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Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Disbanded

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Million Yen Women Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - Disbanded

Mr. Moriguchi worries that Shin’s novel might continue to sell after the fire happened. Yuzu listens to him complain and suggests he wants a face-off with Shin. Mr. Moriguchi declines, saying he doesn’t want someone like Shin in his show. Yuzu insists. He wants to show the world that Shin doesn’t have any talent.

The police question Shin and the three ladies. He hands Minami’s necklace found in the house. The policeman asks Shin what Minami does for a living and what he knows about Minami’s family. Shin lies and tells him he doesn’t know anything. The policeman reveals that when Minami was 20 years old, her parents disappeared. 

The man leaves the room. When he returns, he holds a cage with a cat inside. The ladies recognize it is their cat and assume that Minami must have protected it.

They return to the house and find it completely burned, so they can no longer live there together. The ladies decide they will return to their own houses, while Shin will stay at a hotel until he finds a new home. They bid each other goodbye and go their separate ways.

Mr. Sakurai visits Shin at the hotel he is staying in. Shin tells him he wants to get rid of the lot where his house was on, so he can just live alone in an apartment. Mr. Sakurai tells Shin that Mr. Moriguchi wants him on the show. The show will be about mourning Nanaka and who she thought had real talent. Shin declines and says he doesn’t write novels to compete. 

Sunako visits Midori at an internet cafe and hands her Minami’s will. They meet Shin outside. Midori admits to Shin that Minami must have known she would die. She says Minami gave Sunako severance pay big enough to look after her until she becomes an adult. She also tells him that Minami left all her properties to her.

Since they no longer live together, Shin asks Midori about what was written in the invitation that she received. Shin finds out that the invitations contain a summary of the recipient’s life and a message that says, “You’re necessary.” Shin’s life was also written in detail. The invitation tells the recipient that they should pay one million yen in rent, and they shouldn’t let Shin inside their rooms. Lastly, the invitation tells them they might die.

Shin admits that because he is ignorant, he didn’t realize sooner that the person who sent the invitations was always near him. He calls Mr. Sakurai to talk to him about Mr. Moriguchi’s show, and then he goes to the Comfort Club to see Hotaru one last time. He asks for her real name. Hotaru tells him that her real name is Aiko Kojima, and she is 28 years old.

Yuzu Hanaki and Shin attend Mr. Moriguchi’s show to talk about Nanaka and their novels. Yuzu lies and tells everyone how much Nanaka liked his novels and how she related to the stories. He insults Shin and his work, but Shin remains calm.

Mr. Moriguchi ends the show by promoting Yuzu’s novel and its upcoming movie. Shin stands up and walks to the camera. He looks straight at the camera and says, “I finally realized that you lied to me. Now, I’m inviting you to come to me.”

While Shin lies on the hotel bed, someone knocks on the door. Yuki stands there waiting. She tells Shin she saw him on the show and thanks him for his invitation.

Our Thoughts

Even though Minami and Midori used to fight a lot, Minami ensured that Midori would be okay after she was gone. We wonder why Minami didn’t do anything to stop her death if she knew she was about to die. At Mr. Moriguchi’s show, Shin looked so lost. It felt like his mind was drifting somewhere. Obviously, he was only invited to the show so they could make fun of him. In the last part of this episode, we saw Yuki visit Shin. And Shin’s comment suggested that it was Yuki who sent the invitations. We look forward to the next episode to know Yuki’s reason and why she had the two women killed.

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