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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


Published 4 months ago

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

[00:00:06] Raquel posted a map of Madrid on her wall and asked her mother to assist her. Raquel recalled the events of her first date with Sergio and encircled the possible whereabouts of Sergio on the map. She then told her mother that she needed to find any surveillance footage from the area in order for her to retrace Sergio’s footsteps.

[00:01:35] The Ukrainian doctor arrived. Sergio welcomed him and explained the situation. He offered 10 million for his cooperation. The doctor agreed and told him that he needed to get some medical equipment for the surgery. Sergio understood, and the doctor left. Surprisingly, 14 hours passed after Moscow was shot. Nevertheless, Rio and Denver continued to dig their way through the tunnel. Meanwhile, Raquel had started collecting surveillance footage from different stores within the area. She reviewed all the footage and found Sergio; she made a mark on the map, and after that, she headed out again.

[00:05:20] Suarez got a lead from the telecom company. He mapped out the call signals from Sergio’s phone while ordering one of his men to acquire a warrant for the surveillance footage of the area.

[00:06:35] Moscow talked to Tokyo about Denver’s mother. Without a doubt he was having hallucinations and thought that he was speaking directly with his wife. Moscow mentioned to Tokyo that Denver hated him. Tokyo comforted Moscow by telling him that Denver adored him, no matter what he said. She assured Moscow that he had done a great job in raising Denver.

[00:10:30] Firstly, Rio and Denver continued digging inside the tunnel. Secondly, Nairobi was inside an office checking the quality of the newly printed bills. Thirdly, Tokyo stayed beside Moscow while Sergio along with the Serbians dug the tunnel from the other side to help the team. Last but not least, Raquel continued to acquire surveillance footage. Everyone was doing their job. Suddenly, Rio and Denver stopped digging. Rio listened closely as he hears the sound of metal clanking on stone. Denver heard it too. They knew they were close. Filled with excitement, they doubled their efforts and shouted at the top of their lungs. Sergio stopped for a moment; he heard their screams as well, causing him to dig faster.

[00:14:15] Raquel went home to review the new footage that she had acquired. After checking a few CDs, she found Sergio again. She marked the map and asked her mother for her car keys. Raquel brought out a spare pistol and headed out.

[00:15:30] Monica entered the tunnel and told Rio to go out. She called out to Denver and told him that he needed to go back up. Denver didn’t want to stop digging as his father’s life depended on him. Monica insisted that he go back up or he would regret it for the rest of his life. Denver stopped digging and exited the tunnel with Monica. Denver approached Moscow and told him that he needed to hang on a little longer. He told Moscow that they could already hear the Serbians from the other side. Denver told Moscow that he could never hate him. Moscow entrusted Denver with Monica. He jokingly told her that she would receive 300 million if she kept Denver. Moscow told them that he was going on vacation. Monica responded that she would take care of Denver.

[00:19:00] Moscow formally introduced himself to the crew. He was Agustin Ramos. He bid them farewell as he told Denver that he loved him. Denver couldn’t let go of Moscow, he wanted to gather all their explosives and blow up the tunnel. Moscow refused; he told Denver that if he blew up the tunnel he would bury them all. Moscow wanted Denver to carry on without looking back. Denver painfully agreed. For the final time, Moscow told Denver that he loved him.

[00:21:50] Berlin called Sergio to inform him that Moscow had died. Sergio couldn’t say a single word. Tears ran down his face as he put the receiver down. Back at the command center, Suarez and the rest of the police force were looking at surveillance footage of Raquel seizing the surveillance footage for herself. Suarez told them that it was evidence that Raquel was collaborating with the robbers. Colonel Prieto wanted to initiate the intervention protocol immediately. Suarez worried about public safety. Prieto told him that they could get away with Raquel. Suarez suggested that they catch the robbers as they exited the mint. Colonel Prieto had had enough being the laughing stock of the world. He no longer wanted to be made fools and would do whatever it took to end the heist. One of the officers interrupted their argument and informed them of Raquel’s warrant.

[00:24:20] Inside the mint, Oslo and Moscow were laid in boxes. Denver said a prayer, and they closed both boxes. The team resumed digging the tunnel. Sergio held hands with Tokyo as they finally completed the tunnel.

[00:26:50] Raquel arrived at what she presumed to be Sergio’s hideout. She got her pistol and picked the lock of the gate. Sergio entered the bank vault for the first time. He was welcomed by Berlin and Nairobi. They headed over to the warehouse to find Denver crying beside Moscow and Oslo. Sergio consoled Denver and apologized for not making it in time to save Moscow. Denver introduced Monica to Sergio. He suggested that Sergio call Monica Stockholm, following their city names pattern.

[00:30:10] Nairobi brought Sergio into one of the offices that contained their money. In total it was 984 million euros. Sergio went back to his hideout and saw that the police force was getting ready to storm the bank. He called Berlin and instructed him to move the money. As Sergio ended their conversation, Raquel pointed her pistol at his head.

[00:32:50] Helsinki shot his pistol beside Arturo. He was surprised and jolted across the hall. Arturo threatened to sue Helinski the soonest he got out of the mint. Helsinki laughed at Arturo and dragged him to the tunnel, where a special mission awaited him.

[00:33:50] Raquel instructed Sergio to turn around. She wanted to bring him to the police station, but to her surprise one of the Serbians arrived and pointed a gun at her. Despite losing the upper hand, she used Sergio as a human shield as they slowly backed away. They were nearing an exit when another Serbian took her gun and threw Raquel to the ground. Raquel tried to escape, but it was too late. The Serbians cornered her.

[00:36:00] Denver wrote Moscow’s name on the box along with his birthday. Monica consoled him and asked for his real name. She told him that she would leave the mint with him, which was why she needed to know his name. Monica wanted to leave with Denver either through the back door or while holding a machine gun. She wanted Denver to be the father of her unborn child. Denver whispered his name to Monica and kissed her.

[00:37:10] A couple of police officers make their way into the sewers. Suarez gathered his best men and prepared to enter the mint. Everyone carried the money into the vault; they took it through the tunnel and into the hangar. They loaded the money into beer barrels, which were then loaded into a truck.

[00:39:45] Sergio contacted Rio to set the explosive charges inside the mint. He wanted to speak with Berlin, but Raquel called his attention. She told Sergio that she wasn’t feeling well, so he offered her a tranquilizer, which she gladly accepted. Sergio went to get the medicine and a glass of water. He returned to Raquel to give her the medicine; however, she bit his hand instead. Sergio told Raquel that their heist would’ve been perfect except for the part that he wouldn’t be able to see her again, but Raquel didn’t want to hear his explanation.

[00:42:00] Sergio explained that their heist wasn’t any different from what was happening behind the scenes. He told Raquel that the bank did it as liquidity injections, but it went directly to the pockets of rich people, and yet no one accuses them of being thieves. While Sergio was explaining his side, a call came in.

[00:44:00] Angel was calling Raquel’s phone. Sergio wanted Raquel to speak with Angel on the condition that she doesn’t mention her current whereabouts. Just before Sergio answered the call Raquel stopped him. She told Sergio that her phone was being tracked by the police, so Sergio used a dummy phone to call Angel back. A hospital nurse answered the phone and told Raquel that Angel requested for her before anyone else. The nurse handed the phone to Angel, so he could speak to Raquel. Angel told Raquel that he was so high on meds that he couldn’t feel his ass. Angel wanted to know if the reports about her replacement were true. Raquel confirmed what Angel saw on TV. He wanted to see her before anyone knew that he was already awake.

[00:46:10] An officer informed Colonel Prieto that they had traced a call to Raquel’s phone, so Prieto wanted to know where the call came from. Inside the hangar, Raquel told Sergio that she needed to go see Angel. Sergio didn’t know what to do. Raquel assured him that she was on his side; for this reason, she needed to stop Angel from speaking to the police. Sergio doubted Raquel, but she asked him to come closer. She looked him in the eye then kissed him. Without a doubt, Sergio knew that he won her over. As a result, Sergio set Raquel free, she went back to her car and drove off like nothing happened.


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