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Lupin Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Chapter 5


Published 4 months ago

Lupin Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Chapter 5

[00:00:30] Fabienne’s dog, J’accuse, sat on a newspaper that showed Fabienne’s picture. The article was about her suicide. Assane caressed J’accuse, who missed Fabienne. Assane blamed himself for her death. He told Ben that he shouldn’t have involved Fabienne in his plans. Ben told Assane that he should stop and focus on his family instead. He didn’t want to find Assane hanged in his apartment. Assane didn’t want to stop; he couldn’t let Mr. Pellegrini win. Ben reminded Assane that today was Raoul’s birthday. He didn’t feel like preparing anything for his son. Ben responded that if he didn’t prepare anything, Mr. Pellegrini would win in that aspect. Assane got a bright idea for his surprise. He handed J’accuse to Ben and left.

[00:02:00] Guedira spent the night at the police station. He made it look like he was just doing some paperwork, but he was still secretly investigating Arsene Lupin. Guedira dozed off and woke up just before sunrise. He got a notification regarding Maurice Leblanc’s birthday. Maurice was the author of the Arsene Lupin novel. He knew what he needed to do that day. Laughier and Belcekam were looking for Guedira the next morning. Belcekam told Laughier that she had received a text from him, saying he was sick. Laughier became suspicious, but Belcekam assured him by saying Guedira always looked sick to her. Laughier told Belcekam that they would find Assane as long as he stayed in Paris.

[00:05:00] Assane was walking around Paris when he noticed someone was following him. He turned the corner and started running. He entered a parking garage and went to the top floor. Assane ran as fast as he could. The man following him was the same man who had killed Fabienne. He did his best to catch up with Assane but he got caught up with a car leaving the parking garage. This gave Assane enough time to scale the parking garage wall and escape through the rooftops. Assane arrived at Claire’s apartment, and Raoul opened the door for him. He gave Raoul a box with a top hat inside. Raoul told Assane that he dug the Lupin look, but he wasn’t too sure about a costume. Assane told Claire and Raoul that they needed to get going because they had a train to catch.

[00:08:00] Claire couldn’t come because she had already made plans with her date the other night. Assane asked if she had a doctor’s appointment. She knew that Raoul had snitched on her. Raoul and Assane put on their pouty faces in order to convince Claire to come with them. Flashback to Claire attending therapy, She could no longer handle her problems with Assane. There were times that Assane was the man of her dreams while, other times, she would curse him to high heaven. The therapist told Claire that she didn’t owe Assane anything because they weren’t married, nor did they have any children. During that time, Claire was pregnant with Raoul. She told the therapist that she would discuss the pregnancy with Assane during dinner. She would know whether or not they’re meant for each other based on his response.

[00:14:30] Claire called Assane, asking to meet her over dinner. He had just gotten out of a heist where he scammed a rich old lady. Assane had posed as a police detective. He called the cops and made them stay near the window for the old lady to see. She looked out the window when Assane told her that he had two of his men stationed below. Assane told her that some men had robbed her neighbor. He managed to convince the old lady to give him her valuables so that he could store them at the police station for safe keeping. The old lady didn’t hesitate; she gave him all of her most valuable jewels, including a Faberge egg. Assane left the old lady’s house and showed the cops his loot. He told them that he was going to the station to store the loot as evidence. They, too, didn’t question him.

[00:17:30] Assane and Raoul had managed to convince Claire to come with them. On the train, Assane told Raoul where they were going. Claire knew they were going to search for Lupin’s treasure. Assane and Claire really clicked over the adventures of Lupin. Raoul felt embarrassed for the way his parents were acting, but they were like one happy family. Back to Assane’s first heist, he gave the Faberge egg to Ben. Ben told Assane where he planned to set up shop. While they were discussing the details of Ben’s shop, Juliette walked into the restaurant. Ben knew Juliette was the reason they were dining in such an expensive place. He followed Juliette into the bathroom. She thought they were going to have sex, but she was mistaken. Assane had gone to the restaurant in order to break up with Juliette.

[00:19:30] Assane mentioned Claire and said he could no longer cheat on her. He told Juliette that he loves\d Claire. She responded that she loved him, and she wouldn’t let him go. Assane bid Juliette goodbye and left her for good. Meanwhile, Claire checked her phone for the doctor’s message. Claire told Assane that the doctor’s name was Marc and that it was none of his business. He asked Claire when was the last time she had seen Marc. She didn’t respond, so Raoul told Assane that she hadn’t gone to see him again after their last date. Claire changed the subject and decided to take a selfie with them. Assane looked at the picture and saw the assassin who had followed him sitting a few rows away from them. He knew that his family was in danger. Assane was thinking about how he could get rid of his tail.

[00:22:00] The assassin called Mr. Pellegrini to update him regarding Assane. He told Mr. Pellegrini that he was riding the train with them and that Assane was with his wife and son. Mr. Pellegrini told his associate to leave Assane’s family alone. He just wanted him to kill Assane. The man went back to his seat while keeping an eye on Assane and his family. Assane decided to get up from his seat. He reached into his bag and brought out Raoul’s cake. Assane sang happy birthday and got the crowd to sing with him. Everyone sang for Raoul as Assane looked the assassin dead in his eyes. He made sure that the assassin knew he was onto him. Assane used the cake as an excuse to leave his seat. He told Claire that he was going to get them something to drink. The assassin followed Assane as he exited the wagon.

[00:24:30] Once again the assassin failed to catch up to Assane because he was stalled by the conductor. Assane managed to get the conductor’s key and hid himself in the last compartment of the train. The assassin got to the compartment, but he didn’t see Assane anywhere. He took a peak in the storage room and Assane pulled him in. He overpowered the assassin and kicked him to the ground. Before he could recover, Assane exited and locked the door to trap the assassin inside. He winced from his injuries and knew that Assane would escape. We go back to the time Assane and Claire talked about her pregnancy. She got angry because Assane had taken her to a fancy restaurant instead of someplace quiet. Claire told Assane that she. was pregnant. He shouted to everyone in the restaurant that he was going to be a dad. Everyone clapped for him as he pointed to Claire.

[00:29:00] Assane saw the old woman that he had robbed and knew that it was time to leave. He left a tip and dragged Claire out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, they were about to get off the train when the assassin returned. He managed to get out of the storage room. The man flashed his gun to Assane so that he wouldn’t make a commotion. He sat beside Raoul and talked to him. Claire was alarmed at the man sitting in front of her. The assassin told Claire that he and Assane knew each other despite him denying his statement. The train pulled up into Le Havre station. Assane didn’t have any choice, so he texted Captain Laughier, posing as Paul Sernine. Laughier didn’t believe the text at first, but Assane thanked Laughier for the pen he had gotten as a souvenir in Lourve.

[00:32:00] Laughier knew it was really Paul Sernine, so he instructed his men to call the Le Harve police. Assane told Claire to leave. She took Raoul and told Assane to meet them later. Assane stared the assassin down. He told Assane to get up and get off the train quietly. He pocketed his gun to hide it. The moment they got off the train, the police were there to apprehend Assane. The assassin thought they were going to arrest Assane, but the police pointed their guns at him. The assassin had no choice but to surrender. The police found a gun and a diamond in his pocket. Assane had slipped the diamond into his pocket before they got off the train. They were walking in Le Havre when Raoul decided to wander off. Assane and Claire talked about the man in the train.

[00:37:00] Assane told her that he needs to see something through before he quits. Claire isn’t convinced with Assane’s statement. She knew nothing about his father nor about his plans. She wants to know more. They continued arguing when Claire noticed that Raoul has gone missing. Meanwhile, Laughier and Belcekam told Dumont they were headed for Le Harve to arrest Paul Sernine. Dumont told them that the police already released the guy because he had a gun license and an alibi for the night of the burglary. Dumont told Laughier to focus on his job and find out who had framed the man. Back at Le Havre, Claire and Assane combed the beach looking for Raoul. It was difficult to look for Raoul because a majority of the people were wearing a top hat and a cloak, just like Arsene Lupin.

[00:40:00] The assassin had already gotten to Raoul. He dragged Raoul to a car and pushed him into the back seat. Assane and Claire were still looking for Raoul at the beach, but the assassin had already left taking Raoul with him. Assane got to the end of the beach but still no sign of Raoul anywhere. He turned around and saw Guedira who had addressed him as Lupin. He approached Guedira to talk.

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