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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – The Company


Published 4 months ago

Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - The Company

[00:01:00] The fighters walked out of their locker rooms and into the boxing ring. Alfie met Tommy inside one of the locker rooms. He told Tommy that he too couldn’t stand to watch a fight that had rules. Alfie added that he had had a revelation of sorts about a beautiful house in Margate. Tommy asked Alfie why he was moving to Margate. He responded that he needed some rest. With the arrival of the Americans, Alfie knew that it was just a matter of time before they took over Birmingham. Alfie pointed out that Big always fucked Small. He added that the match outside was between Big and Small. He knew that Goliath was going to win, so he didn’t need to watch the match. Alfie bid Tommy goodbye and told him to see him by the pier later on.

[00:05:00] Tommy tried to convince Alfie to stay for the match, but he insisted that he already knew who the winner would be. The match started without Alfie or Tommy being ringside. Tommy made his way back to watch the match. Bonnie was getting beaten by Goliath. Round 1 ended as Aberama asked Bonnie how he was doing. He told his father that he was going to stretch the fight to round 4 in order to get the 20% cut promised by Tommy. Arthur asked Tommy where Alfie was, so he told him that Alfie didn’t like to watch the match. Arthur was getting worried for Bonnie and Tommy at the same time. Tommy assured Arthur that they were alright since Johnny Dogs had strip-searched Alfie’s men.

[00:07:30] Lizzie was in the bathroom freshening up when Polly arrived. She asked Lizzie what Tommy had told her when she broke the big news. Lizzie responded that Tommy had promised her an allowance and went on about time for life with all the death that’s been surrounding the family. Polly jokingly told Lizzie that she would question her allowance as company treasurer. Ada arrived to hear the big news from Polly. She told Ada that Lizzie had the big news. Lizzie told Ada that she was pregnant. Ada wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl, so Polly checked Lizzie out. Polly declared that Lizzie would be having a girl and asked her to name the baby Ruby Shelby. Ada congratulated Lizzie as Linda walked into the bathroom. Polly welcomed her to the ladies club of Shelby Company LTD.

[00:09:30] Linda went to the bathroom to sniff a bit of cocaine. She explained that it had been helping her get through being stuck in Small Heath. Lizzie told Linda about the big news. She responded by asking if she was able to narrow down the list of possible fathers. Lizzie told Linda that Tommy was the father. Linda congratulated Lizzie for hitting the jackpot. Polly invited them to join the gentleman in watching the match. She also told Linda that if any of the men spat at her, she just needed to spit back. Round 2 ended with Bonnie giving Goliath a run for his money. They had a bit of a stare-down at the end of the round. Before the start of round 3, Johnny Dogs upped the wager of the fight in hopes of getting more bets. Arthur continued to look at the men in Goliath’s corner.

[00:11:30] Something about them was bugging him, but Tommy told him that it was just the drugs and booze spooking him. One of the men from Goliath’s corner suddenly left ringside. Arthur saw him leave and decided to follow him. Tommy tried to convince Arthur to stay and watch the fight, but he didn’t listen. The man went to the locker room to get a wire. He was planning on strangling someone. Arthur slowly entered the locker rooms looking for the man he was following. Back at the match, Bonnie took a tumble, which got Aberama worried. He winked at his father to tell him he was doing fine and that everything was part of the plan. Johnny Dogs decided to open the bets again 2 to 1 in favor of Goliath. People decided to up their bets since Bonnie had taken a tumble. Bonnie got up to continue the match.

[00:13:30] Arthur continued deeper into the locker rooms, double-checking every corner. Tommy was getting worried as Arthur hadn’t returned. Aberama cheered Bonnie on as he continued to take body hits from Goliath. Another man from Goliath’s corner left ringside. Tommy saw the man leave, and this time he decided to follow him too. Polly noticed that Tommy and Arthur were missing from the fight. She grew suspicious and decided to go look for them. Tommy entered the locker rooms, but Arthur was already inside the steam room. There was a lot of steam, and he couldn’t see clearly, but he still decided to go further in. The man was hiding in the steam and used the wire to strangle Arthur. He managed to get his hand between the wire to lessen the tension. Arthur tried to shoot the man, but he stopped it with his other hand.

[00:15:00] Tommy heard the gunshot and took out his pistol. Arthur tried to fight back, but he was slowly fading away. Arthur died, so the man released the wire to pick up his gun. Tommy arrived and killed the man before he could shoot Arthur, but he was too late. Tommy checked Arthur’s pulse, and he knew his brother was gone. Polly also heard the gunshot and slowly entered the locker rooms. She was on alert and nearly shot Tommy as he exited the steam room. He told Polly that Arthur was dead. She couldn’t accept it and wanted to see it for herself, but Tommy stopped her from going any further. The two of them went back to the match as Bonnie managed to knockout Goliath. Bonnie was declared the new champion. The Peaky Blinders congratulated Tommy, but he wasn’t in the mood. He whispered to Finn about what had happened.

[00:18:00] Tommy told Lizzie while Polly told Linda that her husband was already dead. Tommy returned to the locker rooms to find Finn and Isaiah. They had found the other man with another wire in his pocket. Tommy started beating up the man, and Finn joined in. Tommy ordered Finn to take the man’s eyes out for Arthur. He hesitated but followed Tommy’s orders. Tommy went back to the ring, took out his pistol, and fired. He told his men to lock the door as no one was allowed to leave. Tommy told everyone that Arthur was dead. Charlie went up the ring to stop Tommy from hurting anyone.

[00:21:00] The next day, Charlie and Curly roamed Small Heath with Arthur’s body inside a Romani wagon. People placed flowers on the wagon as it passed by their homes. Ada and Linda watched as the wagon passed by. Linda was holding Billy with a look of grief and disbelief. Tommy went back to the factory while Polly went back to the betting shop. She answered Michael’s call and told him about the changes in their plans. Aberama would go to the camp to pick Michael up. Polly told Michael the bad news before she ended the call. Later that day, Michael arrived. He tried to speak to Tommy, but Polly stopped him. She told him about the changes. Michael was going to New York instead of Australia. Ada told him that they had business to attend to in New York. Tommy no longer trusted Michael.

[00:23:00] Michael told Tommy that he chose Polly over him. Tommy told Michael that he needed to catch the train to Liverpool and then a ship to New York the next day. He gave him the tickets and asked Michael to leave. Polly assured Michael that once the business was over, they would all be free to make their own choices. Michael left without saying another word. Tommy returned to his office that evening to make a call. He was calling someone in America. The next day, Charlie and Curly poured gasoline around Arthur’s wagon. A woman holding a white flag walked into the funeral. It was Mrs. Changretta. Tommy told her that they’d talk after the funeral rites. Tommy wanted to talk about peace, but Mrs. Changretta responded that there would be no peace. She told Tommy that in exchange for Vincent and Angel Changretta, they had killed John and Arthur.

[00:26:00] Tommy told Mrs. Changretta that the vendetta was done, but she responded that the vendetta was merely won. She wanted all of the Shelby family businesses, or Luca would kill them all. Tommy agreed to the deal as long as there would be no more killings. Mrs. Changretta talked down to Tommy, thinking she had won. Meanwhile, Luca visited Alfie to talk business, but Alfie had already skipped town. He had rigged a grenade to his wine cellar as a parting gift. Luca knew there was a trap, so he stopped his men from opening the cellar. With Alfie gone, Luca took ownership of the wine factory. Tommy and Polly were preparing the necessary paperwork when Lizzie barged in. She wanted to know why Tommy hadn’t taken the time to visit. Tommy explained that he had been busy.

[00:29:00] Polly explained that Luca had taken over all the business establishments around, and he was about to take over Shelby Company LTD by tomorrow. Lizzie wanted to know Tommy’s plan, but he planned on letting Luca have the company. The next day, Tommy went over to visit his distillery one last time. Later on, Tommy, Polly, and Finn were at the distillery waiting for Luca to arrive. He arrived and brought over the paperwork from his lawyers. He had his men search Tommy, Polly, and Finn for weapons. After that, he made Tommy get down on his knees to sign the papers on the ground. Tommy finally revealed his plan against Luca. It seemed that the Changretta family had a monopoly on the liquor business in New York. No one wanted to fight them over it because they knew war would break out.

[00:34:00] Tommy contacted them and told them that Luca would die in a vendetta in Birmingham, so they could take over the liquor business as they pleased. To sweeten the deal, Tommy also called Alphonse Capone, who also wanted a piece of the liquor businesses in New York. Luca thought he still had the upper hand, but his men were guns for hire, and they followed the highest bidder. It was all part of Tommy’s plan. Arthur had survived the attempt on his life, and they had made it look like he had died in order to win the war. A fistfight broke out between Tommy and Luca. No one interfered as Arthur walked into the distillery and shot Luca in the head. They ordered Luca’s men, who were now Capone’s men, to go back to New York and tell their boss that Luca was now dead.

[00:37:00] Tommy told them that Michael was already in New York, ready to sign the import licenses. Everyone gathered at Tommy’s mansion to celebrate. He apologized to everyone as the last time they were inside his house, it had ended badly for them. Tommy told them that they were in a happier place now. Arthur got up for his speech and asked Tommy to let him finish this time. He told everyone that he was dead, and Tommy had offered him a way out to start life anew. Arthur had made the decision to stay with the family business. Everyone in the room also agreed that it was time for Tommy to have a vacation since they no longer had any enemies and had achieved peace for the very first time since the war. Arthur raised his glass to make a toast for peace.

[00:40:00] Tommy went to Margate to find Alfie. He found him by the beach with his dog Cyril. Tommy reminded Alfie that he had promised to find him and kill him for either business or personal reasons. Since Alfie had retired, Tommy only had personal reasons to kill him. Alfie didn’t want to face Tommy when he shot him, so he just kept rambling about his own personal problems. Alfie asked Tommy to find someone to take care of his dog when he was dead, but Tommy didn’t care. All he cared about was for Alfie to look at him before he died. Alfie didn’t face Tommy; instead pulled out his pistol and tried to kill him. Alfie grazed Tommy’s arm, but Tommy made sure he wasn’t going to miss as his bullet hit Alfie right in his face. Tommy walked away and left Cyril to lick Alfie’s wound.

[00:42:00] Three months later, Tommy was trying his best to live a peaceful life. He was playing golf and enjoying his afternoons by the river; however, he had an old enemy at his doorstep. Tommy’s PTSD was getting worse; he had started hearing the sound of bombs dropping from the sky for no apparent reason. Frances was getting worried for Tommy as he wasn’t himself. She offered to call a doctor or Polly, but Tommy told her everything was fine as he tried to drown his sickness with gin. Tommy tried to drink himself to sleep, but it didn’t work. Charlie tried to visit his father, but he didn’t want him to see what had become of him. Frances took Charlie back to bed.

[00:46:00] Polly finally visited Tommy. She knew he wouldn’t go and visit a doctor, so she went on his behalf. She assured Tommy that none of the boys knew of his sickness. Tommy denied being sick, but Polly knew that his PTSD would kick in whenever he decided to stop and rest. Polly didn’t have any explanation for his sickness. She told him that it could just be the liquor. Tommy liked the idea that it was just the liquor. Polly added that Lizzie wanted to see him, but Tommy refused. She realized that the sickness could be in their gypsy blood. Polly told Tommy that they had always lived between life and death. They would shake the hands of their devils and walk past them.

[00:49:00] The next day, Tommy decided to go to the betting shop. Frances told Tommy that he should be resting. Tommy responded that there was no rest for him in this life, maybe in the next. Tommy arrived at the betting shop from his holiday. Arthur welcomed him back while asking him what their plans would be. Tommy went back to the factory and ordered Mr. Devlin to personally hand a letter to Jessie Eden. He told Mr. Devlin that it would be the last job he’d do for him. After that, he was free to go to Glasgow and be with his family. Polly went to Tommy to have him sign some paperwork. She asked him if he had already shaken the hand of his devil. Tommy confirmed this and told Polly that he had walked past him.

[00:51:00] Tommy told Polly about his new idea, and she knew it wouldn’t be a good one. That night, Jessie opened the letter Tommy had given her. He asked Jessie to meet him. Tommy told Jessie that they were now fighting for the same cause. Jessie wanted to arrange a meeting with communist members; however, Tommy couldn’t wait. He wanted to call her people immediately. Jessie was hesitant, but she gave Tommy the name of Casey Douglas and his address. Jessie told Tommy that Casey had contacts in London and Moscow. Tommy called the operator and routed the call to Casey’s address. Jessie talked to Casey while Tommy stood by her. That night, Jessie finally allowed Tommy into her life. They had sex like there was no tomorrow.

[00:53:30] With Tommy finally securing a place inside the communist party, he decided to come forward and meet Arthur Bigge to tell him about his new discoveries. Tommy told him that he had made contact with the Soviet agent inside the communist party of Birmingham. Arthur asked Tommy if he had a name, and he responded that he had the name, number, and address. He assured Arthur that he could be of great use to them. Tommy boasted that he could give them the name of any man or woman that would want to cross into armed revolution. He assured Arthur that he could reshape the entire organization as long as his cover remained intact. Tommy could also rise through the ranks for even more success.

[00:55:00] Arthur knew that Tommy would want something in return for his services to the crown. Tommy handed Arthur a portfolio. His proposal and conditions were in it. Tommy shocked Arthur with his demands. He asked Tommy if he was serious with his conditions. Tommy told Arthur that breaking up a revolution was just one thing; he could do more with his influence in Birmingham. The elections came, and Tommy was running for a position in the government. Everyone voted for Tommy, including Jessie Eden. The results arrived, and Tommy had won by a landslide. He was now the parliament representative for Birmingham. Lizzie and their baby waited for Tommy’s arrival as the new representative of Birmingham. The Peaky Blinders were with Tommy, along with Jessie Eden.


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