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Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


Published 7 months ago

[00:01:00] It was derby day. Thomas Shelby planned to kill Field Marshall Russell at Epsom during the races. He wrote a letter at Ada’s house of the events that would transpire that coming afternoon. He wrote in detail what he intended to do and why he was being forced to do it. Tommy named Major Chester Campbell as the mastermind of the mission. He was hoping that his death would bring Campbell to justice. While Tommy was writing his letter, Ada made him a cup of tea. She asked him if he wanted tea, but he was too busy to respond. He instructed Ada to post the letter if anything happened to him. Tommy didn’t want Ada to ask questions, so he told her it was for insurance purposes.

[00:04:00] Ada pleaded to Tommy, saying he just needed to tell the family what he was going through because they love him. Tommy didn’t respond while James entered the room. Ada was surprised that James was up so early. James agreed to come with Tommy on an errand. Ada did everything she could to stop him. James responded that they were doing something for the cause. A man went to see Arthur; he clasped his hands behind his back to hide a spoon. Arthur asked the man to give him a fighting chance, but he told him that he was being set free. Arthur walked out of prison a free man and boarded one of their trucks. Johnny Dogs was waiting for him and instructed Arthur to call Tommy as part of his plan. While Arthur was walking free, Tommy and James walked over to Camden Town.

[00:06:00] Tommy walked inside the Solomons’ factory while James stood outside waiting for him. He stopped beside a barrel of rum and tied his shoes. Tommy waited inside Alfie’s office for Arthur’s phone call. He answered the call and confirmed that Arthur was free. Alfie’s men withdrew their testimonies against Arthur to save him. In turn, Tommy made a deal with Alfie for the import/export business. Tommy showed Alfie the permit signed by the minister of empire. Alfie got greedy; he wanted 100% of the business. Tommy knew this would happen, so he had prepared a backup plan. He told Alfie that he had tied his shoe earlier and attached a hand grenade to one of his rum barrels. Tommy told him that one of his associates was outside waiting for his return. If he didn’t come back, the factory would be blown to hell. Ollie confirmed that Tommy indeed tied his shoe.

[00:09:00] Alfie didn’t believe Tommy. He responded that he blew up his own pub for insurance money. Ollie was losing his mind, so Alfie made him leave the conversation. Tommy gave Alfie the grenade pin as proof of what he was about to do. Alfie tried to bargain, but Tommy didn’t budge. They went back and forth and settled on 35%. Tommy walked out of the factory and took James with him. He went back to Birmingham to meet up with the rest of the Peaky Blinders.

[00:14:00] Tommy assembled the Peaky Blinders and went off to the races. Someone called the office and Michael answered the phone. He told the caller that Tommy was at the Epsom derby in London. Aunt Pol arrived at the office to say goodbye to Michael. She handed him three wads of money. She wanted Michael to leave Birmingham and start anew in London. Polly didn’t want Michael to waste his life joining the Peaky Blinders and becoming like her. Polly told Michael that she loved him and left. Meanwhile, Major Campbell met with three men. They were members of the Red Right Hand of the Ulster Volunteer Force. He gave them a photo of their target and told them not to miss their mark. The three assured him that they wouldn’t miss.

[00:19:00] Tommy gathered the Peaky Blinders in a field and talked them over the plan. They were to move at exactly three in the afternoon. Tommy knew that all the coppers in the derby would be busy with an incident. Arthur wanted to know who the coppers were looking for. Tommy responded that the coppers would be looking for him. The Peaky Blinders would be free to take Sabini’s pitches, destroy his licenses, and take all the winnings. Tommy told everyone to bet before they made their move as he also knew who the winning horse would be. He reminded everyone not to make their move before 3. Arthur wanted to know what Tommy was planning, but all he told him was to trust his plan.

[00:21:30] Tommy went to check his horse and speak to May. He told her that whatever happened today, there would be no regrets. May looked worried, but nonetheless, she agreed about having no regrets. Tommy bid May goodbye and left. Sabini arrived at the derby while Johnny and Arthur placed their bets on the winning horse. They hid themselves among the crowd and left to take their positions. Tommy followed Russell around when Grace suddenly appeared. She told Tommy that she was pregnant with his baby. Grace confessed her love for Tommy. He agreed to speak to her after the race. Grace’s interruption broke Tommy’s plan. He called for Lizzie to lure Russell away from his friends. Lizzie told Tommy about his promise that she didn’t need to work as a prostitute ever again. Tommy begged Lizzie to work with him one last time.

[00:29:00] Tommy gave Lizzie a map of the derby. He wanted her to lure Russell and follow the map for directions. Tommy promised Lizzie that he would be there before Russell layed his hands on her. Lizzie asked Tommy for some chalk. She wrote a number on her heels and showed it to Russell. He understood and followed Lizzie out of the pub. At exactly 2:55, Tommy and Campbell were left at the pub while everyone went to watch the race. They had a bit of talk as the national anthem started. Tommy told Campbell that Grace confessed her love for him while all he got was a bullet and a cane. Campbell responded that it didn’t matter because he had the love of God and eternal salvation, and Tommy will only have eternal damnation.

[00:34:00] Tommy knew what Campbell did to Polly and what happened to Michael in prison. He walked up to Campbell and told him that one of them would die today. But the person who died would wake up tomorrow in hell. Tommy left to find Lizzie. Lizzie was with Russell; she had led him to one of the bathrooms. Tommy could have made it in time, but the guards blocked off the other entrance, and he needed to go around the track to the back entrance. Russell proceeded to rape Lizzie; he was already underway when Tommy arrived. He tried to shoot Russell, but he was a big man and tried to muscle his way through Tommy. There was a struggle between them, and Tommy dropped his gun. Lizzie picked up the gun, but she couldn’t get a clear shot.

[00:37:00] Russell tried to kill Tommy with his gun, but Tommy outwitted Russell and killed him. Tommy apologized to Lizzie for being late. He told her to leave as he fired several shots in the air. Tommy rushed out of the bathroom and informed the officers about the dead soldier inside the bathroom. The police rushed to the scene while Tommy fled. All the police officers rushed to the King to protect him. Everyone thought it was the IRA who killed the officer. Tommy met with Sabini at the pub. He told him about his plan and what was currently happening to his bookies. Sabini broke a wine bottle and tried to stab Tommy with it. The police arrive and took Tommy away.

[00:42:00] The policemen who took Tommy were the red right hand members that Campbell had hired. They loaded Tommy in the back of a police car and drove away. Back at the pub, Grace was waiting for Tommy when May arrived. She noticed Grace was waiting for someone, and she knew that she was the woman Tommy is talking about. May introduced herself as Tommy’s horse trainer. She asked Grace if she knew where Tommy was, but she didn’t. May knew that Tommy was behind the bookies having their licenses burned. She knew that it was Tommy’s plan for the future. Grace asked her what she knew about Tommy’s future. May assured Grace that Tommy would get all the legal licenses for the derby because she had influence with the board.

[00:45:00] Grace told May that there was business and there was love. May asked her if there truly was love with Thomas Shelby. Grace wants to know what May wanted with Tommy. May responded that she wanted to feel alive just like her. May left knowing she won. Grace told May her name, but she didn’t care. Campbell was speaking with someone on the phone when Polly arrived. He invited her inside the booth to talk. Polly told Tommy that she should be the one to kill Campbell. There wasn’t a copper in sight because all of them were guarding the King. Campbell tried to leave, but Polly shoved her pistol at his throat. Campbell tried to talk his way out while Polly grasped his crotch.

[00:48:00] He told Polly that some part of his soul wanted her, but she didn’t care. Polly shot Campbell at point blank and told him not to fuck with the Peaky Blinders. She slowly walked out of the booth and exited the derby. Grace was still sitting at the pub waiting for Tommy when Campbell got shot. She was a feet away from the phone booth, and bystanders had already found his dead body. May took the horse back home with her while Lizzie sat on one of the tables crying her heart out. Arthur and Johnny arrived and joined Lizzie. Johnny gave her a hug to calm her down. Lizzie told John that he should leave the Peaky Blinders while he still could. Arthur began to wonder where Tommy was.

[00:51:00] The red right hand took Tommy out in a field where they prepared a grave for him. He saw the grave and asked the men if they were in France during the war. One of the men answered that he was and gave his information. Tommy answered back with his own details. The men allowed Tommy to smoke at his request. Tommy didn’t bother finishing the cigarette as he approached the grave and kneeled. One of the men told him that they had their orders. Tommy agreed and closed his eyes. The man kicked Tommy into the grave and killed the other two red right hands to save him. He told him that Churchill wanted to speak with him in person for a job. Tommy got up and out the grave. He walked away as the man buried the two in the grave instead.

[00:56:00] The Peaky Blinders celebrated as Arthur led them in a toast for their success and victory. Tommy went back to his office to find Michael sleeping in his office chair. He woke him up and gave him a drink. Tommy told Michael that he had made a bet with his mother whether or not he would stay or leave. Michael told Tommy that he wanted to make real money with him. Tommy responded that he had some ideas for the future of the company. He also planned on getting married.





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