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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


Published 2 years ago

Money Heist Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

[00:00:05] Berlin entered the office and instructed Nairobi to stop printing money. Nairobi didn’t want to stop printing since they were so close to hitting a billion euros. Berlin told Nairobi that he was in charge so that things didn’t go out of control, like the time she chose to sell pills instead of taking care of her son. Nairobi responded by telling Berlin that Ariadna didn’t love him and that she had only chosen to be with him for his money. Nairobi added that Ariadna would spit on him upon his deathbed. Berlin instructed Torres to shut down the printing machines. He waited for Nairobi to confirm the instructions. Nairobi agreed.

[00:02:20] Colonel Prieto discovered that Angel called Raquel. He ordered an officer to call the hospital to confirm that Angel was awake. He also wanted three officers to go there and intercept Raquel as soon as possible.

[00:04:00] Rio set up the plastic explosives in the corridor leading to the basement. Tokyo assisted him with the task. They talked about their plans after the heist. Tokyo was planning to go sunbathing, but Rio wanted her to stay with him inside his cabin. Rio wasn’t sure if Tokyo would leave him, so he couldn’t take any chances. While they were talking, Arturo approached them. He reported that they had hit a brick wall. Tokyo handed him a sledgehammer and ordered him to break through the wall.

[00:06:00] A police team was approaching the wall inside the sewer. Sergio informed Berlin to stop what they were doing. Berlin went to Nairobi and instructed her to stop packing up the money as they needed to leave immediately. At the hospital, Raquel cautiously approached Angel’s room. She entered the room and rushed to his bedside. They had a good laugh as Angel joked around. Raquel apologized for what had happened between them. Angel asked Raquel why they removed her from the case. She answered that the police had accused her of conspiracy.

Angel wanted to know the truth. She told Angel that she wasn’t involved in any way. Angel also wanted to know if Raquel was still single. Raquel told Angel that she was in a relationship with Sergio. He asked Raquel if she loved Sergio. She didn’t respond, but the look on her face provided Angel with the answer.

[00:08:20] Angel told Raquel that he would provide her with all the information necessary to clear her name and beat the robbers. Raquel told Angel that she no longer knew who the good and bad guys were, so she wouldn’t provide the information to the police. After a few minutes, the police arrived to arrest Raquel. They slammed her on the floor and did a body search in front of Angel. The police dragged her out of the hospital. Angel was angry, but he couldn’t do anything for Raquel.

[00:09:50] Rio and Tokyo continued to set explosives around the mint. Tokyo instructed Rio to set up explosives around the warehouse when she heard a beeping noise. She went to investigate; all of a sudden, the wall exploded and knocked her out. The police entered the mint and found Tokyo unconscious. Rio fired at the police and dragged Tokyo to safety. Tokyo came to her senses and helped Rio fend off the police. They slowly made their way around the warehouse while returning fire. Rio and Tokyo were trapped just before they made it to the exit. With no way out, Tokyo tried to make a run for it while firing at the police, but they were able to take her down. Rio rushed towards Tokyo to stop the police from shooting her.

[00:13:30] The police were about to arrest Tokyo and Rio when Denver arrived. He forced Suarez and his unit to retreat. Rio used the shield to cover their escape. Monica provided them with cover fire as they all made it back to safety. Tokyo instructed Denver to get the browning and meet them at the vault. Suarez and his team continued to track them down as they exited the warehouse and entered the bank.

[00:15:00] Colonel Prieto spoke with Angel. He wanted to know why Raquel had visited him. Angel answered that she was there because they were friends. Prieto reminded Angel what had happened before his accident, so he didn’t believe Angel called Raquel just because they were friends. For Colonel Prieto, Angel and Raquel were no longer friends, and Angel was just covering up for Raquel. Prieto wanted the address for Sergio’s hideout, but Angel insisted that he didn’t remember. Colonel Prieto threatened Angel, saying he could end up in jail for not cooperating. Angel commended Prieto for how he treated him even though he had just recovered from a coma. Colonel Prieto angrily ended their conversation.

[00:16:40] Tokyo and Rio reached the lobby and instructed the hostages to wear their masks. Tokyo informed Berlin that the police had already entered the warehouse. Berlin wanted them to get the browning and retreat to vault 3. Tokyo told him that Denver was already on that task. She wanted to know what they would do with the hostages. Berlin answered that it was time to hand them over. Tokyo and Rio mixed the hostages up and sat them down on the floor. Berlin dragged Ariadna with him as they ran for vault 3.

[00:17:25] Suarez reached the hostages and instructed his men to escort them out of the mint. Colonel Prieto commanded Suarez to continue chasing the robbers. He reminded them of the plan to chase the robbers and corner them inside their tunnel.

[00:18:10] Mercedes and Alison held hands as they left the mint. All the other hostages ran outside as the police escorted them to safety. Colonel Prieto instructed one of his officers to call the ambassador and inform him that they had recovered Alison. Prieto instructed the rest of his team to do a headcount and check the identity of the hostages.

[00:19:02] Suarez and his team headed for the basement. They stopped pursuing due to the corridor being filled with explosives. Suarez had one of his men check the explosives. He wanted to know if they could defuse the explosives. The officer confirmed that he could do it, but he needed more time. Meanwhile, the sewer team had detected movement within the walls. Through a thermal scanner, they were able to detect the people moving through the tunnel. Colonel Prieto updated the sewer team to stay alert as the robbers were headed their way. Someone broke through the wall; it was Arturo. He raised his hand and declared who he was. The command center confirmed that he was a hostage, to their dismay.

[00:21:00] Berlin and Ariadna headed for vault 3 along with Helsinki. Upon arriving, Helsinki loaded bullets into the browning. Back in the command center, an officer informed Colonel Prieto that the robbers had another tunnel. Mercedes and Alison told the police where the tunnel was. Colonel Prieto radioed Suarez and ordered him to proceed to vault 3 instead. Colonel Prieto ordered his men to bring Raquel to the command center. He knew that the other tunnel led to Sergio’s hideout, and that would be their way out.

[00:23:00] Nairobi and Helsinki dropped the money bags into the tunnel for the Serbians to take back to the hideout. Rio ran into the vault and told them that the police were already in the basement. Tokyo asked where Denver was, and Berlin told her that he was already heading for the hangar. Berlin ordered everyone to head for the hangar as well. Sergio informed Berlin that the police were headed for vault 3. He ordered Nairobi and Helsinki to leave while he stayed behind to keep the police at bay. Nairobi tried to reason with Berlin, but he insisted on staying. Helsinki dragged Nairobi into the tunnel and left.

[00:25:00] Ariadna tried to make a run for it, but Berlin stopped her. She kept trying to force her way out, but she couldn’t get past Berlin. Ariadna slapped and cursed Berlin. Berlin pointed his pistol at Ariadna to keep her under control. He told her that they would be the resistance.

[00:25:40] The officers brought Raquel in for questioning. Colonel Prieto tried asking her directly, but she didn’t provide any information. Colonel Prieto told Raquel that he knew she was hiding something. Berlin was sitting in front of the browning; he cocked the gun and prepared to fire the moment he saw the police. Ariadna sat beside Berlin; she clearly didn’t want to be with him. Suarez and his team came into view, and Berlin opened fire. The police took cover just in time. They fired back as soon as the browning stopped firing. Ariadna reloaded the browning as she shouted for dear life.

[00:27:13] Colonel Prieto showed Raquel a lawsuit that was filed by Alberto. He wanted full custody of their daughter. Prieto told Raquel that in the event that a judge found her guilty, they would sign the papers, and she would no longer be able to see her daughter again. Berlin continued firing at Suarez and his team. He told Ariadna that they were Bonnie and Clyde; he also compared them to Romeo and Juliet. Prieto told Raquel that they would drop the lawsuit on the condition that she cooperated with them. He added that the offer was void if the robbers escaped.

[00:28:30] Prieto made Raquel choose between her daughter and Sergio. Suarez needed to find a way to stop the browning, so they threw hand grenades at Berlin and Ariadna. Berlin saw the grenades and dragged Ariadna inside the vault to take cover. Helsinki and Nairobi reached the hangar; Sergio wanted to know where Berlin was. Nairobi told him that Berlin stayed behind to hold the police off.

[00:30:40] Raquel did her best not to provide the information, but she couldn’t take it anymore. Raquel provided the address of the hangar, and Prieto tore the lawsuit in half. The police headed for 33 Alcantara as fast as they could. Back at the mint, Berlin did his best to hold the police back. Sergio radioed Berlin to get him to enter the tunnel, but he refused. Sergio told Berlin that they would blow the tunnel, so he needed to get inside. He responded that it was too late for him and that old age didn’t suit him. Berlin would rather die protecting them than grow old and lose control over his bowels.

[00:32:19] Sergio begged Berlin to get out. Berlin reminded Sergio about his promise as he ordered Helsinki to blow up the tunnel. Sergio tried to stop Helsinki, but Berlin bade them farewell and told Sergio that he loved him so much. Sergio turned out to be Berlin’s little brother. Berlin charged Suarez and his group head-on; consequently, they saw the opportunity and riddled him with bullets. Berlin fell to the floor and died instantly. Suarez radioed the command center and reported that Berlin was dead. Sergio cried as Helsinki held him. Nairobi told Sergio that they needed to keep going. Eventually, Sergio pulled himself together and instructed Nairobi and Helsinki to proceed as planned.

[00:35:10] The police force arrived at 33 Alcantara. Raquel nervously listened as the police checked the hangar. They stormed the place and found no one inside. A few minutes before, everyone had left, wearing disguises. The first ones to leave were Tokyo and Rio, followed by Denver and Monica. Nairobi left just before Helsinki drove the truck that was loaded with money out of the hangar along with Sergio. The police didn’t notice where the truck came from, so they didn’t pull it over. Colonel Prieto couldn’t believe that the robbers had escaped. Raquel, on the other hand, was able to breathe a sigh of relief. After 128 hours, the police weren’t able to capture the robbers.

[00:38:30] Helsinki celebrated as they sped off with nearly a billion Euros. Sergio couldn’t help but grin at their accomplishment. A year later, a news channel reported that the heist still remained unsolved, and the whereabouts of the robbers were unknown. Raquel grabbed the postcards she had gotten that featured different beaches around the world. Previously, she had had a conversation with Sergio about leaving Madrid to take a vacation on one of the beaches. Raquel turned a card over and saw that something was written on it; she then turned all the cards over and found coordinates. She checked the coordinates on her phone and decided to check it out.

[00:40:31] Raquel traveled across the world to the Philippines. She followed the GPS, but her phone’s battery ran out. She approached a bar to ask for a charger; however, the bartender didn’t understand English. Eventually, a man offered Raquel his phone, who turned out to be Sergio. He laughed at Raquel as she smiled back at him.

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