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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 5 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:00:08] Nairobi addressed the remaining hostages about the current situation. She told them that the hostages that chose freedom had already been released and that they weren’t deceiving them. Nairobi also told them that the million euros would also reach the addresses that they provided. Arturo didn’t believe them and told the other hostages that it was all lies.

[00:01:12] Sergio prepared his disguise as he planned to head over to the hospital to check on Angel. Raquel oversaw the security cameras at the hospital, and they spotted a clown who entered the building. Within a few minutes, dozens of clowns were entering the hospital from all angles and were becoming a distraction for the police. Raquel ordered them to get the clowns out of the hospital as Sergio proceeded to a room full of children. He asked which one of them wanted a crazy rabbit as he pointed to a rabbit doll he was carrying.

[00:03:50] Raquel radioed to the officers to stay alert as the killer may be inside the building. In a few moments, there was movement behind the door leading to Angel’s room. One of the police officers told them that the killer was about to enter the room, but it turned out that it was just a kid that was carrying a rabbit doll. The doll had a camera, and Sergio was able to view what was going on inside the room. He saw that it was indeed a trap and left the vicinity of the hospital.

[00:06:00] Suarez informed Raquel that the interview was being shown on TV. The anchorwoman told the public that there was no open case against Berlin for human trafficking or pedophilia and that it was orchestrated by the police to reduce the robber’s popularity. After the current events, they had managed to gain back their popularity and the sympathy of the people. Back inside the mint, Denver handed out food to the remaining hostages. Arturo told them that it was time to escape and that they would proceed once Helsinki left the room. Nairobi and Berlin went over to Rio to tell him the good news. Berlin told him that Sergio would try and free Tokyo from the police.

[00:07:20] Arturo stood up and walked towards the front gate; the other hostages followed him. Denver noticed Arturo and stopped him; he shouted at the other hostages to sit down. Arturo slowly opened his overalls and pulled out his gun. Denver was really pissed off, and he thought that Arturo had a toy gun, so he pulled out his own gun and pointed it at Arturo. Denver counted to three and tried to fire off his gun, but it didn’t work. Arturo laughed at him, and he knew that it was Monica who switched their guns as she wept across the hall. Nairobi told Rio to cheer up because, soon enough, they were going to be a family again as she cut off the cable tie around his wrists.

[00:08:50] Arturo ordered Denver to turn around as he pointed the gun at his face. He dragged Denver across the hall to the front gate. As Rio was freed, he told Nairobi and Berlin that the hostages were going to escape and ran out the door. Arturo ordered Monica to open the gate, but it wouldn’t open as Rio had already blocked the controls from working. Nairobi and Berlin went to the front gate and saw Arturo holding Denver hostage. Helsinki and Moscow turned up as well. Moscow lowered his rifle and asked Arturo to talk. Berlin and Nairobi told Arturo that no one would open the gate. Arturo counted to 5 and threatened to blow Denver’s head off, but before he could end his countdown, Monica hit him in the head with an iron rod.

[00:11:31] The chief of police couldn’t believe that the person they were looking for found out their trap. Suarez told him that the rabbit had a remote-controlled camera, they were trying to trace out its signal, but it was too late. They began to speculate that Angel came face to face with the Professor, which was why he tried to finish him. Raquel left Salva a voicemail. She invited him over for coffee at the café.

[00:12:50] Salva had just arrived from the hospital and immediately cleaned himself. Meanwhile, Raquel arrived at the café where she received an envelope containing postcards of different beaches. Sergio arrived just in time as Raquel checked the postcards. He thought Raquel was having a great day; however, she confessed that it wasn’t going as planned. Raquel told Salva about her failed plan in capturing the Professor. Salva assured her that everything would work out and the heist would end sooner or later. Raquel agreed, and they continued discussing the postcards.

[00:15:00] Raquel allowed Sergio to pick a card so that they could plan where they’d go on their vacation. Salva had just picked a card and showed it to Raquel when she noticed a strand of red hair on his coat. She realized that Salva could be the Professor and went to the bathroom to call the command center to confirm her hunch. Suarez answered her call and confirmed that the clown at the hospital wore a red wig. Everything started to fall apart, not just for Raquel but for Monica and Tokyo as well. Tokyo went to prison while Monica became an accomplice. Raquel, on the other hand, cried her heart out, knowing that she was dating the most wanted person in Spain.

[00:19:50] Raquel called Alberto to ask him a few questions. Alberto told her that Salva placed him in a chokehold which caused him to pass out. He explained that Salva provoked him with a couple of insults. Raquel ended their conversation as she needed to get back to Salva in the café. Alberto knew that Raquel was on to something, so he decided to cross-check Salva’s fingerprints with the teaspoon that Angel gave them.

[00:22:00] Raquel went back to Salva. As she walked towards the table, she kept on thinking about whether or not Salva was the Professor. She convinced herself that Salva was the Professor since he was always in the right place at the right time. Raquel told Salva to go to the ladies’ bathroom and wait for her. Salva hesitated, but somehow Raquel managed to convince him. Raquel followed him into the bathroom and pointed her pistol at him. She ordered Salva to handcuff himself. He asked Raquel if she was joking, but she was dead serious.

[00:26:00] Raquel arrested Salva for conspiracy in the heist. Meanwhile, Helsinki brought plastic explosives for Arturo. He then dragged Arturo to the warehouse and ordered him to remove his clothes. Arturo pleaded, but Helsinki didn’t care. As he removed his shirt, stolen cash fell to the floor. Helsinki wanted Arturo to suffer, so he strapped two kilos of plastic explosives on him. Arturo tried to return the money; however, Helsinki had already made up his mind.

[00:28:00] Helsinki explained that if Arturo tried to remove the explosives, they would go off. Any sudden movements or even sweat would trigger the explosives. Monica paced the office, contemplating her actions earlier. She kept thinking that her actions ensured her spot in prison. Denver did his best to calm her down. He offered for Monica to leave with the team; however, she didn’t want to make things worse.

[00:32:40] Raquel brought Salva to the Toledo Estate. Meanwhile, things kept spinning out of control inside the mint. Berlin was the only one capable of keeping his cool as he calmly rested on Ariadna’s lap. Nairobi addressed the hostages while she removed their blindfolds. She did her best not to fall apart, but the stress and lack of sleep got the best of her. Ariadna woke Berlin from his sleep. Berlin offered her a deal. If she agreed to come with him, she would keep everything once he died.

[00:38:00] Berlin left Ariadna before she could respond. Nairobi continued her talk with the hostages as she finally lost control. She fired a few rounds from her pistol before pointing it towards Alison. Berlin interrupted Nairobi as he claimed leadership of the heist. Nairobi accepted defeat and gave control back to Berlin. Berlin told everyone that they would continue digging the tunnel or end up like Arturo.




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