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Money Heist Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Published 1 year ago

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

[00:01:20] Paula questions her mother as to why her father cannot attend her birthday party the next day. Her mother tells her that a judge didn’t grant her father custody, so she will take care of her for him, and he’s unable to attend the party. Paula disagreed with her mother, stating that it wasn’t a judge who made the decision but her. Paula’s grandmother acknowledged that Paula’s mother and father weren’t getting along, but they will figure things out sooner or later.

[00:01:55] Raquel receives a call from the commissioner informing her about the heist that’s currently happening inside the Royal Mint of Spain. He wants Raquel to be the negotiator for the situation. She agrees and has a car sent for her. The commissioner informs her that the car is already waiting outside her house.

[00:02:30] Back inside the bank, Denver is going ham at Tokyo for shooting the police and injuring them. Nairobi also confronts Tokyo telling her that she should have stuck with the plan of not shooting anyone. Rio tries to defend Tokyo, but Denver cuts him off. Berlin enters the room and tells Rio to plug the phone in as they switch over to analog systems; he then proceeds to take all the wireless receivers from everyone and throws them in the aquarium.

[00:03:40] Berlin initiates a call to The Professor. He updates him regarding the current situation of the heist. He informs him that the two officers were injured, and it was Tokyo who fired at them because they injured Rio. Berlin tells him that Rio and Tokyo were seeing each other. The Professor requests to speak with Tokyo, and Berlin hands her the phone’s receiver. The Professor asks if what Berlin told him is true. Tokyo denies the allegations that she’s seeing Rio. She gets upset, hangs up the phone, and walks away.

[00:06:10] The police are setting up outside the bank as Raquel arrives. Another police officer updates her on the current situation. They head over to a tent and instruct other officers on what to do moving forward.

[00:08:00] Inside the bank, Berlin confronts Rio continuing to probe regarding his relationship with Tokyo. Rio tries to deny the relationship, but, based on his reaction, he obviously has a relationship with Rio. This, along with the fact that they have sex almost every night, and Berlin was aware of this. Berlin tells Rio that he would most likely also have a relationship with Tokyo if he was in his shoes. This enrages Rio; he tells him that he’s serious with Tokyo and that he plans to settle down with her after.

[00:09:35] Berlin provides Rio with a quick lecture on fatherhood and what will happen after they get married and have a child. Rio questions why Berlin was put in charge. He just replied that it’s because of his excellent people skills. After their conversation, Berlin instructs Rio to separate Alison Parker from the rest of the hostages.

[00:11:30] Before Rio proceeds as instructed, he has a small flashback of his time with Tokyo. They hid their relationship from the rest of the team. The two of them met up within the forest away from the house where they lived while planning the heist. They enjoyed each other’s company while they had sex on top of a large rock. After the flashback, Rio heads over to Alison and takes her to another room.

[00:13:40] The police have completed setting up outside the bank. Raquel calls the bank, and Berlin redirects the call to The Professor. He turns on a voice changer and answers the call. Raquel introduces herself, and The Professor checks on the well-being of the officers that Tokyo shot. She tells him that there were no casualties, and they proceed with their conversation. The Professor tells Raquel that he wants to speak with someone that doesn’t need to ask for permission from his/her supervisors. Raquel suggests the Prime Minister, but since that wouldn’t be possible, he has no choice but to speak with her. He then proceeds to ask Raquel what she’s wearing, which she answers. Raquel requested that the Professor release the students as they’re all minors. He told her that he would think about her request.

[00:18:00] Raquel and The Professor finished their call. She orders her men to have a helicopter flying over the bank; they will also deny any request such as food or water. Colonel Prieto wants to take over the operations, but Raquel will not relinquish her position. Colonel tries to blackmail her by bringing up personal matters, but she isn’t fazed. After their argument, one of the officers signaled Raquel about an incoming call. They thought someone was trying to get through with the robbers, but it was just one of their own personnel receiving a call from his wife. They continued their set up around the bank with armed personnel positioning themselves and standing on guard. Alison Parker got dressed while Rio stood guard. He was there to protect her and nothing more.

[00:21:50] The group is discussing their what if’s. It seems Rio is reminiscing this specific moment. Rio asked the group what happens if they do not succeed with the heist and Nairobi answered, “It will be the same as always, back to prison, cigarettes in the courtyard, four pieces of shrimp for Christmas, and conjugal visits.” Tokyo also answered, “What if it goes well? What do we do with so much money?” Everyone responded with their own scenarios as to how they were going to spend their money.

[00:22:05] Denver told them that he would buy himself a sky blue Maserati, a martial arts studio, and a three-story nightclub with speakers that would make ears bleed. He’s also going to get a new pair of lungs for his father, who previously worked as a miner, causing health issues for his respiratory system. His idea is that there are people who sell kidneys; therefore, people will sell lungs. Berlin, on the other hand, had a more sophisticated dream; he wanted his own winery and vineyard in Provence. He wanted to cultivate his own wine for the art. Tokyo wanted to buy an island, same goes for Rio, but he wanted a small island with a big house overlooking the sea. Nairobi would pay off some debts and buy a plane just for fun.

[00:23:45] The Professor told everyone that even if they bought everything that they mentioned at the highest possible price, they would still have a lot of money left over as long as they stole a big amount. He proposed that they steal big in order to dream big. Moscow wanted to record an album called the “Corridos.” He sang for the group in order to demonstrate what a Corridos is. Denver sang along and provided entertainment for the group. Everyone had a great time, including the twins Oslo and Helsinki.

[00:25:30] Berlin visits the hostages and tells them to stand up and take their masks off. He advises them to rest and tells them they will be handing out sleeping bags, water, and sandwiches. Berlin orders the hostages to take off their clothes and change into the red overalls that they are wearing. Arturo steps forward and requests that they let the vulnerable hostages go as they may not handle the stress properly. Denver approaches Arturo and asks him if he’s Gandhi. He then hands him a gun and tells him to shoot him. Arturo refuses, but Denver forces him and gives him ten seconds to fire. Arturo loses it and starts shooting, but nothing happens. Denver tells him that it was a fake weapon, but he applauds him for his bravery.

[00:27:40] Berlin announces that everyone will be given fake weapons and that their cooperation will be needed along the way. He tells everyone that they only need to obey. Berlin reiterates that they only needed to trust and obey. He then orders everyone to get undressed, and everyone does as they are told.

[00:28:00] The police are doing everything they can to get more information about the robbers inside the bank. Angel reports to Raquel that they are unable to detect any radio frequencies inside the bank. She looks over at Colonel Prieto, and it looks like he’s planning something else. Raquel steps outside, and armored vehicles arrive along with more armed personnel. She rushes back inside their command center and confronts Colonel Prieto as she’s unaware of what’s currently happening. Colonel Prieto tells her that they are entering the bank with everything that they have, regardless of her command. It seems someone higher than her is giving them the authority to go inside the bank.

[00:29:10] Colonel Prieto drags Raquel outside and tells her that they have a high-priority person who is held hostage. The person they are talking about is Alison Parker, who is the daughter of Benjamin Parker, the ambassador of the United Kingdom. The Professor knew about her, and she’s called the “little lamb.” The police think the robbers still do not have any idea who she is, but they are wrong. The Professor already briefed everyone that the police would do everything that they could to enter the bank within the first night. They needed to enter the bank before sunrise. Colonel Prieto wants to end the hostage crisis before it gets out of hand and before the media are informed.

[00:31:00] Inside the bank, Arturo wants to talk with Monica, but she doesn’t want to risk getting killed. Both of them attract attention, and Nairobi approaches Monica to have a little talk. Nairobi tells her that she knows everything about her. She mentions the pregnancy test on her desk and that she already knows that Arturo is the father. Nairobi asks what her plans were for the baby, and Monica replies that she is planning to have an abortion.

[00:33:15] Raquel heads inside their command center to see what’s going on. Colonel Prieto and his men are already heading inside the bank. Three teams approach the bank. The Professor calls Berlin and notifies him that it’s time. Berlin calls upon their hostages to follow his instructions. They lead the hostages to another area of the bank and begin the next part of the plan. The Professor told them that the police would try to enter using four areas, the main entrance, emergency exit, loading bay, and rooftop, but they won’t do it until they get a go signal from the surveillance team from the loading bay.

[00:35:50] Before the police can do anything, they receive a signal from Alison Parker’s phone. She called a radio program and told them what was happening inside the bank. Everyone is dressed in red overalls like the robbers, and no one knows who is who. As the surveillance team reaches the loading bay, they drill a hole in the door and insert a camera through it. They confirm what Alison told the radio program and abort the mission before there are any casualties.

[00:38:00] After their first battle, they get to work on printing money. The plan was to print as much money as they could. The longer they stay inside, the more money they can print. Nairobi assigns the hostages into workgroups. Each group has a different job to ensure that the machines won’t stop printing; they will make technical changes every three hours to ensure a smooth operation.

[00:39:00] Raquel heads over to a cafe and orders a decaf. Just as she is about to make a call, her phone dies. She asks the baristo if he has a charger with him, but he doesn’t. At this moment, we see a familiar face offer a helping hand; it was The Professor.

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