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Manifest Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – Bogey

BY Arabelle

Published 11 months ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - Bogey

Dr. Gupta works on the driftwood. Saanvi and Troy talk about how nothing is happening — it‘s been 33 days. Dr. Gupta says the Vatican wants the fragment back, and they‘re weeks overdue. Dr. Saanvi insists on trying; Dr. Gupta agrees.

At Michaela’s apartment, Zeke is busy cooking. When Michaela tastes Zeke’s food, Michaela sees another dark cloud. She calls Ben because Ben was at Eureka the last time she saw the dark cloud. Ben says he‘s persona non-grata at Eureka, so they won‘t let him come back. He then teases Michaela that maybe her calling is about Jared and Major Junior: Sara, coming for dinner. Michaela asks how he knew about it. Ben says Zeke borrowed a pot from him. “As long as you‘re not cooking, it‘ll all be fine,” Ben continues to tease Michaela. Michaela gives Ben a sarcastic gratitude.

Grace and Olive enjoy their time with Eden when Angelina interrupts to show a fabric that might befit the restaurant Grace plans to open. Olive receives a text: “Working late on campus in case you need help with your homework.” It turns out Levi has a crush on Olive. Grace teases her Levi is just being sweet. Ben calls on Grace. Angelina and Olive converse awkwardly.

All the pictures of the passengers from Ben’s board are wet with water. Ben asks for Grace’s help. He‘s panicking, thinking the washing machine is causing the water to overflow in the garage. Grace says she‘s not running the washing machine. Ben sees a calling, and he‘s the only one who can see it. Dark clouds appear to Ben again. The doorbell rings repeatedly — it is Eagan, who is wet. He asks Ben what is going on.

Jared and Sarah are at Michaela‘s apartment. They bring tiramisu, Michaela’s favorite dessert. Sarah tells her that Jared suggested it. Zeke brings it to the fridge.

At the Stone residence, Eagan explains what happened to him. He saw the same dark clouds, but now it‘s dumping rain, and there‘s a lion. Eagan gets sarcastic again, calling Ben “Professor Dark Clouds.” Ben also gets sarcastic when Eagan says, “Me and Boy Scout Ben, once again.” Olive says she can help. Ben agrees, telling her to go to Astoria and see what she can find. He gives his passcode for the research catalogs. Olive says it‘s fine; she has a friend on campus.

Grace asks for a minute with Ben. Eagan sees Angelina and calls her 24D. Ben introduces Angelina to Eagan and vice-versa. Before he leaves, Ben asks Angelina if she can give Eagan water. Eagan asks Angelina why she‘s there. She says she is living there.

Jared, Sarah, Michaela, Zeke, and Beverly eat dinner. Sarah praises Michaela‘s cooking. But Michaela says it‘s all Zeke. Jared says she only knows pizza and cereal. Beverly asks for a parmesan. When Michaela gives it to Beverly, she sees her face in the mirror with eyes crying blood.

Eagan continues to ask Angelina how she ended up living at the Stone residence. Angelina says Michaela saved her. Then the Stones took her in.

Grace asks Ben why he accepts the man who abducted him. Ben explains Eagan is an intelligent person who can decipher the callings. Grace insists he wants Eagan out. Ben tells her he wants his enemies close, but as soon as they figure out the callings, Eagan is out.

Eagan finds Ben‘s 828 information room. Grace calls Angelina to her. Ben gets mad, saying Eagan doesn‘t have business in there. Eagan lauds Ben‘s information room, comparing it to a beautiful mind. Ben says it‘s years of painstaking research. Michaela calls him and tells him about the bloody face she saw.

“Put it on speaker,” Eagan tells Ben. Ben frustratingly follows and tells Michaela that Eagan is there. Michaela asks Ben if he wants the patrol units in. Ben describes what Eagan saw in his calling. Eagan interrupts and talks about the picture of Saanvi — the only wet picture on the board. Ben says water is part of the calling. Michaela asks when was the last time Saanvi called Ben. She thinks something serious is happening to Saanvi at Eureka. Suddenly, Michaela sees her bloody face again.

Saanvi is busy trying the driftwood at Eureka but still gets nothing. Troy notices Saanvi’s vest. Saanvi removes her face gear. Troy sees her bloody face and shouts for help, asking for Dr. Gupta.

Michaela returns to the dinner table to excuse herself for an urgent matter. Jared asks if she needs help. Zeke and Sarah awkwardly react, trying to keep it to themselves. Michaela says she can do it alone and leaves. 

The doctor is checking Saanvi when Vance comes in. Saanvi insists she is fine, but she is not according to the doctor’s check-up. She talks about her vitals being stable, but it‘s her first time seeing the case. Vance receives a call from his person, saying Detective Stone is at Eureka, insisting Dr. Bahl is in danger. Vance lets her in.

Eagan continues his research with Ben. Suddenly, they see a lion with bloody eyes roaring loud. It seemingly goes after Ben and Eagan, but when it gets close, it disappears.

Olive tells Levi she‘s getting cross-eyed doing the research. Levi says she should take a break and offers to eat dinner. Olive says she needs to focus. Then she tells Levi it sounds like he is asking her out. Levi says he is not not asking her out. Olive starts to tell Levi she thinks there‘s a big teddy bear under Levi‘s big ego. They kiss. Then Olive receives a call from his dad, asking about a lion crying tears of blood. Olive says it‘s weird. Ben says something is happening at Eureka.

Olive asks Levi if there is a thing like a lion crying tears of blood. Levi remembers Far Eastern mythology.

Michaela goes inside Eureka and sees Saanvi‘s bloody face. She says the callings led her there and asks for an explanation. Saanvi says she trusts Michaela. Dr. Yeo (Angel Pai) says Saanvi suffers from erratic blood pressure and hemolacria, appearing as tears of blood. Michaela tells Saanvi should be in the hospital. Dr. Gupta says Dr. Yeo and her team are emergency medicine specialists.

Michaela, Ben, and Olive talk over the phone. Michaela describes what is happening to Saanvi. Olive narrates the Chinese Buddhist myth that if a lion is crying tears of blood, it is a warning of a flood. Some townsfolk tricked an old woman, painting a lion‘s figure with red tears. When the old woman asked everyone to run for their safety, the people just laughed. “But there was still flood. Everyone except the old woman was killed,” Ben adds. Michaela assumes God punished the liars by drowning them. Olive says it all connects to their callings: water, lion, blood tears. Eagan interrupts, “Everything except for the dark cloud.”

Michaela returns to Saanvi’s room, telling everyone she needs to talk with her alone. Saanvi discloses she has been experimenting on the  driftwood and confirms its link to Noah’s Ark. Michaela asks whether she was working on it then her eyes began to bleed. Saanvi confirms but adds she has been working on it for several weeks.

Sarah assists Beverly after making a fool of herself during dinner at Michaela and Zeke‘s house. Beverly actually believed Sarah was Michaela. Zeke gets another feeling, a positive one, from Sarah.

Ben and Eagan notice water slowly rising from the garage floor, accompanied by a dazzling blazing light. Ben leans down and takes up the light emitted by the diary. Michaela tells Ben about Saanvi and Noah’s Ark, believing they are linked.

Michaela confronts Vance about withholding facts, warning him that she is tired of hiding secrets. She receives the same call: dark clouds with her face in bloody tears. Suddenly, Eureka‘s at Code Blue — everyone rushed to Saanvi.

When Olive arrives home, Angelina dyed her hair black to appear like her. Olive confronts Angelina about her conduct. Angelina apologizes, saying she is grateful to be among them and only wants to fit in. Olive becomes venomous, saying they are only pitying her. Angelina storms out.

Zeke gets a feeling about Jared and Sarah. “Glad you two found each other,” he says. “Yeah, me, too,” Jared replies.

Ben and Eagan continue to examine the evidence they’ve uncovered. Eagan finds a painting in the diary of a group of people in a lifeboat, one of whom resembles Saanvi. Ben suspects Saanvi may have harmed their lifeboat.

Saanvi refuses to be intubated. Michaela begs her to reveal what she’s concealing. Saanvi tells everyone to go, including Vance. Once they’re alone, Saanvi confesses to Michaela that she murdered the Major. Upon confession, Saanvi’s eyes immediately cease bleeding; her vitals return to normal.

Ben and Eagan observe the water has dried out. Michaela contacts Ben to give him an update on Saanvi.

Eagan is ready to leave. Ben stops him saying they must collaborate on the callings to save everyone, including themselves. Okay, says Eagan, but he needs Ben to tell him all he knows. Eagan steals Ben’s flash drive while Ben retrieves some notes to show him.

Olive tells Grace about Angelina’s attempt to imitate her and how she finds it frightening. Grace feels Angelina is simply adoring Olive.

At Eureka, Saanvi apologizes for lying and expresses concern she may have sunk the lifeboat for everyone on Flight 828. Michaela tells her she‘s not the only one who took a life; Zeke also did. But Zeke outlived his Death Date because he followed his callings. Michaela considers Saanvi’s confession to the crime her first step toward repentance.

Saanvi requests Michaela arrest her, but Michaela refuses and proposes she recover and rest first, and then they can discuss it. Saanvi asks Michaela not to inform Ben. She wants to tell him personally. Michaela concurs, adding, “828 – ride or die.”

Angelina returns to campus and requests Levi to console her. Angelina is comforted by Levi. She goes in for a kiss, but he pulls back. Olive sees what’s going on and orders Angelina to leave.

In a bewildered and wide-eyed condition, Beverly tells Zeke that Michaela feared he only had one day to live, and what he had with her doesn’t measure up to 12 years with Jared. Zeke gets shocked and asks, “How do you know that? Can you feel what I‘m feeling?” Beverly asks for ice cream.

Grace goes to the garage to speak with Ben. He feels they must repair the lifeboat for the 828 passengers and themselves. He shows her a sketch in the notebook suggesting that some of the soldiers jumped ship for the sake of the greater good. “Ben, how do you know they jumped?” Grace asks. “You don‘t think the callings are telling you to push another person out of the lifeboat, do you?” “There‘s gotta be another way,” Ben replies.

Saanvi tells Vance and Dr. Gupta she thought she could help them figure out what happened to the ark and Flight 828. Dr. Gupta disagrees. She believes the experiment was successful since a section of Noah’s Ark vanished and reappeared for 37 milliseconds at 7:44 p.m. Around the same time, Troy and Dr. Cooper talk about a series of mild earthquakes that happened just under Eureka at 7:44 p.m.

Our Thoughts

One could anticipate Sarah to be similar to her mother, yet all signs indicate she is not. Zeke’s ‘good feeling’ radar appears to pick up on Sara and Jared’s cues. Perhaps the relationship turbulence plaguing Michaela, Zeke, and Jared since the show’s start is finally finished.

The two couples‘ dinner seems awkward because of Jared and Michaela’s past, but it really goes well.

As the episode nears its conclusion, a significant discovery suggests that the secrets of 828 may be closer to being revealed than ever before. Whether that’s a good or terrible thing remains to be seen, especially as Ben is given a fresh perspective on one of his new certainties.

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