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Lupin Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Chapter 3


Published 4 months ago

Lupin Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Chapter 3

[00:00:30] Commissioner Dumont and his wife woke up as their alarm sounded. They prepared for their day as his wife took the kids to school. Assane already had access to the security cameras around Dumont’s home. Assane was watching him before he left for work. Dumont went to his office for a meeting. Assane posed as IT personnel and called him out of the meeting. He told Dumont that he had found porn on his office computer. Dumont’s assistant saw him in the corridor and asked him if the meeting was over. The assistant asked Assane where the usual IT personnel was. This raised suspicions against Assane’s identity. Dumont asked for his ID. Assane caused a commotion while shouting out that Dumont’s computer had porn. Dumont went with Assane to diffuse the situation. Assane led Dumont to a service entrance and knocked him out.

[00:04:00] Assane placed Dumont inside a trunk. Someone was waiting for Assane to come out in a van outside. As soon as he came out of the service entrance, the guy in the van helped him put the trunk inside the van. They drove away without causing any suspicion. Dumont woke up chained to a chair. Assane had already set up a monitor and some cameras in front of Dumont. He flashed pictures of Babakar for Dumont to remember. Dumont didn’t remember Babakar. Assane advised him to get comfortable because they had a lot of time to reminisce. Back in 1995, Dumont went to speak with Mr. Pellegrini. He knew that Babakar was innocent, but Mr. Pellegrini told Dumont that Babakar had stolen the necklace. Dumont also knew that Mr. Pellegrini had increased the insurance policy on the necklace before it was stolen.

[00:08:30] Assane accused Dumont of framing his father. Dumont told Assane that he didn’t know anything. Assane told Dumont to explain if he didn’t know anything. The police station received a call that Commissioner Dumont had been kidnapped. Laugier instructed Belkacem and Guedira to interview the people at city hall who had last seen Dumont. Assane knew Dumont was doing something illegal because his salary didn’t match his way of life. Dumont thought Assane was going to rat him out to internal affairs. Assane responded that IA was too dull; he planned on telling Dumont’s wife about his illegal activities. Dumont begged Assane not to say anything to his wife. Dumont added that all he had done was his job in 1995. Assane realized that someone had pressured Dumont into accepting Babakar’s confession.

[00:14:00] Dumont asked Assane for some water because he couldn’t handle the pressure of his questions. Assane turned off the lights inside the room so that Dumont wouldn’t see his face. He entered the room and left a bottle of water on Dumont’s chair. He immediately drank the water as soon as the lights came on. Assane received a call from Claire. She asked Assane what he had gotten for Raoul on his birthday. Assane had forgotten about Raoul’s birthday as he was too busy clearing his father’s name. Assane told Claire that he had something for Raoul, but it was a surprise. Claire knew Assane was up to something, so she asked him what it was. Assane told Claire that she wouldn’t want to know. Claire told Assane to take care of himself.

[00:16:30] Claire had met Assane when they were still kids. They first met in private school because both of them were outcasts. The boys always flirted with Claire; they just wanted to get in her pants. Assane, on the other hand, respected Claire, which brought them closer. The police were doing their best to track Dumont’s location. The police found the van, and the location matched with the GPS tracker in Dumont’s phone. Laugier ordered the police force to zero in on Dumont’s location. Meanwhile, Assane allowed his emotions to get the best of him. Assane asked Dumont why he had framed his father. Dumont realized who was behind the voice. He called out to Assane. He told Assane that Babakar was a good man. Dumont begged Assane to let him go. Dumont promised he wouldn’t tell the police about his identity.

[00:23:00] Assane remembered the first time he had tried to kiss Claire. It was back when they were enjoying a quiet time in the park. Three guys approached and tried to bully Claire. She tried to stop Assane from engaging in a fight, but his ego said otherwise. It was three against one, and it didn’t end well for Assane. Claire helped him clean up his wounds. At that moment, Assane tried to kiss Claire. She told Assane that she didn’t need a boyfriend; however, Assane responded that he was the only man in Claire’s life. Claire acknowledged that he was the only man that she could ever stand. Meanwhile, the police were closing in on Assane and Dumont’s location. Back in the present day, the police got to the location and found the van along with the driver. They opened the trunk, thinking Dumont was inside; however, it was just a mannequin wearing a clown wig.

[00:26:30] Assane had known that the police would track Dumont’s phone. They interviewed the driver, but he didn’t know who the man in the orange beanie was. Assane placed an ad online for someone willing to carry luggage from city hall. The driver had driven around city hall and dropped off Assane afterward. Guedira told them that Assane was still in city hall. He added that Arsene Lupin had done something just like it in the book. The police arrived at city hall just as Assane was leaving. The police scoured the building looking for Dumont. They found him in the basement, still chained up to a chair. Young Claire had previously told Assane that there were two types of men, barbarians and knights. Assane told Claire that there was a third type of man, someone who didn’t care about anything except the things that mattered. It was a gentleman.

[00:29:30] Laugier and Belkacem were trying to make sense of what had happened to Commissioner Dumont. He didn’t tell the police anything but tasked his own men to investigate. They were starting to get suspicious, and Guedira offered some light on the case. He told Laugier and Belkacem that Paul Sernine was also the guy in the orange beanie. He showed them a police report that Dumont had made 25 years ago. It was also about the Queen’s necklace, specifically the first time it was reported stolen. The police finally had a lead and were one step closer to finding out Assane’s true identity. Meanwhile, Dumont arrived at his house. He remembered Assane’s security cameras. He searched the whole house and deactivated each camera that he found. Assane watched as Dumont tore down all of his cameras. He no longer had any footage inside Dumont’s house.

[00:33:30] Dumont took a shower as he remembered what had happened the day Mr. Pellegrini had asked for his help. Mr. Pellegrini asked Dumont to help him frame Babakar. Everything was planned out, even how Mrs. Pellegrini would ask Babakar to sign the confession. Mrs. Pellegrini knew nothing about her husband’s plan. Mr. Pellegrini told Dumont that his wife couldn’t know about it. Once Babakar signed the confession, everything would be solved. The case would skyrocket Dumont’s career into the heavens, and no one would be the wiser. Despite the fact that Dumont knew it was Mr. Pellegrini who had set up Babakar, he still accepted his offer. Dumont agreed to help Mr. Pellegrini, which put in motion the chain of events that would lead Babakar to commit suicide.

[00:37:00] After taking a shower, Dumont went back to his office. He poured himself a glass of whisky and called Mr. Pellegrini. He told him that they had a new player in the game. Mr. Pellegrini didn’t want to speak about it on the phone, so he scheduled to meet with Dumont instead. Dumont’s wife arrived and was relieved to see him alive. He ordered their music player “Circe” to play “I can see clearly now.” Instead of playing the song, Circe played back a bunch of recordings to taunt Dumont. He asked Circe over and over to stop playing the recording, but she didn’t listen to his command.

[00:39:00] Dumont didn’t want his wife to hear the illegal things he had done, so he destroyed the player before it played anything else. Assane was listening while Dumont spoke with Mr. Pellegrini. He now knew who had framed his father.

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