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Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 5 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Alfie Solomons prepared to meet with the Peaky Blinders while Sabini and his men were preparing to crash the meeting. Major Campbell bedded the owner of his lodging to pass the time. Arthur and Billy arrived at Camden Town; at the same time, Sabini and his men mobilized to Camden Town. Campbell sat in a car outside of Aunt Pol’s house. Sergeant Moss wanted to know if he was just going to observe their operation. Campbell responded that he just needed to worry about his operation. Alfie explained the Passover meal to Arthur while his men locked the doors. Billy knew something was wrong, but Arthur didn’t pay attention. After his speech, Alfie brought out a goat for their sacrificial lamb. He named the goat Tommy Shelby. Alfie’s men shot Billy and tried to strangle Arthur. Meanwhile, Moss and his men barged into Aunt Pol’s home.

[00:04:30] Sabini retook his club and told the Peaky Blinders to send a message to Tommy. Alfie wiped the goat’s blood on Arthur’s face before knocking him out. The police arrived at Camden Town, and they dragged Arthur’s body away. Alfie told the police that Arthur had killed Billy. The police dragged Michael out of the house while Aunt Pol protested. Sergeant Moss tried to stop her, but she kicked his balls. Aunt Pol ran towards the police car and told Michael not to tell the police anything. She added that Tommy would get him out, but Major Campbell pushed Aunt Pol against the car and told her that Tommy was finished. Tommy visited May to check up on his horse. She introduced him to Mick; May saw Mick as the greatest horseman in England, but Tommy thought otherwise.

[00:07:30] Tommy told Mick that he was wasting money on worming powder. He explained that horses get worms at the water trough, and a simple solution was to put goldfish inside to eat the worm eggs. Mick insulted Tommy by asking if his solution was a gypsy trick. Tommy responded that it was an accounting trick. May wanted Tommy to stay with her for another night. The maid interrupted their drink to tell Tommy about a phone call. He went back to Birmingham as soon as possible to meet with Campbell. Campbell explained to Tommy why he framed Arthur and arrested Michael. While both of them did something that made it legal for them to get arrested, Campbell was doing it for assurance. He knew Tommy wasn’t afraid to die, so he needed assurance that he was going to show up on the agreed-upon day.

[00:13:00] Tommy returned to his office, and Lizzie informed him of Arthur and Michael, but he already knew their situation. His phone kept on ringing, so he answered. It was Grace on the other end. She wanted to meet, but Tommy responded that her timing wasn’t great. Tommy assured her they would meet after he completed the things he needed to do. Tommy went to the betting shop to meet Johnny and Aunt Pol. Johnny told Tommy the situation of the Peaky Blinders in Birmingham and London. Billy’s kin thought Arthur killed him, so they lost their treaty with them. Aunt Pol wanted Tommy to bring Michael out of prison immediately, but his focus was on their business. Aunt Pol told Tommy that he was going to take Michael away from their family once he got out of prison. She also took Finn with her, despite his disapproval.

[00:16:00] Esme volunteered to talk to the Lee clan for Tommy. He agreed, so Esme asked Johnny to bring the car around. When Johnny left, Esme offered for Tommy to run away into France, but he disagreed. Tommy told Esme that he would personally cut her off from the family if she ever talked about running away. Esme asked Tommy what family he was talking about as there was no one there with him anymore. Aunt Pol went to Major Campbell to ask where her son was. Campbell informed Polly about the release form that only needed his signature, and Michael would go free. Polly read the form and asked Campbell to sign it. He wanted more politeness from Polly, but she refused. Polly offered information on Tommy’s empire, but Campbell didn’t need it.

[00:22:00] Campbell went straight to the point. He took off Polly’s coat, and from that point onward, Polly knew what he wanted. Campbell slowly unbuttoned Polly’s clothes, but she took a step back. Polly took the form and begged Campbell to sign it. He told Polly that he was going to sign the form once he was done and satisfied. They started with a bit of foreplay before Campbell got physical and slapped Polly. He wanted Polly to cry, but she couldn’t. Campbell ordered Polly to leave, but she stopped him from opening the door. She wanted to do anything for Campbell in order to set her son free. Polly loosened Campbell’s trousers and began to pleasure him. Campbell couldn’t control himself and lifted Polly onto the table.

[00:26:00] That night, Aunt Pol visited Ada and took a bath. Ada talked to James and was willing to take up their case to get Arthur and Michael free. Aunt Pol responded that Michael would be set free tomorrow morning. Polly stayed inside the tub, contemplating her actions. The next day, Polly went back to prison to fetch Michael. He knew what Aunt Pol did to set him free. The police made fun of Polly, and Michael somewhat agreed. Tommy went to Curly and helped him shovel horse manure. He helped him to remind himself who he truly was. After helping, he ordered Curly to bring six cans of petrol to his car.

[00:31:00] Grace was about to meet up with Tommy without her husband’s knowledge. She went all out on her outfit and gave herself a new look. She arrived at Tommy’s house, and they talked for a few minutes. Tommy planned to woo Grace and get her in bed, but his plan changed. He just wanted Grace to admit that she was happy in New York with her rich husband. Grace admitted that she was indeed happy. Since Grace didn’t leave after confirming, Tommy got to the bottom line. Since he was assured that Grace no longer loved him, they could continue with their date. Tommy took Grace out to see Charlie Chaplin. She thought they were going to see one of his pictures, but Tommy took her to see Charlie in person. Tommy told Grace that Charlie was a gypsy, and he knew his bodyguard personally.

[00:38:00] Tommy and Grace approached Charlie and introduced her to him. Major Campbell received a phone call late in the night. It was Tommy. He informed him that he was with Grace and she’d come with him to Polly’s house. Campbell didn’t believe Tommy, so he bid him a good night. Grace spent the night with Tommy. After sex, Tommy offered to drive Grace home. He wanted to know when they’d return to New York, but she didn’t have a definite date. Grace and her husband were in Birmingham visiting a doctor. They wanted to have a baby, but the doctor thought Grace was barren. Tommy told Grace it wasn’t her fault. He asked her if she was used to working undercover at night. Grace slapped Tommy and told him that she’d never lied to her husband before. Tommy dared her to tell him the truth.

[00:43:30] Johnny visited Arthur in prison. Arthur was repenting his old ways; however, Johnny didn’t want to hear any of it. Arthur doubted that he’d ever get out of prison. Johnny told him that Tommy already had a plan to get him out. Tommy proceeded with his plan and ordered Johnny to bomb their target’s house. An Irish man drove a truck and stopped in front of the house. It prompted the guard to leave his post and approach the truck. Johnny quickly placed a bomb on the front door and ran away. The Irish man drove away, and seconds later, the bomb exploded.

[00:47:00] Tommy went back to May’s estate. He wanted to end their love affair before he did any damage to her world. May wanted to know why he was cutting her off. Tommy told her there was another woman. May asked Tommy who the woman was, but he didn’t give her any specifics. May told Tommy that his horse wouldn’t win, but she wouldn’t stop until she got him. Major Campbell went to Tommy’s office. He tried to open the drawers of Tommy’s table, but they were locked. Tommy arrived and told him that he always kept the valuables under lock and key.

[00:54:00] Major Campbell knew it was Tommy who bombed the target’s place. With his bombing, the target’s house went up in flames, and now the target needed to find a new place to live for the next three months. Campbell thought Tommy was stalling, but he had another plan. Tommy wanted to kill the target at his place of choosing. He knew Campbell would double-cross him if he went inside the target’s house. Tommy wouldn’t be able to escape the house alive once he got inside. Campbell was concerned about Tommy’s plan. He wanted to know the specifics, but Tommy told him that Churchill would just have to trust him. Tommy handed Campbell a newspaper showing his racehorse on the front page. Campbell took a look and saw the horse’s name. Campbell wants to know where Tommy planned to kill their target. He responded, “Epsom, derby day.”





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