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Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] The Peaky Blinders came to rescue Ada before Sabini’s men raped her. Ada didn’t know who they were, so she tried to break free. The man told her that they were Peaky Blinders, but she kicked his nuts and responded that she was not a Shelby. Tommy was lying in a hospital bed when the nurse came in. She told him that he had a visitor, but Tommy didn’t want any visitors. Major Campbell arrived on the King’s orders. He knew about the murder of Eamonn as the constabulary had discovered his body in a shallow grave. Campbell told Tommy that his ass belonged to the crown. He asked Tommy to get well as fast as he could so that he could carry out his mission.

[00:05:00] Tommy discharged himself from the hospital and went to Charlie and Curly. He asked them for a boat to take him to London, specifically Camden Town. Curly accompanied Tommy while Charlie went to Aunt Pol to tell her that she was in charge. Tommy slept for three days and three nights inside the boat while Curly steered his way to Camden Town. On the fourth day, Tommy got up like nothing had happened; although, he looked like he had gone through hell. Tommy arrived in Camden Town to talk with Mr. Solomons.

[00:09:00] Tommy offered Mr. Solomons a business deal, some sort of alliance in order to be rid of Sabini. Mr. Solomons was losing his war against Sabini, and his legal establishments were being closed down by Sabini as well. Tommy and Mr. Solomons weren’t able to reach an agreement at first. Solomons took out his pistol and pointed it at Tommy’s face. Tommy was able to convince Solomons to hear him out. After his meeting with Solomons, Tommy waited for Ada to arrive at her usual route to work. Ada didn’t want anything to do with the Peaky Blinders, so she asked Tommy to leave. Tommy gave Ada a key to a house. He told her that he couldn’t use banks to bring his money to London, so he bought a property in London.

[00:16:00] The police visited Sabini at his request. He wanted them to find Tommy, but they didn’t know where he was. Sabini told them that Tommy went to Camden Town in Solomons house. The police assured Sabini that they would do everything they could to “deal” with Tommy. Sabini thought the police were double-crossing him. The policeman realized his mistake and left before Sabini killed him. Tommy returned to Birmingham to surprise Aunt Pol for her birthday. Aunt Pol got out of bed and went straight to the betting shop. When she arrived, everyone applauded. Tommy came out of the house and told her about a birthday surprise. They drove up to a nice part of Birmingham and entered a house. Tommy told Aunt Pol that he had bought Ada a house, but they had a bit of cash to spare, so he bought her one too.

[00:23:00] Aunt Pol didn’t know what to do with such a large house. Tommy told everyone to give him some quiet time with Aunt Pol. He told Aunt Pol that he knew her secret. Tommy bought her the house and promised to reunite Pol with her children. Ada went over to the house that Tommy had bought her. She brought Karl with her, and he ran around the house as soon as they got inside. Ada was thrilled to finally have a home of her own. Meanwhile, Tommy went back to his office, where Lizzie had already set up shop. She had dealt with the minor issues of the office while Tommy was away. Lizzie reminded Tommy about the payment for the Garrison pub. Arthur pulled his gun on the fixers since they didn’t want to work until they get paid. Tommy told Lizzie to mail the payment immediately.

[00:27:00] Tommy also received a letter from Grace which he wasn’t reluctant to open. Lizzie asked Tommy for the letter he needed to mail, but he hadn’t written it yet. Lizzie told Tommy that she could write it for him. Tommy addressed the letter to Winston Churchill. He told Churchill about his meeting with Campbell and the task that he was supposed to do. Tommy included his demands in the letter in exchange for his services. Churchill read the letter to Campbell and planned to grant his demands. Major Campbell didn’t want Churchill to grant his demands; however, Churchill pointed out that Tommy was a war hero. He added that the demands weren’t really a big deal. Churchill wanted Tommy to assassinate someone, and the risk was far greater than his demands. Churchill informed Campbell that Tommy’s demands were granted until he killed their target.

[00:31:00] Tommy visited a woman named Mrs. Johnson. He introduced himself as someone from the parish and asked for her son, Henry. Tommy knew that Henry was Aunt Pol’s son. He tried to talk to Mrs. Johnson peacefully, but she knew something wasn’t right about Tommy. Henry noticed the commotion outside, so he approached his mother. Tommy told Henry that his real name was Michael Gray. He gave him an address where he could see Aunt Pol. Meanwhile, Finn was at the boxing ring with Arthur. They were doing some light sparring when Arthur started to beat the crap out of his opponent. It took five men to stop Arthur as his PTSD was getting worse. Tommy returned to the betting shop, where Finn and his friend sat inside the office. They told Tommy that everything was a fair fight, and Arthur had just caught his opponent with a good punch.

[00:35:00] Tommy knew they were lying because he saw the body of Arthur’s opponent. Finn’s friend didn’t want to say anything because he wasn’t family. Finn told Tommy the truth. Arthur hadn’t been doing well lately. It wasn’t the first time he had lost control, and Finn explained that Arthur wasn’t right in the head. He added that Arthur couldn’t stop on his own, and he would cry after he had blown out. Tommy told them that everything was an accident. Arthur had killed the boy he was sparring with. He told Finn and his friend to leave. Tommy went to Arthur to tell him what had happened. The doctor covered for them, telling everyone that the boy Arthur killed had a weak heart. Tommy knew he needed to pay for the damages as well as look out for the boy’s mother.

[00:37:00] Arthur no longer had control over his head. He told Tommy that he always felt like he was drifting away. He knew he was drifting away, but he couldn’t do anything. Arthur asked Tommy to take away his gun. Tommy thought Arthur was doing alright after the war. Since they had been back for so long, he thought Arthur got over his PTSD. Tommy told Arthur to just fuck off. He didn’t want to be his brother’s keeper anymore. Tommy tilted Arthur, which angered him. Arthur shoved Tommy against the wall. Tommy told Arthur to look at himself in the mirror to see the man he had become. Arthur released Tommy and fell down in a chair. Tommy disappointedly left Arthur. He came back to empty Arthur’s revolver and threw the bullets into the fire along with a bottle of whisky.

[00:40:00] Sergeant Moss brought Major Campbell a sandwich like their old days. Campbell looked into the sandwich and was happy that Moss remembered how he liked it. Campbell asked Moss how much Tommy was paying him while he ate his sandwich. Sergeant Moss couldn’t swallow his meal after hearing what Campbell had to say. Moss was ashamed of himself for succumbing to corruption; however, Campbell offered him a path to redemption. He told Moss that he was back on the angel’s team. He wanted to use Moss as a double agent in order to keep an eye on Tommy. Aunt Pol went to Tommy’s office to bring him some paperwork. He told Pol that he had found her children, but her dreams were also true. Aunt Pol couldn’t bear to read the paperwork herself, so Tommy told her the story instead.

[00:43:00] Aunt Pol’s daughter, Anna, was brought up by a railway station master and his family. Anna tried to find her mother; however, she failed. Anna was sent to Australia, where she died of spring fever. Aunt Pol went to a globe to see where Australia was. She told Tommy that Anna traveled the world to be in her dreams. Tommy told Aunt Pol that Michael was alive. Tommy added that he knew where Michael lived because he went there himself. Polly held back her excitement at the thought of seeing her son again. Tommy gave her the bad news. Michael’s foster parents wouldn’t give him up so easily, and Tommy didn’t think Aunt Pol should know where Michael lived. Polly wanted to know where Michael lived. Tommy was afraid that Michael’s foster parents might call the police if she visited Michael.

[00:45:00] Aunt Pol took out her gun and pointed it at Tommy. She demanded to know where Michael lived. Tommy tried to reason with her, but she really wanted to know. He added that she was going to have to wait until Michael was old enough to decide for himself. Hearing the word wait snapped Aunt Pol like a twig. She rushed in front of Tommy and pointed the gun right in his face. Tommy told Pol that if she shot him, she would never know where Michael lived. Aunt Pol shot the ceiling and left. Tommy visited the Garrison pub. The renovations had been completed, and they were ready to re-open for the public. Tommy told Finn to fetch Arthur. Since he was the owner of the pub, he needed to be at the opening. Arthur continued to sulk at home, and he didn’t want to attend the opening.

[00:48:00] Finn sat down in front of Arthur and took the mirror from the wall. He told him that whenever they felt blue, they took drugs to make them feel better. Finn poured a teaspoon’s worth of drugs on the mirror and used his razor to mix and cut it. He told Arthur that it would help him with whatever he was dealing with. Arthur bent over and snorted the drugs clean from the mirror. Arthur and Finn went to the pub. He felt the rush and the high of the drugs he took. Tommy went back to enjoy some peace and quiet while everyone enjoyed themselves in the pub. He took out Grace’s letter, but he didn’t open it. Instead, he burned the letter. Tommy still couldn’t get over Grace. Aunt Pol arrived while Tommy was burning the letter. She saw him but didn’t say a word.

[00:51:30] Tommy tried to speak with Aunt Pol, but she went to the pub. Pol was enjoying herself when Ada arrived. She went over to give her a hug but immediately turned around when Tommy approached Ada. He wanted Ada to talk to Aunt Pol regarding the issue with Michael. Ada agreed and went over to speak to her. Aunt Pol knew that Tommy had asked Ada to come. She didn’t want to talk; all she wanted was the address of Michael’s house. In order to avoid talking with Ada or Tommy, Aunt Pol asked a random man to dance with her. The two of them enjoyed the night until the morning light. Tommy had his share of fun as well, but something was bothering him. He got up from bed and pulled out a ledger. Meanwhile, Aunt Pol staggered as she went home. A man was waiting at her doorstep.

[00:56:30] The man asked her about Elizabeth Gray. Aunt Pol wanted to know what he wanted with Elizabeth Gray. The man responded that Elizabeth could be his mother. Aunt Pol dropped her keys when she realized it was Michael standing in front of her. Michael picked up the keys and opened the door for her.




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