little secret. She told Raquel that Rio had provided them with the names of all the transporters hired by their group. Sierra even showed a picture of Tokyo’s transporter.


[00:50:00] Antoñanzas called Sergio to inform him what had happened. Sergio asked him where the panic room was, but he didn’t know. Sergio hurried back to his station and called Tokyo. He informed Tokyo about the panic room. Tokyo wasn’t able to respond as Gandia had already got to her. He dragged her back to the panic room and left her receiver on the floor.







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