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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:00:05] Berlin spoke to the remaining hostages, comparing their current situation to concentration camps of the past. He told them to dig the escape tunnel or end up like Arturo. Helsinki brought Arturo out for everyone to see. He had plastic explosives wrapped around his chest. Berlin mocked Arturo as he mimicked the sound of explosions.

[00:02:05] Meanwhile, an officer inside the command center reported to Suarez regarding an increase in seismic activity underneath the mint. He told Suarez the possibility of the bank robbers escaping soon was growing. The officer pulled out a map to show Suarez where they thought the robbers would make an exit. Suarez instructed the other officers to place guards within the sewer pipe. Suarez tried to call Raquel, but she was busy with another task at hand.

[00:02:45] Raquel brought Sergio to the Toledo estate. She interrogated Sergio regarding the heist. Sergio confessed that he was the Professor. Raquel wanted to know why Sergio’s information wasn’t on the National ID database. Sergio had stopped renewing his ID before the system became digital. Raquel didn’t know what to do. Sergio apologized for everything that had happened. He told Raquel that he had planned everything except falling in love with her. Raquel slapped Sergio as hard as she could. She couldn’t believe all the lies, or she didn’t want to believe the truth. Sergio told Raquel that he loved her. Raquel walked out with a broken heart, leaving Sergio chained up inside the attic.

[00:07:55] Sergio tried to break free from his chains. He wiggled and squirmed, trying to reach a chair using his feet. From the window, he saw Raquel enter her car and drive off.

[00:09:40] Tokyo was on her way to prison per Raquel’s orders. Meanwhile, Rio spoke with Berlin, asking how Sergio planned to set Tokyo free. Berlin explained that it would be the four Serbians who set Tokyo free and not Sergio himself. Rio thought about his last conversation with Tokyo. She had threatened to kill him if he ever accepted the deal from the police.

[00:13:20] The Serbians stopped the convoy in order to set Tokyo free. They spray-painted the windows black and attached a timer to the windshield. The officers inside panicked, thinking that it was a bomb. They tried to call for backup, but the Serbians had already jammed their signal. Tokyo smirked as she was minutes away from freedom. Just before the timer got to zero, the officers jumped out of the vehicle. The Serbians tied them up and opened the back of the van. Instead of putting up a fight, the officers inside surrendered.

[00:15:50] Rio guarded Arturo inside the museum. Arturo spoke to him, asking for help. Rio pulled out a device and activated the explosives wrapped around Arturo. Arturo realized that Rio wasn’t going to help him, and he shut his mouth.

[00:17:10] Denver approached Monica; he had brought a machine that produces passports. He told her that they could make a passport in case she decided to run from the authorities or join them. They came up with a name just as Moscow came in. Moscow handed Denver a box of pizza as he looked at what they were doing. Denver noticed that Moscow didn’t plan to leave the room, so he informed him of what they were doing. Moscow reminded Denver who had stolen his gun that almost ended their heist. Denver invited Moscow outside the room to talk. Monica looked worried as the two left her.

[00:19:00] Suarez received a phone call from the national court. He was informed that Tokyo hadn’t arrived yet. He instructed one of his officers to take a look and keep him posted. The Serbians handed Tokyo a police uniform and a phone. The instructions were to put the uniform on and to contact the Professor. Tokyo changed outfits. The Serbians changed vehicles, and Tokyo drove off using a police motorcycle that was also provided by the Serbians.

[00:21:00] Sergio was still chained up at the Toledo estate. Back at the bank, Arturo pleaded with Rio. Berlin and Helsinki arrived along with the hostages. He instructed them to eat their lunch. The hostages sat in front of Arturo and started to eat their food. Arturo spoke with Mercedes telling her that the explosives would be triggered by his sweat, but so far, nothing had happened. He wanted to remove the explosives, but Alison stopped him. Arturo blamed Alison as the reason why everyone was held hostage. Alison angrily approached Arturo. She reminded him that he was the director of the mint, and yet the robbers got inside without any effort. Alison mocked Arturo. She applauded him for making history as the first-ever mint to get robbed. Arturo was speechless. Alison instructed Arturo to sit down and not blow everyone to pieces with his selfish plan.

[00:24:10] One of the officers radioed the command center, saying that Tokyo’s convoy was hijacked. Suarez initiated a manhunt for Tokyo. Meanwhile, Tokyo called the Professor for further instruction, but he wasn’t able to answer since he was still at the Toledo estate. Sergio was out of ideas. He looked out the window to see that Raquel had just arrived. Raquel brought a huge suitcase with her. Sergio asked her what it was, but she didn’t answer the question. Raquel assured Sergio that he wouldn’t be able to lie to her again.

[00:26:20] Moscow spoke with Denver. He told Moscow that he knew Monica had stolen his gun, but things had changed. Moscow acknowledged that Monica helped him, but that didn’t mean that he should take her with them or make her a passport. Denver defended his idea of taking care of Monica and her son. Moscow didn’t take lightly to their conversation, saying that he knew better than Denver. He asked Moscow what he was talking about. Moscow explained that his mother was an addict, and he had chosen to leave her instead of helping. Moscow continued saying that he had tried to help her, but she no longer had control of her addiction.

[00:28:00] Denver and Moscow were in tears. Denver told him that he used to blame himself for his mother’s leaving. He wanted to kill Moscow, but he couldn’t because they needed him alive to get out of the mint. He told Moscow that once everything was over, their relationship would also be over. Denver headed back and hugged Monica as tight as he could. He cried his heart out as Monica comforted him. Monica told Denver that she used Agata as her passport name. Denver smiled and kissed her.

[00:30:30] Tokyo mindlessly rode the motorcycle. She suddenly had an idea about where to go so she turned around and drove as fast as she could. Back at the estate, Raquel brought out a polygraph. She strapped Sergio to a chair and started the test. Raquel explained how the polygraph worked, and she began asking him a series of questions. Sergio honestly answered each question. It got to the point where Raquel asked Sergio about their relationship. Sergio answered that he fell in love with her and that she too fell in love with him; otherwise, he would already be in jail.

[00:36:30] Raquel received a call from Suarez. He told her that Tokyo had escaped. Raquel wanted Suarez to acquire an international warrant so that they could arrest the Serbians along with Tokyo. She immediately asked Sergio if he was behind Tokyo’s escape. Sergio confirmed that he had set the plan in motion before their dinner date. Sergio tried to explain further, but Raquel had heard enough. She pointed her pistol at Sergio and instructed him to walk. Sergio stopped in the middle of the room and tried to disarm Raquel. He was unsuccessful, so he put Raquel to sleep instead.

[00:39:10] Tokyo arrived in the vicinity of the Royal mint and called Alison’s phone. Rio answered the call and spoke with Tokyo. Subsequently, Suarez had the call traced and recorded. Tokyo spoke to Rio about the door that her mother drew when she was scared. She told him that she was about to open the door herself and ended their conversation. Tokyo drove towards the mint’s door when a police officer spotted her. The officer informed the command center about an unauthorized vehicle entering the premises. Rio finally understood what Tokyo meant and rushed downstairs to inform everyone that Tokyo was back.

[00:41:50] Suarez rushed outside the command center and spotted the motorcycle. He ordered everyone to shoot the rider, informing everyone that it was Tokyo. Rio rushed to the gate and opened it. Moscow and Denver followed him. Tokyo drove to the mint’s entrance, where Rio and Moscow provided cover fire. Tokyo rode the motorcycle into the mint. Rio and Moscow entered the mint as soon as Tokyo was safely inside. Rio greeted Tokyo with a vigorous kiss while Denver closed the gate. Everything seemed okay until Moscow came into view. He had been shot in the stomach while covering for Rio. Denver came to his father’s aid. Denver spoke to his father while Nairobi tried to calm him down. Tokyo couldn’t believe what had happened; furthermore, she knew that it was her fault.



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