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Manifest Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Emergency Exit

BY Arabelle

Published 1 year ago

Manifest Season 2 Episode 7 Recap -  Emergency Exit

The episode begins with a flashback of TJ talking with his mother. TJ is packing all the stuff he will bring to his one-week Jamaica trip with the help of his mother. His mother shows him how proud she is as TJ’s mother.

Fast forward to the present, TJ holds his mother’s bracelet, reminiscing the old days while video calling Olive. Olive talks about going to a club with her friend Maxine (Erika Chase), and she asks TJ if he wants to go with her. 

She also talks about how her family is like a gloomy “Chicken Littles” because of the callings. Coming back is a gift for her, and it is not wrong to acknowledge it. TJ says she sounds like Adrian and even teases her as a church lady. She adds that Adrian is the only person who makes sense to her, aside from TJ.

While working out, Ben looks at all of the information related to the passengers and the Death Date when Grace comes in. She says Ben will figure out everything, but Ben feels hopeless. Like whatever they are meant to save the passengers, the Death Date keeps coming. No one can stop it.

Zeke asks if they can go out on an actual date, but Michaela has to work. She goes to the toilet to find the razor containing the drugs, but she finds nothing and pretends she can’t find her razor to borrow Zeke’s. Zeke finds his razor and sees Michaela’s, and he starts to ask why she is finding his. 

Michaela explains she wants to know if Zeke still uses drugs. Courtney told her he keeps extras on the razor. Zeke, being offended by Michaela, leaves the apartment.

At Stone residence, Cal tries to find his Ranger’s hat because he is going to Sam’s birthday in Coney Island. Grace gets confused; Cal didn’t tell them he is going somewhere. Olive comes in and gives him the cap, but he says he is not allowed to go.

Cal is furious with Ben and Grace for not allowing him to go on Sam‘s birthday. Olive steps in and says they should. They tell her to keep out of it and suspend her for violating them by attending Adrian’s “Believers‘” meeting. Olive scolds them, claiming she seeks emancipation because their family is ruined, living in dread. She rushes out the door. Ben tells Grace that Adrian must stop what he is doing.

Dr. Saanvi Bahl‘s father visits her. She is currently upset with her tests. They converse over lunch, and she admits she’s reached a brick wall in her studies. He advises her to seek assistance from an old colleague and friend, Alex (Sydney Morton), whom she says she hasn’t seen since her return.

Ben walks over to Adrian and threatens him with a lawsuit if he doesn’t leave Olive alone. He explains the callings, and he is terrified something awful will happen to the passengers on Flight 828. Ben concludes the argument by reminding Adrian that if Olive is injured, it is his fault.

At the precinct, Michaela is having deep thoughts when Jared comes in to get a cup of coffee. The coffee maker is empty, so she decides to give hers. Jared notices Michaela‘s unhappy face and starts to ask what happened. 

Suddenly, one agent comes in and informs Michaela about the church attack.

While Michaela is on the phone with Isaiah, Jared receives a call from Billy, an Xer, who immediately needs information from Michaela’s files.

Following that is a brief scene where someone wearing black gloves injects narcotics into bottles of champagne.

TJ and Olive get together to chill around. TJ did a deep dive into Al-zuras, and the Yale Library has confirmed they have what he is looking for, but a faculty must request it. TJ sends the email to Ben. He admits he agrees with Ben that Adrian is a liar, and he doesn’t believe his message of optimism. He tells Olive he was on the airplane, and he is not an angel of God but has just lost five and a half years of his life. When he returned, his mother had died, and his friends had gone on.

Michaela talks to Isaiah over the phone while Jared is at the back, silently spying on Michaela’s moves. Isaiah remembers what happened to him and decides to meet with Michaela at Williamsburg.

After Michaela leaves her station, Jared tries to access her computer, but he can’t.

Saanvi meets with her former coworker: Alex, her lover, who did not go with her on vacation to Jamaica. Alex seems to have had a family at the time. After a few apologies and rebuttals, they begin to collaborate on a treatment for the passengers of Flight 828.

Michaela runs into Ben, who tells her about his altercation with Adrian and Olive’s threat of independence. Michaela attempts to calm him down by telling him she threatened to go away and pursue a band when she was Olive’s age. He asks about Zeke, and she expresses concern that she is only drawn to those who have problems.

Zeke is at Michaela’s apartment with the razor containing drugs. Grace is at home finding Cal. Suddenly, they both get a calling. They see each other on the calling; they‘re in a bar. Cal shouts to save all the passengers.

TJ and Olive go to a club to have fun. It’s the same place where Isaiah will meet with Michaela to discuss the church incident. They enter a photo booth to take pictures, and he tells her working with Ben and meeting her has been the best thing that has happened to him since he returned.

Jared approaches the IT person for assistance, wanting to access Michaela‘s files. After threatening to fire him if he doesn’t help, the IT guy agrees to try to access the files.

Ben arrives at the club, sees Adrian, and asks why he texted him to meet. Adrian is taken aback; he didn’t text him.

Michaela finds Isaiah in the club. He’s been working the bar lately; the establishment is complete because of a free champagne campaign. He says he will find time to speak with her about the situation later.

Saanvi does another test in her lab to check if the new serum works. She becomes disoriented and experiences glimpses of previous callings before collapsing.

Back at the busy club, Ben observes a few additional passengers from 828, as does Michaela elsewhere in the room. They begin to think something more is happening but haven’t yet spotted each other because of the crowded room.

Grace phones Jared about the call and asks about Michaela’s whereabouts. He informs her she is at the club and is on his way there. Grace, Zeke, and Cal join them in the club.

Ben notices Michaela and believes someone has put up a trap for the passengers on Flight 828. It‘s is what the call was warning them of! Isaiah has poisoned the champagne and the effects of the drug kick in. Worse, Isaiah sets a fire in the club backstage, locking the entrance and escape doors with chains and padlocks.

TJ leaves to get some more champagne. Olive and Maxine dance and have a good time in a smaller room that‘s not the main dance floor. He isn’t aware Isaiah has locked the door to the room behind him.

People start panicking as the club fills up with smoke and fire. Adrian informs Ben he noticed Olive leaving the club. As the terror grows, he rushes back to Olive, but he cannot burst through the closed door. Michaela guides the terrified clubgoers to the exit, which is locked. She uses a fire extinguisher to blast the padlock and open the doors to get them out.

Ben has joined TJ to slam the door to free Olive and the other visitors. Everyone flees the room, only to discover the corridors are in heavy smoke. Olive falls like the rest of the group while rushing to safety. Ben and TJ transport her through the flames; she has twisted her foot and cannot run.

Michaela returns inside and finds Bethany pinned by blazing debris. Zeke appears and removes a sizeable scorching beam over her as she attempts to crawl out. They make it outdoors as a group.

As Ben, TJ, and Olive approach the exit, an explosion from the now-extensive fire occurs, and their path is blocked by rubble. TJ and Ben start clearing it, but Isaiah arrives with a knife, grabbing Olive and saying they’ll experience the light together. Ben and TJ watch as he holds the knife to her throat. Getting a chance, TJ slams the insane believer to the ground. “Get her out! Go!” TJ shouts. Ben takes Olive and promises to return.

Flames and fallen lumber are everywhere, and their escape appears to be hopeless. Ben is suddenly drawn to a dazzling white glow, pointing him in the direction of the escape.

Michaela examines Zeke’s hands. She‘s surprised his hands are in good condition despite lifting the scorching beam. TJ is still inside battling with Isaiah, so Ben tries to return to the burning building, Michaela and Grace plead he does not return since it is dangerous, but Olive pleads with her dad to save TJ. As Ben begins to return, a massive flame explosion occurs. The entire club is full of flames.

Saanvi awakens and immediately checks her saliva. She appears to have discovered a cure! It explains why she doesn’t have the most recent calling. As she exits her office, she is astonished to see many club fire victims in the emergency department.

She examines Zeke and is surprised he does not have burns on his hands, but he looks to have frostbite.

Later, at home, Olive tells Ben what TJ said: that he enjoyed dealing with him and made sure the journal was delivered to Ben’s office. Ben says he’ll check on it.

Zeke admits to Michaela he loves her. Michaela tells him she also loves him; the two kiss.

Ben finds the journal in his office on campus in the episode’s last scene. He flips through it until he comes on a page with a sketch of him carrying Olive out of the club and away from the flames. As Ben continues to read the notebook, the pages begin to shine a dazzling white.

Our Thoughts

Everything is vital at Manifest, and the club’s champagne label reads Maison Du Revenir meaning “return home.” Very strange, especially in light of the hypothesis that our 828ers are from another universe. TJ’s mother wore a bracelet with a Dhamma wheel. In Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, it is a vital emblem. The wheel may be interpreted in various ways, and the sign is composed of three primary components: spokes, hub, and rim. The wheel is a symbol of human preservation or protection in Hinduism. The revolution may take on a variety of meanings depending on the number of spokes.

The wheel is often connected with the Hindu deity Vishnu, responsible for human protection and global order. TJ claims his mother informed him it indicated life is round. It may be interpreted as rebirth or continuance when seen in conjunction with preservation. Buddhists believe wisdom, knowledge, and truth will lead to genuine enlightenment once the wheel of understanding begins to spin. While it may be too late for TJ, Ben may be the savior, as the concluding events demonstrate. I genuinely want to trust Zeke about the drugs. Courtney is untrustworthy, and I want Zeke to continue developing personally and in his relationship with Michaela. Olive’s initials were ORS on the bracelet. We now know who Saanvi’s Alex is, and she is a wonderful and intelligent married lady. All those wishing for a Ben and Saanvi romance may now put their hopes to rest.

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