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Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 Recap – Mayday: Part 1

BY Arabelle

Published 7 months ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 Recap - Mayday: Part 1

Michaela is having a calling: all the passengers are on the plane, experiencing turbulence. They are all panicking, but after some time, the turbulence stops. Michaela calls Cal, Ben, Bethany, and Saanvi, but only Bethany responds. Michaela gets drops of blood from the plane‘s ceiling. Suddenly, all of the plane‘s interior gets slowly covered with blood. Michaela and Bethany see it, but the other passengers don’t.

Michaela gets back to her consciousness after Zeke calls her name repeatedly. She explains how the calling is far different from their past callings — terrifying.

Ben and Grace plan how to get inside Eureka to destroy the tailfin. The door opens and Olive comes in. After how many days, she finally comes home. She apologizes for what she did to her parents.

Ben receives a call from Michaela. She asks her brother if he also got the calling, but he didn‘t. Michaela thinks someone will get hurt. Ben suggests that Michaela go to Eureka because the calling might be about the tailfin.

Michaela opposes it and explains it might be about Bethany. After the call, Ben expresses his frustration; he can’t help because he is on house arrest. To light up the mood, Olive tells her father it is her first time to see a house arrest bracelet up close and says it is pretty badass to see.

Ben is embarrassed for his kids to see his condition. Olive asks for Cal. Grace tells her Cal has already fallen asleep. They don’t know Cal is at Eureka.

At Eureka, Cal is convincing Vance the tailfin shouldn‘t be at Eureka. “You‘re growing up to be a lot like your dad,” Vance told him.

Vance calls Ben and tells them Cal is at Eureka. Ben hurriedly finds a tool to remove the GPS bracelet. Grace tries to stop him from doing it; he will commit another crime if he takes the GPS bracelet off his feet. Olive finds a solution on the internet: she removes the ankle bracelet from his father and puts it on her ankle. Ben is hesitant about what Olive did, but they don’t have a choice. They leave the house. Olive will take care of Eden.

Michaela and Zeke are talking about Bethany, who is still not messaging them. Michaela worries about her; she saw more blood than her on her calling. Zeke apologizes for interrupting the call. If he hadn’t been there, Michaela would have seen more and known what to do. Jared suddenly arrives, questioning Michaela’s decision to leave the force. He believes she can better assist the passengers as a cop. Zeke requests him to leave. After Jared leaves, Zeke asks Michaela if she is okay. She says she doesn’t want to tell the truth to Jared because, aside from Saanvi, she may also go to jail.

Ben and Grace show up at Eureka. They talk to Vance and Cal about how Cal got to Eureka. Grace tells Cal to go home with them, but Cal insists he needs to stay. He adds that the tailfin is dangerous, and something big might happen if they can’t remove the tailfin from Eureka. Grace explains they need to go home and just figure things out together. Suddenly, Cal flinches and cries out in pain. He shows his burning skin to them.

Grace wants to bring Cal to NewYork-Pres, but Cal doesn’t like the idea because other doctors will not understand what is happening to him. Dr. Gupta agrees with him. Grace suggests calling Saanvi to treat Cal, but Vance tells them Saanvi is not working with them anymore. Grace insists Saanvi is the only doctor she will let treat Cal, or they‘re out.

Sarah and Jared talk about opening Kathryn’s safety box. They agree to open it at night.

As Saanvi checks Cal, Ben phones Michaela to keep her updated. Saanvi reveals the callings have been changing ever since the tailfin surfaced. Troy comes in and tells them Cal‘s skin is covered in the same material as the tailfin — sapphire. 

Michaela and Zeke visit Bethany. She is outraged by the crackdowns and arrests of Flight 828 passengers. Michaela begs Bethany to assist her in determining her calling. She ultimately accepts and confesses she witnessed Eagan attempting to unlock the plane’s emergency door. She felt he was going to kill them all.

Eagan tells Jared about Ben’s ties to Vance and the NSA. Jared just goes away but comes back as soon as he hears about Eureka. Eagan talks to Thomas and Adrian; they are all from Flight 828. Eagan tells them the same country keeping migrants in cages now has their DNA and has kept them on a no-fly list. Adrian says the end of time is near.

Ben and Saanvi are talking to Dr. Gupta and Vance to stop the testing of the tailfin because it affects their son. Dr. Gupta asks how Cal‘s vision of himself with fire connected to Eureka. Saanvi explains Cal’s burns are like the earthquake — a warning they need to listen to.

Dr. Gupta is still not convinced by their explanation. Ben appeals to Vance as a father, so he decides to pause the testing of the tailfin.

Jared helps Michaela talk to Eagan at the precinct. She gets shocked to see Adrian in the cell. Eagan says it‘s an 828 reunion. She tells them she had a calling and all passengers were in danger. Eagan refuses to speak with Michaela, believing she and Ben are enemies. Adrian says he no longer has them. Michaela cautions Eagan that not disclosing what he knows about the calling puts everyone in danger. He recalls opening the door and seeing a small-beaked black bird — either a crow or a raven. Eagan tells her he saw about seventeen empty seats on his calling. Michaela tells him only fourteen are unoccupied. Eagan gives her the empty seats: 33E, 33C, 32E. He believes Michaela should speak with whoever was not in their seat during the calling.

Back at Eureka, Ben and Troy are talking about destroying the tailfin. Troy uses his coding to give Ben access to a device that should do it. Ben is ready to destroy the tailfin when he suddenly gets a call and sees himself underwater. He sees the tailfin in the ocean. Then someone touches his hand, sinking. It‘s Cal. Ben abruptly swims down, grabs him, and begins swimming towards the surface.

Cal wakes up having a heavy breath. He says he had a calling with his dad, the tailfin with them in a dark sea. Cal’s physical condition worsened. Ben goes back to where Cal is and tells them they need to return the tailfin to the ocean. Cal agrees with him.

Michaela and Zeke show up at the Stone residence and notice Olive’s ankle. Olive tells them she can help. Michaela tells her a passenger might die, but she thinks she knows how to stop it from happening. She asks Olive about ravens. Olive tells them Noah sent a raven to look for dry land before sending a dove. The raven never returned. She knows it because of her deep dive into flood myths.

Dr. Gupta has had enough of Ben and wants him jailed, but Vance refuses. Ben repeats the calling tells them to return the tailfin to the sea. Vance reminds Ben he risked his life to help him bring the tailfin to the United States. Ben admits to being mistaken and asks Vance to trust him now. Vance informs Ben they will handle things his way.

At the precinct, Adrian talks about how the end is soon to come. Randall says Ben told him to follow his calling. Eagan tells them the NSA believes they have a fragment of Noah’s Ark. He adds that Ben is solely concerned with rescuing his own family and cannot be trusted.

Michaela and Zeke start finding out about the people who occupied the seat numbers given by Eagan. In 32E, they find Chung’s name, but she moved to an aisle seat, according to Ben’s notes. Olive comes in and talks about Noah as the savior and destroyer of the world from the “Epic of Gilgamesh.” They find out Noah might have caused the flood after asking it from God. Zeke finds out who is on 21C: Adrian. He lied. He was out of his seat in the calling.

Michaela and Zeke go to the precinct to talk to Adrian. But Jared tells them Adrian had already been discharged.

Cal refuses to leave and go to the hospital since they must deal with the tailfin. Ben, Grace, and Vance see the testing has resumed. Dr. Gupta says she went over Vance’s head to get approval from Director Zimmer.

Jared and Sarah open the box. An old medal and a little envelope bearing Saanvi’s name are in it. There are recordings of her sessions with the Major included.

Michaela receives another call. She sees Adrian standing against the plane’s wall and asks who will perish. He turns around. She sees Adrian’s eyes bleeding.

Eagan rallies the other 828 passengers fed up with the police and the government’s treatment of them. Adrian returns from the calling and proclaims Ben will bring about the apocalypse.

Zeke tells Michaela he felt something about Adrian in her calling. There was guilt and shame like Adrian has done something terrible. They think Adrian might kill someone.

Vance requests Dr. Gupta to halt the testing, but she refuses. Cal tells his mother he has to show them to understand. Cal hugs her and promises to see her again. He runs fast, touches the tailfin, and then vanishes. Grace yells.

Our Thoughts

The Stones are reunited with Olive, but their joy is short-lived as Cal disappears before their very eyes. As Michaela strives to save the passengers from a lethal threat, her relationship with Jared deteriorates due to distrust.

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