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Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Inspector Campbell had a bit of small talk with Sergeant Moss. He asked for his help to find accommodation within the city since he was going back and forth from London and Birmingham a lot. Moss asked him if he didn’t want to stay in his previous accommodation due to the “bad memories” he had in the place. Campbell was offended at the notion that Moss thought he regretted falling in love with Grace. He told him that he didn’t have any regrets about what happened. Moss left Campbell’s office without another word. The Peaky Blinders were using the pub as their recruitment hub. A skinny kid entered the room and tried to pull out his pistol. Everyone was alarmed, but he told them that the gun was only a toy.

[00:05:00] Tommy asked the boy if he had ever been arrested. He replied that he hadn’t been arrested once in his whole life. Tommy wanted to hire the boy for their scheme, and he agreed. The boy left with high hopes of getting hired by the Peaky Blinders. Arthur told Tommy that kids nowadays seemed weak. Tommy responded that they were weak because they didn’t fight when they were young. Meanwhile, Aunt Pol invited Michael into her home. She gave him a meal, and he enjoyed it. Aunt Pol asked Michael if he was alright with her being his real mother. Michael responded that he didn’t have a choice and he had imagined someone far worse than her. Arthur, Johnny, and Tommy arrived and asked Pol who the lad was with her. Tommy introduced Michael to them. Arthur and Johnny used to play with Michael back then.

[00:09:00] Michael didn’t remember anything except the day he was taken away. Tommy told Michael that they’d get together later on. The three of them left while Michael told Aunt Pol that they seemed nice. Tommy met with a guy named Billy. He asked him to find men he could trust in order to fight for him in London. Billy agreed and shook Tommy’s hand. Michael went to the Garrison pub to use the phone. Tommy thought Michael wanted to go home, but he didn’t. He just wanted to call his foster mother to inform her where he was. Michael told Tommy why he didn’t want to return to their village. There was a wishing well in their village made of white bricks. He wanted to blow up the wishing well just to see the white bricks spread across the green of their village.

[00:14:30] Tommy laughed and acknowledged that Michael was indeed Aunt Pol’s son. Meanwhile, Billy brought 100 men to Camden Town. They were hired as bakers for Solomons factory. Tommy told his men that they weren’t allowed to touch the bread. One of the men made a joke that he hadn’t seen any bread. Mr. Solomons took everything seriously, and he punished another man for the joke. He told the man who made the joke that it was his fault. Mr. Solomons laid out some ground rules for them while they stayed in Camden Town. After Mr. Solomons speech, Tommy approached Billy and told him to take charge and make their deal work. After Camden Town, Tommy went to visit Ada. He used a spare key to enter the house. Ada took her gun out when she heard the front door open.

[00:21:30] Ada saw Tommy enter the room. She asked him for the spare key, which he willingly surrendered. Ada wanted to know why Tommy came to her. Tommy responded that he was just visiting her. Ada knew otherwise, so Tommy came clean with the truth. He went to ask Ada for help in looking for spare rooms to lodge his men. Ada didn’t want to help, and she complained about the different men watching the house at night. Tommy responded that he couldn’t sleep without anyone watching her house. Aunt Pol took Michael to her new house; she hired a maid and tried to impress him by ringing a bell to call the maid out. The maid came rushing at the sound of the bell. Michael told the maid that they would like some tea. He told Aunt Pol that she’d get used to having a maid.

[00:25:30] Arthur continued to snort drugs in order to keep his mind straight. He opened the pub for customers, and a woman came in. He thought the woman was applying for the cleaning job, but she wasn’t. The woman took out a gun and told Arthur that she had come to clean him up. The woman is the mother of the boy that Arthur killed. He tried to reason with her, but she nearly killed him. Arthur tried to offer the woman some money, but she refused. She pointed out that someone needed to stop them. Johnny arrived at the pub and noticed that someone had broken their mirror. He told Arthur that a broken mirror would bring them seven years of bad luck.

[00:31:00] Charlie despised the new way things were being done. He didn’t like that Tommy was just paying everything off. Tommy told him that business was good and there shouldn’t be any problem. Sergeant Moss finally found lodging for Major Campbell. The owner told him that she didn’t have any Irishmen staying at the inn. He asked the owner to tell him if any Irishmen came looking for a room. Campbell took a stroll and saw Tommy. He knew where Campbell lived, but Campbell didn’t want to speak with Tommy. Tommy told Campbell that the owner of his current lodging used to run a whorehouse. He wanted Campbell to know that the police force was ridiculing him by letting him stay in what used to be a whorehouse.

[00:34:30] Meanwhile, Harold Hancox went to the police station to get arrested. Tommy was paying him to get arrested. Sergeant Moss made the arrest but wasn’t pleased with how it ended up. Sabini knew about Tommy and his alliance with Solomons. He wanted his man to kill Harold Hancox to send Tommy a message. Major Campbell wanted to know if Tommy was telling the truth, so he called the owner to his room. Major Campbell told her to take off her clothes. He threw a few pounds on the bed as payment, so she proceeded to take off her clothes. Major Campbell had enough proof and stopped her before she could remove her undergarments. He told her to send a message to her friends in the police force. Major Campbell swore he would one day have his revenge on them.

[00:41:00] Harold continued to wait inside a jail cell. Tommy’s operation in Camden Town continued as Billy ordered the men to unload all the packages from Charlie’s boat into Solomons’s factory. Two men entered Harold’s cell and slashed his throat. Harold tried to plead for his life, but they never gave him the chance. The news got to Tommy and the rest of the Peaky Blinders. He ordered two of his men to find the culprit inside prison. Tommy also asked Aunt Pol for 1000 to buy a new horse as per Curly’s recommendation. He wanted to use a new horse to enter the race track under Sabini’s control. Michael overheard the conversation, and he wanted to help using his knowledge of horses. Aunt Pol refused, so Michael left the meeting.

[00:46:30] Johnny told Aunt Pol that she couldn’t keep Michael locked away forever. He needed to get exposure if he wanted to, or he’d stay afraid for the rest of his life. The next day, Michael wore John’s old suits. Aunt Pol told Michael that he looked like his father. He asked Aunt Pol what his father was like. Aunt Pol responded that his father was a good man. She added that his father died drunk. The Peaky Blinders picked Michael up and took him to the horse auction. The truck broke down on the way to the auction, so they had a small picnic with the time to spare. Michael shared the sandwiches that Aunt Pol had prepared for him.

[00:50:00] They arrived at the auction late, and a woman from the other side of the pen noticed them. The horse they wanted to buy came up, and the woman tried to outbid them for it. Tommy went over a thousand on their budget, but he wanted to win against the woman. Tommy claimed the horse after the auction, and the woman approached him. She introduced herself as May Carleton. May bred horses for a living. She wanted to have the horse when Tommy planned to put it down. Tommy told her that he planned to race the horse that he bought. May gave her card to Tommy before they left. Ever since they got to the auction, Curly hadn’t stopped telling Tommy about his bad feeling. Tommy didn’t pay any attention; however, a gunman showed up and tried to kill him.

[00:55:00] Arthur gave the gunman a terrible beating while the rest of the Peaky Blinders protected Tommy from other assailants. It took three of them to stop Arthur before he killed the man. They checked to see if the man was still alive. The man was still alive, prompting them to leave. Michael got home safely and without a drop of blood in his clothes. Aunt Pol asked him about his day, and he lied about what happened. He didn’t tell his mother about the gunman or how Arthur brutally beat him to an inch from death. Arthur sat inside the betting shop with Johnny while Tommy returned to his office. He took out May’s business card and planned to call her.






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