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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 10 Recap – A Family Tradition


Published 1 month ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 10 Recap - A Family Tradition

[00:00:30] Sergio enters the Bank of Spain to face his team and Colonel Tamayo. Tamayo asks Sergio to tell him where the gold is, but he doesn’t know. He thinks Sergio is bluffing, but he’s telling the truth. Tamayo drags Sergio to look at his team one by one. He tries to play with Sergio’s conscience. Tamayo drags Sergio toward Rio, Denver, Stockholm, and Lisbon. They will face dire consequences if Tamayo decides to lock them up. Rio would spend the rest of his life in prison. Denver and Stockholm would no longer see Cincinnati grow up. Cincinnati would be a grown man if they ever get out of prison. Lisbon would never see her mother or daughter ever again. Tamayo’s ploy doesn’t work on Sergio. He knows the odds, but he needs to buy Alicia enough time to find the gold.

[00:03:30] Tamayo tells Sergio that if he refuses to tell him where the gold is, one of his teammates will tell him instead. Tamayo offers freedom in exchange for information. Anyone who knows where the gold is will be granted a new life. No one from the team speaks. Sergio tells Tamayo he may think it’s over, but things are just starting for them. Meanwhile, Alicia takes her time thinking about where to start looking for the gold. Before Sergio enters the bank, he tells Pakistan to release a video. The video tells the world how they carried out their plans. After the first heist, Sergio went into isolation. He filled himself with regret because of Berlin’s death. To move on, Sergio gets obsessed with figuring out their next heist. The dream heist of robbing the Bank of Spain.

[00:07:00] Even though Berlin and Palermo gave him the solution to get the gold out of the bank, they still had one big problem: how to get the team out without being arrested by the police. Sergio spent months figuring out the solution. He figured it out, and it was an elaborate set of steps to ensure everyone’s safety. The first step was to create a financial crisis. The video that Pakistan released is a documentary on how the team managed to get the gold out of the bank. Tamayo and everyone in the command center watch in awe as the video clip streams worldwide, including multiple media enterprises. He angrily walks back into the bank to counter Sergio’s plan, but it is already in motion, and there’s no stopping it.

[00:09:00] Tamayo tells Sergio the Bank of Central Europe is backing him up, so his plan won’t work. Everyone knew things were going according to plan when Tamayo mentioned the Bank of Central Europe. Part two of their plan was to bet against the government of Spain. Sergio explained the stock market is like a giant casino. Anyone could bet and make it big. The plan was to announce that Spain lost all of its gold, so everyone else in the world would start selling their stocks. Once it happens, Spain would become bankrupt and wouldn’t be able to recover in a matter of hours. They could reverse the effect by giving the gold back. Denver disagreed; he understood their lives were dependent on a bluff — a huge bluff.

[00:12:00] Same as before, Denver still doesn’t agree with the plan. Tamayo plans to interview every one of them. Lisbon, Sergio, and Denver start arguing. This gives Tamayo a small window of arrogance. He knows things aren’t going well for the team. Tamayo also knows he can break the team. He orders his soldiers to separate Sergio and Lisbon from the rest of the team. Tamayo starts the interview with Denver. He swears to Stockholm he will do everything to get her out of the bank alive. Stockholm tells her not to do anything, but he doesn’t listen. Denver thinks Sergio failed them, and he no longer trusts his plan. Lisbon shouts at Denver not to say anything. Denver remembers when Lisbon entered the vault while he was making love with Stockholm.

[00:13:00] Lisbon told Denver and Stockholm not to tell anyone that the gold is missing. Things now rest upon Denver’s shoulders if he tells Tamayo everything or not. The soldiers drag him out of the bank for the interview. Meanwhile, Ángel speaks with the engineer, who explains the pump inside the vault. The engineer tells Ángel that the pump’s power means Sergio and his team could send the gold upstream instead of downstream as they thought before. Ángel thought he solved the riddle. He tells his men to go to the storm drain up north. Alicia finally gets a brilliant idea. She knows Tatiana and Rafael buried the gold in a private lot. They need to find the lot, meaning they need access to land property records.

[00:15:00] Tamayo offers Denver his freedom. He even has a driver’s license with Denver’s picture to back up his claims. After Tamayo’s offer, Denver tells him the truth: he doesn’t know where the gold is. Tamayo tells Denver he doesn’t need to tell him where the gold is at the moment. All he wants to know is what Lisbon told him not to tell. Tamayo hands a pen and paper to Denver so that he can write it down. Denver takes the pen and paper to accept Tamayo’s offer. He writes something on the paper and gives it to Tamayo. Denver didn’t write what Lisbon told him. Instead, he teases Tamayo by writing, “Add the fingers on your hand to the toes on your feet plus your cock and your balls, it adds up to 23.” Suarez takes Denver back to the team since he doesn’t want to cooperate.

[00:18:00] Denver walks down the stairs as Suarez drags him out of the bank. Everyone from the team looks at him. They know he didn’t talk; the secret is still safe. Tamayo tells everyone they will suffer the same fate as Denver if they choose not to cooperate. Denver walks out of the bank with his head down. The crowd starts cheering for him and gives him a round of applause. Five years ago, Sergio was planning the heist with Rafael and Berlin. Rafael asked Sergio why he’s planning the heist. Berlin explained some families had doctors, lawyers, and other professions. They were a family of dreamers, dreaming of accomplishing one of the greatest heists in history. Berlin told Rafael his father inaugurated their family profession. He reminisced where they were when their father died.

[00:22:00] Berlin told the story to Rafael about his grandfather being gunned down as he tried to rob a bank. Berlin and their mother heard the news on the radio. Their mother knew it was their father, so she immediately went over to hug Berlin. He didn’t realize the police had gunned down their father until his mother hugged him. Sergio was with them, but he didn’t find out the same way. He knew way before the news came out on the radio. Sergio woke up that morning and found their father preparing for his heist. Sergio thought they were going fishing, so he got dressed and followed his father. Their father left before Sergio could reach his car, so Sergio used Berlin’s bike to follow him. He chased him around town and saw him changing vehicles.

[00:24:00] Sergio reached the bank and heard a few gunshots. He saw the car leave with another man driving it. Sergio’s father came out of the bank with a few bags of cash. The police caught up with him and told him to surrender. They stared at each other. Sergio’s father refused to let go of the bag, so the police shot him. Sergio returned home after seeing the police shoot his father down. He didn’t tell anyone about what he saw because he thought it was just like a movie. If he didn’t tell anyone, it would remain like a movie. Sergio told Rafael he planned the heists because he got to speak with his father. Sergio adds that he speaks with their father more than with other people.

[00:26:00] Ángel finds Sergio’s base inside the northern storm drain. He calls Tamayo for the news. Tamayo orders Ángel to get an international warrant so that they can follow the trucks. Marseille used the trucks to lead the police on a wild goose chase. The trucks weren’t carrying any gold, but Sergio knew the police would still follow it. Colonel Tamayo faces the ropes. The Bank of Central Europe isn’t willing to back the government of Spain through its financial crisis. They will face a financial meltdown come the next morning without the gold. The heads of state want Tamayo to figure out where the gold is. He goes to Sergio and starts beating him for the information. He threatens to kill Sergio in front of Lisbon unless he tells him where the gold is.

[00:30:00] Sergio offers Tamayo a solution. He tells Tamayo he won’t win if the country falls into a financial crisis. The only way to win is if they both win. Sergio explains he could be the hero of Spain if he finds the gold. He offers to return the gold, but it will come with a big condition. Sergio admits the gold is already out of the bank, but no one from the team knows about it. Sergio couldn’t risk anyone knowing the location of the gold, even him, because Tamayo could just torture them for the information. Tamayo doesn’t know how to win, so he just leaves. Sergio shouts out at Tamayo that he knows how to win. Meanwhile, Ángel finds the trucks and reports them back to Tamayo. He thinks Sergio is bluffing that he doesn’t know where the gold is.

[00:33:30] Tamayo listens in on Lisbon and Sergio’s conversation. He snuck a microphone into the holding cell to eavesdrop on their conversation. Tamayo listens as Sergio and Lisbon apologize to each other. They start talking about their lives, but Tamayo still listens, hoping to hear something about the gold. Tamayo gets nothing but a proposal as Sergio asks Lisbon to marry him. They would’ve made love if they weren’t handcuffed to the ceiling.

[00:38:00] Meanwhile, Alicia still hasn’t gotten anywhere with the location of the gold. 612 lots were purchased just in the last five days. Alicia tries to narrow it down by just looking for the sales made with cash. Sergio leads the police on a wild goose chase with plan Tom Thumb. The crime scene Marseille left at the northern storm drain painted a picture that Sergio plans to dump the gold in the ocean. The security footage of Marseille loading up a boat shows a crate full of buoys. Forensic shows Tamayo that part of the burned documents they found at the storm drain showed plans that included a picture of a buoy. Tamayo sees the same buoys being loaded by Marseille in the security footage. He rallies everyone to search the Cantabrian Sea.

[00:44:00] Suarez and his men fire their weapons inside the bank. It’s part of Tamayo’s plan to make people outside believe that the heist is still in play. Palermo knows it’s just a smokescreen while Tamayo searches for the gold. He calls out to the rest of the team to not lose hope. Bogotá argues with Rio about positivity. Soldiers surround them, so getting out is impossible. Rio and Helsinki think otherwise. They are full of hope and optimism. They knew Sergio came to rescue them, which would happen. Even Manila and Stockholm are losing hope. Palermo tells them they should also try some positive thinking. It’s been 24 hours, and they’re still alive. Stockholm points out that Tamayo has already arrested Denver, and it’s irreversible.

[00:46:00] Just as Tamayo has hope on finding the gold. Pakistan releases part two of the video. The video streams worldwide, and in minutes, the press is already reporting it. The press even reports the Spanish fleet searching for gold in the Cantabrian Sea. Tamayo is left without any choice but to negotiate with Sergio. Denver sees everything unfold firsthand. He now believes in Sergio’s plan. Meanwhile, Alicia finds the gold. They almost overlook the private lot, but she has a hunch the gold is there. They enter the property and see things aren’t in order. Alicia’s team checks the grass and sees that it isn’t real. Alicia tripped an alarm the moment she entered the lot. In a few minutes, Tatiana and her team comes.

[00:48:00] Tatiana and her men got out of their vehicles armed to the teeth. Alicia and her team are left with no choice but to arm themselves. They are in a standoff to see who gets to keep the gold. Meanwhile, Tamayo calls for Lisbon and Sergio to negotiate. Sergio tells Tamayo to hold a press conference and tell the world they have found the gold. Tamayo holds the team hostage to have some leverage against Sergio. Sergio tells Tamayo that either they both win or they both lose. Alicia knows the skinny young man is Rafael. She hands him a note written by Sergio.

[00:51:00] Tamayo does as agreed upon with Sergio. He calls for a press conference outside the Bank of Spain. Part of the deal is that Tamayo will receive the gold once he announces they found it via the press conference. Sergio doesn’t disappoint as the trucks arrive, just as Tamayo gives the announcement. The press crowds the trucks while forklifts take the gold out for the world to see. Lisbon is surprised at the arrival of two trucks carrying gold bars. She watches from the bank’s windows as the forklifts bring the gold out from the trucks. She asks Sergio what those trucks are, but he just tells Lisbon it’s part of the plan. Sergio tells Lisbon not every part of the plan should be revealed in bed.

[00:54:00] Meanwhile, Palermo confronted Sergio about the heist before it even began. He wanted to know the final part of the heist. Palermo knew Sergio wouldn’t go to all the trouble to steal the gold just to give it back. Sergio responded he’s doing everything for Rio. Sergio told Palermo that no one could know the final part of the heist, especially those who were going to enter the bank. Palermo told Sergio he would walk away unless he knew. Sergio gave Palermo a hint. He asked him what a country’s gold is. Palermo answered it’s the country’s wealth, but Sergio responded it’s just an illusion. No country pays for anything in gold, not even Spain. Sergio added that gold is merely a psychological factor. Palermo realized Sergio plans to exchange the gold for brass.

[00:56:00] After realizing that the gold bars they received were mere brass, Tamayo furiously rushes to Sergio. He orders Suarez to load their weapons. Suarez and his men point their loaded guns at the rest of the team while Sergio and Tamayo discuss the terms of their agreement. Tamayo can’t understand why Sergio wants to steal the gold when portraying himself as Robin Hood. Sergio responds that he’s the son of a thief, brother of a thief, and father to a thief one day. Sergio’s response enrages Tamayo. He orders a countdown for Suarez to start shooting Sergio’s team. Sergio and Lisbon try to convince Tamayo to accept the brass bars. Sergio tells Tamayo it will just be another state secret that needs to be kept. Nothing will change. Tamayo will become a national hero for recovering the gold.

[00:59:00] After a few minutes of arguing with Sergio and Lisbon, Tamayo orders Suarez to shoot down the entire team. Gunshots ring from inside the bank. Denver hears the gunshots from the news report. After a while, Tamayo goes out to address the press. He tells everyone that the heist is over. The Special Forces regain control of the bank and kill everyone. The hostages run out of the bank along with Sagasta and Arteche. Denver mourns the loss of Stockholm as the police bring their bodies out one by one. Everyone is inside a body bag as Denver watches them being brought out of the bank. Tamayo tells the press they won the war with the help of Denver, who signed the paperwork for his newfound freedom.

[01:01:00] As Denver opens the folder, he finds one of Sergio’s origamis. Denver knew everything is part of the plan and that everyone is still alive. He cries in joy as he thought Stockholm is dead. Everyone opens their body bags as the hospital vans carry them away from the bank. Part of Sergio’s agreement with Tamayo is that he will stop chasing them; no one chases dead bodies. They will be free. Everyone rejoices as they get out of their body bags. They completed the heist. Sergio tells Tamayo he won’t risk chasing them unless he wants the biggest state secret revealed. Tamayo and his men don’t have any choice but to lock the brass bars inside the Bank of Spain. As far as everyone is concerned, the brass bars are gold.

[01:04:00] Rafael and Tatiana surrender the gold to Alicia. The note that Sergio left Rafael is assurance he will receive his share of the heist. Tatiana asks Rafael how sure he is that Sergio will honor his side of the agreement. Rafael tells Tatiana it’s a family tradition. 24 hours later, the team meets in an undisclosed airfield. The military general hands them their new identities and even gives them a helicopter to lift them to their new lives. Rio and Denver are the last team members to arrive. Stockholm and Denver reunite for a happy ending. Sergio explains they achieved something despite their losses.

[01:06:00] With Tokyo and Nairobi’s death, the team didn’t complete the heist with a 100% headcount. Still, the team celebrates their victory. Alicia arrives with Victoria to claim her newfound freedom. Sergio hands her a passport before she leaves. Alicia tells Sergio that the gold is already going to Portugal, and all he needs to do is find it. Benjamin accompanies the gold and the little house that Tatiana and Rafael used to hide it. The team gets on the helicopter to live out the rest of their free lives. As the helicopter leaves the airfield, Sergio finally sighs in relief. They are finally able to fully celebrate their accomplishment. Palermo looks at Sergio; they both know they accomplished Berlin’s dream of robbing the Bank of Spain.

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