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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:02:00] Moscow was in a lot of pain. Denver asked for help as everyone gathered around them. They turned Moscow to his side to check if there are any exit wounds, but Helsinki wasn’t able to find any. Berlin injected Moscow a dose of morphine as they prepared to open his overalls. Nairobi cut Moscow’s overalls with scissors, and they ripped it open. They saw the bullet holes in his abdomen; he was bleeding profusely.

[00:03:50] Denver didn’t know what to do. Denver looked at everyone as they scrambled to assist Moscow. Tokyo held his hand and told him that everything was going to be alright. Helsinki did his best to calm Moscow down and lower his blood pressure and pulse. Denver stepped away from his father. Rio approached him and did his best to console him.

[00:05:02] Raquel woke up, and Sergio was pointing the pistol at her. He explained to Raquel that he could have escaped or even killed her, but he chose to stay to prove his point. As proof of his love for her, he returned the pistol. She took it and immediately pointed it at Sergio. Raquel informed Sergio that she will lock him up for 80 years.

[00:07:20] Raquel continued to point her pistol at Sergio. He reached for Raquel’s handbag and continues to exit the estate. Raquel tried to stop Sergio by firing a warning shot. Sergio didn’t plan on stopping. He invited Raquel to kill him, but she couldn’t. Sergio threw her handbag into the passenger seat and drove off. Raquel was unable to kill Sergio. He put Raquel’s phone in airplane mode. Sergio regretted everything that had happened, but he could only move forward.

[00:09:30] Tokyo confronted Berlin asking him to call a doctor for Moscow who’s suffering from 3 gunshot wounds to the stomach. Berlin opted to call Sergio. Tokyo told him that Sergio won’t answer because he wasn’t there. She suggested calling Raquel but Berlin refused.

[00:11:00] Berlin called the command center looking for Raquel. Colonel Prieto answered the call telling him that they had taken over. Berlin negotiated for a surgeon, but Prieto refused. Prieto wanted Berlin to surrender Moscow in order to save him. Berlin declined his suggestion. Colonel Prieto ended their conversation, saying that they would have another corpse on their hands if they didn’t reach a decision.

[00:12:30] Raquel began her journey back to Madrid on foot. She was still walking when a tractor passed by, and she was able to hitch a ride. Back at the mint, Moscow asked Helsinki how he was doing. Helsinki told him that they needed a surgeon. Moscow wanted to know how much time he had left. Helsinki honestly told him that he had hours left. Moscow wanted to know how many shots he had taken. Denver told his father that he had been shot 3 times.

[00:14:45] Berlin approached Moscow to inform him that a surgeon wasn’t one of his options. He told Moscow that an ambulance was standing by ready to bring him to the hospital. Moscow didn’t want to return to jail, so the hospital was also not an option. He updated them regarding the status of the tunnel. Moscow told them that it still required 10 hours of work before they would reach the other side. He told them they should start digging immediately. Denver gave Moscow a kiss on the forehead vowing that he would bust the tunnel open even if he had to head butt through.

[00:15:30] Sergio called the mint. Berlin answered and gave him an update. Berlin told Sergio that Moscow had been shot 3 times and that he didn’t want to turn himself in. Sergio told Berlin that he had been discovered and that they needed to leave immediately. He told Berlin that they would start digging from the other side.

[00:16:36] Raquel arrived at the command center. Alberto was with Colonel Prieto and Suarez. She wanted to know why Alberto was there and what was happening with the heist. They approached her and wanted to confirm that she knew that Salva was Sergio. Raquel confirmed that she just found out Sergio’s true identity a few hours ago. Alberto told her that she had assisted him in getting out of prison. Raquel told Colonel Prieto that she didn’t know of his true identity back then. They were starting to doubt her as the evidence showed her to be an accomplice of Sergio rather than their ally. Raquel needed to prove herself once again. She wanted Alberto to leave or she’d have him arrested since she had a restraining order on him. Colonel Prieto ordered Alberto to leave. In order to prove her innocence, Raquel offered to show them where Sergio’s hideout was.

[00:18:40] Denver chipped the tunnel bit by bit using a pickaxe. He vented out his anger and regret with each swing. Meanwhile, Nairobi had the remaining hostages continue packing money. Berlin wanted her to continue printing money for a few more hours before they stop. He told them that they would be leaving soon. Nairobi dragged Berlin outside the office to ask how Moscow was doing. Berlin told her that Moscow was stable for the time being.

[00:21:05] Tokyo had her own regrets to go through. She remembered her previous conversation with Moscow, and it did seem that all she brought with her was death and regret. She cried as she washed Moscow’s blood from her hands. Rio entered the bathroom. As soon as their eyes met, they rushed to hug each other. Rio comforted Tokyo. She vented out by telling Rio about her conversation with Moscow. He reminded her that Moscow wasn’t dead and assured her that they would make it out. Tokyo felt that she brought bad luck to those around her. Rio told her that she wasn’t a black cat but a black panther.

[00:24:00] Berlin instructed the hostages to move the money to another area. Ariadna did as told, but he stopped her. Berlin told Ariadna that she wasn’t included, telling her to stop what she was doing. Inside the tunnel, Monica tried to convince Denver to stop digging. She told Denver that he needed to convince Moscow to turn himself in so that he can get to a hospital. Denver told Monica that the only way out was through the tunnel. He needed his father to survive and see them get married. Monica got out of the way as Rio entered the tunnel. Denver and Rio started hammering away with their pick axes. Monica did her part by clearing the rubble and taking it out of the tunnel.

[00:26:00] Berlin asked Ariadna regarding his proposal. Ariadna seemed to like the idea of leaving with Berlin, but she mentioned that he was going to die anyway. Berlin told her that she would become a gorgeous widow. He asked Ariadna to marry him; she wasn’t able to respond. Berlin laid Ariadna on the table, describing to her what it would be like to marry a dying man. Ariadna asked him if they were going to have babies. Berlin liked the idea of mini Berlin’s running around a beach, but he declined.

[00:28:40] Colonel Prieto wanted to confirm the address that Raquel had given them. Raquel confirmed that the address she provided was Sergio’s hideout. Suarez told her that they found nothing at the address that she had provided. Raquel insisted that it was correct because she went there with Sergio. Colonel Prieto wanted to know why she went there. She told them that she made love with Sergio.

[00:29:40] Tokyo stared at Moscow. She realized that Moscow was the closest thing that she had ever had to a father figure. Moscow laughed at Tokyo. He found her ideas funny as she had already made it outside, only to come back inside the mint. Moscow compared Tokyo to James Bond since she came back dressed as a cop. Moscow was having difficulty hanging on. Berlin instructed Helsinki to get plasma in order for Moscow to have a transfusion. Tokyo did her best to wake him up. She assured him that everything would be alright.

[00:31:00] It had been 11 hours since Moscow was shot. Denver and Rio were still doing their best to dig through the tunnel. On the other side, Sergio and the Serbians were also doing their best to dig through. Nairobi told Monica to rest for a while as she came by to check how they were doing. Sergio called the command center looking for Raquel. Colonel Prieto told him that she was unavailable because they’re investigating her for possible collaboration and obstruction of justice. Sergio called to negotiate a surgeon for Moscow, but Prieto declined. He wanted them to surrender in order to save Moscow. Colonel Prieto informed Sergio that they knew he was nearby and they were willing to check each house until they found him. Sergio mentioned that despite the turn of events, surrendering was never an option.

[00:35:25] Suarez updated Colonel Prieto that they were unable to check each house within the intended radius as some of the people had sided with the bank robbers. Prieto instructed Suarez to acquire a search warrant. Suarez wanted to narrow the radius down. Colonel Prieto agreed, but he still wanted him to get a search warrant for good measure. Raquel approached them to ask if they still needed her at the command center. Suarez informed her that she was being investigated, so she couldn’t leave. Raquel insisted and surrendered her badge and pistol. She invited Colonel Prieto to wire tap her phone if he wanted to, as she left the command center.

[00:36:30] Nairobi brought Monica to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She greeted Mercedes, but Mercedes just stared at her and left. Monica was removing her overalls when Ariadna exited one of the stalls. She saw Monica and asked her why she sabotaged their escape plan. Monica explained that she loved Denver and that she knew it was real. Ariadna told Monica that she was only with Berlin in order to survive. She thought that they were killing hostages which was why she chose Berlin. Ariadna just wanted to keep Berlin’s money; she didn’t have any feelings for Berlin. Monica comforted Ariadna as she told her that Berlin raped her. Nairobi was outside the bathroom, and she had heard their conversation. She entered the bathroom and handed the overalls to Monica. She looked at Ariadna and left.

[00:40:25] Suarez showed Colonel Prieto the radius of their search for Sergio’s hideout. Prieto admitted that the area was too large and wanted to narrow it down. He instructed Suarez to reach out to the telecom company to assist them. Suarez told Colonel Prieto that it would be easier if Angel was there. Colonel Prieto agreed saying that he was the only one who knew where Sergio’s hideout was.

[00:41:05] Raquel visited Angel at the hospital. She wanted to go after Sergio, so she took Angel’s badge and left. Angel suddenly woke up just as Raquel left his room.

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