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Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 4 Recap


Published 1 week ago

[00:01:00] Tommy took the Peaky Blinders out on Good Friday to hunt a Stag. Everyone was so happy by the campfire when Tommy called them in to tell them the bad news. Someone had written a letter telling them that their father was dead. They only shared one good memory of him, and that was hunting a stag. Arthur and John remembered the weekend they had gone hunting with their father. Tommy told them that the Stag was to remember their father but not to forgive him. Tommy asked John if he wanted to name his new son in their father’s name, but he didn’t. Tommy no longer wanted to ask Arthur as he already knew his response. The name Arthur Shelby would end with Arthur, and that was it.

[00:04:00] Before they ate, Tommy went ahead and started discussing business. He didn’t trust his maids at home. Tommy told them there was going to be a robbery. Meanwhile, Polly went to church for a confession. The priest told her that there were no confessions for today, but she didn’t care. Polly made it clear who she was, so the priest didn’t have a choice. She confessed to murdering Campbell; however, she didn’t have any regrets. Polly told the priest that there was another life to be taken, that of a holy man. The priest asked her what kind of a holy man she was talking about, but Polly didn’t finish her confession. She got out and ran back to the betting shop.

[00:08:00] Lizzie and Esme were preparing to open the betting shop when Polly arrived. Esme was ranting about life being unfair as the men were out drinking and shooting rifles while they were tending to business matters. Polly stumbled to the vault but had forgotten the password. Lizzie told her the combination, which got Polly curious as to how she knew it. Esme told Polly that Tommy talked in his sleep. Polly couldn’t open the vault because her hands were shaking. Lizzie went over to open the vault for her. Polly took out a lot of cash before Lizzie confessed that she still slept with Tommy from time to time. Back at the campfire, Tommy told them about the robbery of the armored cars. It was going to be the last job for them before they set out on legal business.

[00:10:00] Tommy had made a promise to Grace while Arthur had made a promise to Linda that they would give up their old ways. The robbery would be their last job, and the money would go into a legal business and set them up for life. Everyone agreed to join even without the assurance of getting paid. Linda arrived at the betting shop a few minutes before opening. She told them about the women’s strike that was going to be held at the bull ring. Linda was able to convince everyone to join the women at the bull ring instead of opening the betting shop. They marched to the bull ring and closed the shop for the day. The Peaky Blinders returned to Tommy’s estate to find a car in his driveway. Tommy went to his office to find Tatiana sitting in his chair.

[00:15:00] They needed proof of Tommy’s allegations against Father Hughes. Tommy responded that his word was enough proof. He wouldn’t do the job unless Father Hughes was dead. Tatiana wondered why Tommy was so violent. Tommy told her that he had killed a stag, and he didn’t like to do it, but he won’t have second thoughts about putting a bullet between the eyes of Father Hughes. Tatiana came to his house because Mrs. Romanov thought she could sweeten the deal for Tommy. She explained that deals were done back in her home country where brothers would give out their sisters and fathers would trade their daughters. John came to his office laughing at the news from Birmingham. He told Tommy about the strike. Tommy asked John if Linda was with them, and he confirmed it. Tommy knew it was Linda’s idea to go on strike.

[00:18:00] With the women on strike and the men drunk for Good Friday, Tommy ordered John to blow out one of the tires on Tatiana’s car and leave and go home. He told him to put Charlie with Arthur and Linda. Tatiana asked Tommy why he needed to blow out one of her tires. Tommy explained that no one could back out of their agreement once her tire has been blown out. John did as told and went back to the betting shop. He caught Esme sneaking into the vault to get some money for herself. Esme told John that Polly hadn’t finished counting the money, so she thought she would finish the count by herself. John knew Esme had been doing drugs and told her to lay off until their baby was born. John assured Esme that things would change for the better.

[00:20:00] Meanwhile, Tommy lay in bed as Tatiana undressed in front of him. They were having a talk when Tatiana decided to go crazy on him. She took Tommy’s revolver and ran out the room. Tommy followed Tatiana as the gun was loaded, and she could hurt herself. Tatiana teased Tommy as he chased her around the house. She wondered why Tommy broke the law but chose to follow the rules. She added that Tommy wasn’t acting like the man of the house but more of a child hiding in the house. Tatiana told Tommy that madness would set him free. She ran into his office and emptied the gun. She left one bullet and played one round of Russian roulette.

[00:23:30] Tommy did everything he could to talk Tatiana out of pulling the trigger, but she still pulled the trigger. The gun didn’t go off, so Tommy took it away from Tatiana and took out the last bullet. She wanted Tommy to try Russian roulette, but he didn’t want to. Tommy didn’t want Tatiana’s crazy brain spewed across his walls. He ordered Tatiana to go back to his room. Tatiana told Tommy that she had called for a maid. She removed her undergarment for the maid to see. Tommy ordered his maid, Mary, to go back to bed, but Tatiana wanted her to serve them wine and whisky. Tommy told Tatiana that she was not in Russia and ordered Mary to go back to bed. Tatiana responded that she knew what Tommy’s weakness was; it was freedom, madness, and killing. She claimed to be the first person who truly understood him.

[00:26:00] Tatiana picked up her undergarments and went back to her room. Tommy entered the room and found Tatiana standing on the bed waiting for him. She asked Tommy what proof he had against Father Hughes, but his response was still the same. He only had his word as proof. Tatiana told Tommy that he should kill Father Hughes and do whatever he wanted moving forward. The next day, Tommy told Mary to prepare breakfast for two. Mary responded that Tatiana had left in a hurry and taken his car. She added that Tatiana had ordered his manservant to get a new tire for her car so that he could use it. Tommy wanted to know why they would listen to Tatiana. Mary responded that it was the way she gave orders.

[00:29:00] Tommy used Tatiana’s car to get to the betting shop. He, Arthur, and John went over their plans to steal from the Russians. Ada got them a blueprint of the mansion they live in. Tommy knew one of the cellars must have been converted into a vault. Arthur got them a file from Sergeant Moss about a boy who had Russian blood. They wanted to pay one of the butlers to get the boy inside and be their spy. Lizzie went into the room and told Tommy that Polly wanted to see him. Tommy went to the other room to speak with them. Polly still wasn’t sober enough to talk, so Esme took the lead. She asked Tommy about the robbery he was planning against the Russians. She wanted to know what his plans were once the Russians came after them.

[00:32:00] Esme was worried for her life and the life of her unborn child. Tommy thought John had told Esme about their plan, but it was Arthur who spilled the tea to Linda. Linda told them about it. Polly volunteered to speak with Tommy in private and update both Lizzie and Esme about their conversation later on. Tommy ordered Esme and Lizzie to go back to work while he talked to Polly. Tommy couldn’t believe that he couldn’t trust anyone in the company with their secrets. Polly asked Tommy how last night had gone; he responded that he had gotten information from Tatiana; however, Polly thought otherwise. Everyone thought otherwise, to be honest. Tommy commented about the lack of respect that he got from everyone in the family. Polly asked Tommy if Arthur knew about the priest, but he had only told Polly about it.

[00:34:00] The priest to whom Polly had made a confession told Father Hughes about her confession. Hughes knew that his life was in danger. Tommy went over to Linda to speak with her. He went there to talk about what Linda knew. Linda explained that only Arthur believed that everything would be over once their business was done. Linda knew that there would be more to come. She wanted Arthur to receive more money from the robbery. Linda was smart; she had calculated that Arthur should receive 41 grand instead of 30 grand. She had everything planned out. They were going to move to California so that Arthur could finally find some peace with his PTSD. Tommy didn’t have a choice except to agree with Linda on 41 grand. He tried to play coy, but Linda had Tommy right where she wanted him.

[00:38:30] Polly was still at Ruben’s studio as they continued to talk about their lives while Ruben continued to paint Polly. Tommy went back to his office to pick up a bullet with Hughes’s name on it. Tommy followed Father Hughes around as he mingled with the people at a fair. He followed Hughes into a bathroom but lost sight of him. Tommy went to the farthest cubicle and found Father Hughes peeing. He was about to kill him when two men rushed into the bathroom to disarm him. Tommy tried to fight back, but he couldn’t overpower them. They carried Tommy out of the bathroom on a stretcher and loaded him on the back of an ambulance. The men dragged Tommy into the sewers where Father Hughes interrogated him. Tommy tried to kill Father Hughes because he was passing information to the soviets.

[00:43:00] Father Hughes drugged Tommy and threatened the life of Charles. He wanted Tommy to apologize to him in front of the Russians to repair the damage to his reputation. They left Tommy in the middle of the street, unable to get up due to the effects of the drugs they had injected him with. Tommy did his best to get up on his feet and go home. Tommy made it back to his office, and he immediately sacked all of his employees who were former soldiers. Mary wanted to know why he had sacked the former soldiers when he, too, was a former soldier. Tommy told Mary that he had done it so that Charles was never left on his own. Tommy advised Mary that there were men coming from Birmingham to watch the house. He wanted Mary to feed the men and take care of them.

[00:46:00] Mary did as told and left. Tommy called Arthur and Ada to tell them the changes in their plans. That night, Tommy went to meet with the Russians and Father Hughes. Tommy was in bad shape as he arrived at the Ritz hotel. He apologized to Father Hughes in front of the Russians. Hughes made Tommy recite the Act of Contrition as his penance for wrongly accusing him. Tommy did as told and left without another word. He went straight to Ada’s house, where he planned to meet the adviser of the Soviet Consul. Tommy told them about the robbery, but they already knew about it because of their informant. Tommy responded that their informant was working for the enemy. They wanted the soviets to stop the robbery so that they would commit an act of violence on British soil.

[00:53:00] The British would be forced to break off diplomatic relations with the Soviets once the act had been completed. Tommy told the Soviets about what he had discovered in order to spare his family. If the Soviets stopped the robbery, Tommy and his family would be killed. At this point, Tommy was in a lot of pain; he was unable to sit upright. Ada told the adviser that her brother’s name was Tommy Shelby, and they could trust his word. Ada assisted Tommy down the stairs of her house. Tommy ordered Ada to drive him to the hospital as he couldn’t see anymore. Ada rushed out to find help. Tommy couldn’t see anything except for his Father’s soul.




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