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Lupin Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Chapter 6


Published 4 months ago

Lupin Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - Chapter 6

[00:00:30] Guedira had been on the train with Assane and his family. He also was headed for Le Havre. In fact, Assane had bumped into him when he was leading the assassin away from his family. Guedira roamed the beach of Le Havre. Assane and Claire were looking for Raoul. Guedira saw the assassin shove Raoul into a gray BMW and drive away. He called out to Assane. He didn’t know that he was the real Lupin. Guedira asked Assane if they were looking for a kid dressed up as Lupin. Claire and Assane confirmed this and told Guedira that they were looking for their son. Guedira told them that a man had taken him in a gray BMW. Guedira described the man to Claire, and she knew it was the man from the train. She confronted Assane. Claire threatened to call the police, but Assane told her not to.

[00:03:00] Assane broke one of the antennas from a random car in the parking lot. He used the antenna to open the door of another car. He begged Claire not to call the police. Assane assured Claire that he was going to get Raoul back. Assane got into the car and started it. Guedira climbed in with Assane. He volunteered to help, but he didn’t tell Assane that he was a cop. Assane and Guedira chased the assassin while Claire hesitated to call the police. She watched as they left the parking lot, worried for Raoul’s safety. Back in 1995, Claire angrily left the music conservatory. Assane thought it was his fault she was upset. Claire just glared at him and told Assane that not everything was about him. Assane decided to follow Claire around Paris. She went to a violin store. She showed the shop owner her violin.

[00:05:00] Someone had broken it in half, but she didn’t know who it was. Claire was upset because of her upcoming recital. She didn’t know what to do as the shop owner had told Claire that repairing her violin would cost more than buying a new one. The shop owner handed Claire a new violin and told her to try it. Assane was standing outside the store, and he heard Claire play the violin for the first time. After playing, Claire asked the shop owner how much the violin cost. He responded that it was three thousand francs. Claire didn’t have that kind of money, so she returned the violin. Assane stepped inside and told her to just rent the violin. The shop has a sign about renting a violin. It only cost 350 francs per day. The shop owner told Assane that he wouldn’t allow him to rent a violin.

[00:07:00] Claire decided that it was time to leave. Assane didn’t want to go yet. Claire left him to stare the old man down. Assane called the man a racist before leaving. Meanwhile, the chase continued for Raoul. Assane and Guedira made their way to Bourneville behind the assassin. Raoul was doing his best to loosen his restraints. The assassin kept catching Raoul looking at him, so he had no choice but to put him in the trunk of the car. The assassin went inside one of the cafés to make a phone call. The people in Bourneville were racist; the café owner told the assassin that he only served his customers. The assassin bought a can of juice in order to get some change for the payphone. He called Mr. Pellegrini to inform him of the setback. Mr. Pellegrini told Leonard to clean up his mess and kill Assane.

[00:12:00] Leonard went back to his car and gave the can to Raoul. After a few minutes, Assane and Guedira arrived. Assane asked around the café if they had seen a black man driving a gray car. The people didn’t want to speak to him. Guedira, on the other hand, went inside the café and immediately called Belcekam. He told him what he was doing and who he was with. He also asked for backup. Assane went inside the café and asked for the people’s help. No one responded to his cry for help. The café owner told Assane the same thing he had told Leonard, he only served customers. Assane grabbed the owner’s head and whispered to him that he wasn’t playing. Suddenly a gray car sped by in front of the café. Guedira and Assane saw Leonard and quickly chased him. Assane thanked Guedira for his help, but Guedira insisted on tagging along.

[00:16:00] While they were chasing Leonard, Guedira received a message from Belcekam. He was almost caught by Assane, but he quickly hid his phone. Guedira told Assane that the message had come from his wife. Leonard drove over a train crossing before it closed. Assane knew he needed to cross it or he’d lose Leonard, so he raced through the crossing as well. The train barely missed them. Leonard went off the road onto a hidden pathway that led to an abandoned mansion. Assane turned the same corner but missed the pathway. He stopped a few meters away from the pathway. Assane knew that Leonard had taken a different path. He backed into the pathway and went down the same path.

[00:18:00] Meanwhile, Leonard went inside the abandoned mansion to find a place to hide. He found the perfect spot and dragged Raoul inside. Assane and Guedira slowly drove into the pathway. Assane received a message from Raoul. He told Assane that he had managed to steal Leonard’s phone. Assane told Raoul to do what Lupin did with his daughter in Cagliostro. Guedira picked up on the error. He told Assane that it wasn’t Lupin’s daughter with him but his son. Assane noticed that Guedira was also a fan of Lupin. He told Guedira that Raoul was also a fan; he would notice the error in his message unless it was a trap set up by Leonard. Assane showed Raoul’s response to Guedira, and they made their way to the abandoned mansion on foot.

[00:21:00] Leonard armed himself inside the mansion. He took a few knives as well as an old hunting rifle. Raoul was strapped to a chair on the second floor of the mansion. He was shivering and whimpering in fear. Guedira hid in the bushes while they approached the mansion. He told Assane to hide because Leonard could see him, but Assane wanted Leonard to see him. Assane called Leonard’s phone. Leonard went to the balcony and answered the call. Assane told him that he was going to kill him if he ever did anything to his son. Leonard told Assane to come and get his son inside the mansion.

[00:24:00] We go back to 1995 when Assane planned to steal a violin for Claire. Ben listened to his plan and agreed to help. They went to the shop to steal one of the violins. The shop owner went out for a smoke while Assane broke the back door lock to get in. He almost got caught when the shop owner went back to get his lighter. Assane took the most expensive violin that he could find. Meanwhile, Guedira suggested that they call the police. Assane declined his offer; he told Guedira that the police were either corrupt or incompetent. Assane took a flashlight from the trunk of the car. Belcekam drove as fast as she could in order to make it in time. She was still two hours away from Guedira and Assane.

[00:27:30] Assane called out to Claire as she walked by with her friends. He showed Claire his gift. She opened the case and saw the violin. She asked Assane what he had done to get it. Assane responded that he had just borrowed the violin. Back at the mansion, it was already nightfall. Assane asked Guedira how much time before his backup arrived. Guedira was surprised that Assane knew he was a cop. He told Assane that Belcekam would arrive in two hours or less. Assane thanked Guedira for the information and exited the car. Guedira tried to follow him, but he had already been tied to the seat. He called out for Assane to untie him, but he told Guedira that he didn’t work with cops.

[00:30:00] Assane crept into the mansion. He saw the glass shards that Leonard had set on the floor in order to hear if someone entered the mansion. Assane managed to avoid the shards and continued on his way. Leonard positioned himself at the top of the stairs, waiting for Assane to show himself. He soon got impatient and went downstairs to look for Assane. The glass chandelier fell to the floor, which startled Leonard. He accidentally set his gun off, which alerted Assane to his location. He found Leonard and managed to disarm him. Assane engaged Leonard in a fistfight. He was losing, but he managed to throw Leonard off of the balcony.

[00:36:00] Raoul kept on looking for Raoul inside the house. He checked all of the rooms, but he couldn’t find him. Leonard was still alive; he managed to stand up and pour gas on his car. He set the car on fire and texted Assane. The text message stated, “Next time, try the car first.” Assane knew his son was inside the car. He peeked out of the balcony and saw the car on fire. He ran downstairs, but it was too late. The car was already engulfed in flames. Belcekam arrived to arrest Assane. She arrested a man mourning the loss of his son. The same thing happened in 1995. Assane failed Claire.

[00:39:00] During Claire’s recital, the violin shopkeeper came to the recital with the police. They took Assane and Claire with them for stealing the violin. 

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