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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 4 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:00:50] The police escorted Tokyo to prison. Raquel walked her out of the command center into a police van waiting outside. Nairobi updated Sergio regarding the events that took place while he was away. Denver asked what Sergio was doing with the police at the villa. He told them that it was part of his plan to tie up some loose ends. Nairobi told him that she would take care of the situation inside the mint while Sergio took care of the loose ends outside. Nairobi received a call and routed it over to Sergio.

[00:02:40] Raquel and Sergio started their conversation with a bit of small talk. She called to inform Sergio that Tokyo would be taken to prison and was unable to post bail. Raquel asked him why they sacrificed Tokyo instead of freeing a hostage. He told her that they had some discrepancies inside the mint. Raquel tried to intimidate Sergio by telling him that their backs were against the wall. Sergio pointed out that Raquel had only won a battle but not the war.

[00:05:00] Raquel called Sergio, asking if he was doing okay and if he needed help with his injuries. She suggested having a nurse take care of him. Sergio acknowledged her suggestion. She told him that she could take care of him, but she needed to swing by her house as she wanted to see her daughter as well. He agreed and told her that he couldn’t think of a better plan.

[00:06:30] Rio had become a hostage as Helsinki placed him inside a room along with the other hostages. Alison approached him to ask what happened; he told her that they had tried to kill him and that they almost succeeded. He explained that they turned Tokyo in to the police and that he wanted to turn himself in as well. Alison hugged Rio as he cried; Mercedes tried to stop her, but Arturo told her to let them be. Arturo tried to rally the other hostages behind him so that they could try to escape. Rio told them to swap the fake gun with a real gun so that they could arm themselves.

[00:09:55] Raquel brought Sergio over to her house. Paula and her mother were still awake, waiting for her arrival. Paula told her that she wanted to see her before she went to bed. She welcomed Sergio and asked him if he and her mother were dating. He confirmed that he was dating Raquel. Raquel’s mother told Paula that it was time for bed, and they left the room. Raquel shared a bottle of wine with Salva; she asked him if he had really hit Alberto. He told Raquel that he couldn’t contain his anger for what Alberto did to her. Raquel thanked Salva for what he did. She admitted that she would have done it herself if it weren’t illegal. Once again, there was a spark in the air as the two of them started kissing each other.

[00:13:10] Nairobi and Denver led the hostages to the offices. She told them that they needed to continue bagging money as she was in charge now. Arturo wanted to know more about what Rio told them earlier, but Denver cut him off. Denver and Nairobi left the hostages to visit Berlin. Helsinki was tending to his wound when Denver and Nairobi arrived. She asked Berlin if he was with her or against her. Berlin agreed that he was on their side and that he would cooperate. Meanwhile, Arturo came up with a plan to swap Denver’s pistol. He told the other hostages that Denver was the dumbest among the robbers.

[00:18:40] While Arturo carried out his plan, Torres saw him and told him that he needed to tell on him because they would kill him if they found out, but Arturo threatened him. He told Torres that once the heist was over, he’d fire him for cooperating with the robbers. Torres didn’t rat out Arturo, and he was able to steal a fake gun. Berlin revealed the details of Plan Chernobyl. Nairobi wanted to increase production so that they could compensate for the loss in case they needed to make use of Plan Chernobyl.

[00:20:50] Salva woke up beside Raquel. She asked if there was a problem, and he told her about his cider business. He shared with Raquel how it was his father’s dream and that he wasn’t able to fulfill it. Raquel told him to finish what he started so that he could focus on his own dreams. Salva asked Raquel to leave with him and go to another country; they could bring her mother and daughter with them. It was Raquel’s dream of raising Paula on a beach, and that was Salva’s offer. They decided that they would finish whatever they had at the moment and leave as soon as everything was over.

[00:26:15] Raquel entered the command center and told everyone that they would solve the robbery within 24 hours so that they could go back to their normal lives. Sergio assured Nairobi that he would get them out of the mint before the police stormed in. He told Nairobi that they were going to release some hostages in an hour. Raquel asked Suarez to call everybody to the command center. She thought that the brain behind the operation was the person outside the mint, and she knew how to catch the culprit.

[00:27:15] Sergio calls Raquel and tells her that they will be releasing 11 hostages on one condition; he wants it done on a live interview. Raquel told him they needed to think about it, and they ended the conversation. Sergio called it Plan Cameroon; its purpose would be to gain public support. Nairobi discussed the plan with the remaining members of the crew, and she wanted Rio to do the interview, but he refused. Denver and Helsinki volunteered, but Nairobi saw flaws in them that would render the interview useless. Berlin wanted to do the interview, and he told them that he was the perfect fit for the job; Helsinki supported his decision, so Nairobi decided to go with him.

[00:32:20] Raquel spoke with the chief of police along with Prieto, Suarez, and other police officers inside the command center. They were deliberating on whether or not they would agree to Sergio’s demand in exchange for 11 hostages. The chief of police was having doubts, but they had no choice but to accept the offer in exchange for the hostages. Raquel also wanted to use Angel as bait to catch the person outside the mint. Raquel wanted to set a trap that involved leaking information to the press in order to lure the person to the hospital. No one wanted to support her plan, but the chief of police eventually agreed.

[00:34:00] Denver fetched Monica to check her wound. They went into another office, where he ordered Monica to remove her overalls so that he could proceed. She asked him to turn around as they weren’t together anymore. Denver turned around, and Monica switched the guns. Denver asked her how her wound was, and she told him that it hurt a lot and that it kept stinging. He blew into the wound and cleaned it up.

[00:36:20] Raquel discussed her trap with the other officers. Twenty police officers would go undercover within the hospital so that they could catch the person who was helping the robbers. Raquel would leak information to the press that Angel was no longer in a coma, and then they would remove him from harm’s way. Two police officers would disguise themselves as Angel and Mari to surprise the assassin. Raquel wanted the person alive, so no one was allowed to shoot unless they were in grave danger.

[00:37:30] Helsinki escorted Monica back to the other hostages. Arturo asked her if she was able to switch the guns, and she nodded. She gave the gun to Arturo who checked if it was loaded. Once he confirmed that the gun was loaded, he instructed everyone to stash the cash in their overalls and told them they would proceed with their plan immediately.

[00:38:30] A local news channel covered the heist as a reporter and cameraman approached the mint and prepared to enter it. The police officers escorted them to the entrance of the mint. They were welcomed by Berlin, who proceeded to do the interview. The reporter asked him why they wanted the media to cover what they were about to do. He answered that it was a decisive moment for them, so they wanted the world to know what was going on. Berlin showed the media the 11 hostages that they were going to release and he thanked them on live television for their bravery and courage. He also told reporters that after 5 days of captivity they’ve reached a critical point in their plans that their only option is to surrender.

[00:42:50] Berlin ordered Helsinki to open the front gate. He pushed the button and the 11 hostages came running out of the mint. The reporters continued with the interview as Berlin showed Oslo to them. He told them that he was killed by the escaping prisoners who had hit him on the head. He told the reporter that people may consider him nothing but a thief, but he was their friend and companion. Berlin told the press that it was one of the reasons that they released the hostages; they came to the mint because they were desperate. They only did it so that they could leave something for their families and loved ones. Berlin admitted that he was a thief, but he cleaned his name; he told them that the police were lying and that they defamed him by calling him a pimp and a rat.

[00:47:00] By the end of the interview, Tokyo narrated that they were the underdogs and that everyone was rooting for them. The news channel also reported that Angel was now coming out of his coma which led Sergio to call the crew. Sergio told Nairobi that they needed to function as a rowing team and that Rio needed to lead them. He told her to relay a message to Rio that he would break Tokyo out of prison for him. He then spoke with Berlin to discuss whether or not it was a trap. Berlin told him that it was 99% going to be a trap, but he needed to make sure that if Angel was indeed waking up from his coma he would be there to finish him off. Sergio came up with a plan to lure out the police from the hospital.

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