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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 2 Recap – Do You Believe in Reincarnation?


Published 7 months ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 2 Recap - Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

[00:00:30] Everyone puts on their gear as they prepare to go outside. Tokyo, Stockholm, and Lisbon remove their boots and tie their jumpsuits to their waist. They remove their boots and surrender their weapons to Rio. Lisbon talks to them as Palermo instructs the hostages to surrender their Dali masks. Rio turns off the explosives on the main entrance and instructs the hostages to go outside. The hostages march in two straight lines as tension rises outside the bank. The three of them go outside barefoot. Lisbon calls out to Colonel Tamayo as Stockholm raises the white flag and waives it for everyone to see. The crowd cheers them on as they surrender.

[00:04:00] Colonel Tamayo is furious at the change of events. Now everyone knows Raquel escaped from the police. He wants Suarez to sweep the hostages with Tokyo, Stockholm, and Lisbon. Ángel tells Tamayo to stop, but he wants to eliminate Raquel for what she did: shame the whole police force. But Ángel responds they’re surrendering; they must honor the white flag. Since the hostages are being used as a security corridor, Ángel tells Tamayo to use the army as his security corridor to negotiate a complete surrender. He doesn’t want to look weak, but Ángel tells him their battle is to show the world who the good guys really are. Tamayo takes Ángel’s advice and approaches Lisbon to negotiate.

[00:06:00] Arturo wonders why the army is stationed outside the bank. The governor tells him the heist is no longer considered a civil matter. Arturo is relieved that the army is taking action, but the governor isn’t. He tells Arturo they are no longer considered hostages if the army steps inside the bank — they will just become collateral damage. The army will not hesitate to shoot anyone wearing a Dali mask to end the heist. Lisbon talks to Tamayo about Gandía. She tries to pull her phone out, but the army points their firearms at them. Colonel Tamayo orders the army to stand down. Lisbon contacts Palermo; he shows Gandía via video call. Lisbon asks Tamayo for a neurosurgeon to save Gandía’s life. While Raquel negotiates, Arturo tries to convince the governor to escape.

[00:08:00] The governor doesn’t want to leave the other hostages behind. He tells Arturo that it’s his time to shine and be a hero. Colonel Tamayo doesn’t want to give in to Raquel’s terms. He wants Raquel to release Gandia so he could receive proper medical attention. Raquel knows she will get nothing with releasing Gandía, but Tamayo thinks otherwise. Tamayo tells Raquel that if she doesn’t release Gandía, he will enter the bank with the army immediately. If Raquel releases Gandía, he would need an hour to question Gandía about the details of the heist. Raquel asks Tamayo for a minute to discuss their next course of action. Gandía taunts Bogotá as he hears his possible release. Bogotá pulls out his knife, intending to kill Gandía. Tokyo tells Lisbon they need to release Gandía; they need the extra hour.

[00:09:00] Lisbon realizes the police don’t have Sergio in custody. She explains Tamayo would’ve used Sergio as his trump card if he had him in custody. She adds that Alicia is a lone wolf, and she no longer has the support of the police. Lisbon tells Palermo to have Gandía ready for release. Bogotá has another agenda: he wants to have a fistfight with him. He releases Gandía from his bindings.  Palermo stops him. They are releasing Gandia, and they can’t release him in pieces. Gandía continues to taunt Bogotá and get inside his mind. Palermo tells Bogotá that he can’t get his revenge without hurting the whole team. Bogota responds that it’s respect for Nairobi and the team. Rio sides with Bogotá, but Denver is against him. Rio wants to kill Gandía before the army kills them.

[00:11:00] Denver tells Rio that he should’ve killed Gandía in the first place, but he didn’t have the guts to. Rio tells Denver he should be mad at Gandía and Palermo since they’re the reason Nairobi died. Lisbon agrees with Tamayo’s terms, but she wants to inform Sergio first. Tamayo agrees and gives them four minutes to discuss it with the professor. They confirm that the police don’t have Sergio in custody. The three of them head back inside the bank along with the hostages as Bogotá and Gandía fistfight. Denver opens the bank doors to let everyone in. Bogotá beats the crap out of Gandía. Lisbon tries to stop him, but Palermo gets in her way. Lisbon tells him the police didn’t capture Sergio. Tokyo stops Bogotá before he snaps Gandía’s neck.

[00:14:00] Arturo and the governor see the opportunity to escape while everyone is busy watching the fight. Bogotá lets Gandía go, but he turns his attention to Tokyo. He taunts her by showing how he killed Nairobi. Tokyo hits Gandía with her knee and beats him to a pulp. Bogotá pulls Tokyo off Gandía as he continues to berate her with insults. Palermo declares recess is over; they didn’t know Arturo and the governor seized their weapons. Arturo fires a machine gun in the lobby, hitting a few hostages, including Denver. Stockholm runs to his aid as Tokyo asks for Rio’s gun and goes hunting with Palermo. They tell Helsinki and Manila about what happened.

[00:16:00] Lisbon, Tokyo, and Palermo go after Arturo and the governor. Denver can’t accept Arturo shot him, so he goes after him despite his injury. Lisbon orders Stockholm to patch Gandía up since he’s their top priority. Bogotá attends to the wounded hostages. A gunfight ensues across the bank as the governor and Arturo try to get to the vaults. Helsinki and Manila cut them off, so they need to change their plans. With a few hostages, the governor decides to head for the loading docks to escape. Back at the tent, Colonel Tamayo orders a medical team to standby at the bank entrance to await Gandía’s arrival. He orders Major Sagasta to standby for entry to end the heist. Sagasta doesn’t want to enter the bank without his team.

[00:18:00] Major Sagasta explains he needs his team to enter the bank because he doesn’t want anyone having second thoughts about killing people in Dali masks. He knows the Special Forces want to save hostages. Major Sagasta only wants to enter the bank to kill everyone in sight. Colonel Tamayo couldn’t grant Sagasta’s request because his team is comprised of lunatics who don’t have any self-control. He would be releasing wolves to hunt down sheep. Major Sagasta refuses to enter without his team; he is one step ahead of Tamayo as his team is already gathered outside, awaiting his orders. Meanwhile, the governor and Arturo manage to enter the loading docks. Lisbon and the team weren’t able to catch up to them. The hostages couldn’t leave through the loading docks because explosives blocked the entrance.

[00:22:00] Alicia records a video to save her reputation. She needs the video recording if the police or anyone tries to change the truth since she has a warrant for her arrest. Alicia shows Sergio in the video and takes credit for his arrest. Sergio notices the arrival of Marseille and Benjamin. He tried to distract Alicia, but it didn’t work. She sees Marseille and Benjamin through the surveillance cameras. Sergio tries to shout for help, but Marseille and Benjamin can’t hear him. Alicia panics and hits Sergio in the head with a fire extinguisher. She finds a medicine box on Sergio’s desk and injects him with a drug. Sergio slowly fades and falls unconscious.

[00:26:00] Back inside the bank, Lisbon and the team approach the loading docks cautiously. They heard the hostages securing weapons in an attempt to fight them off. The governor begins to doubt that Arturo knows what he is doing. Arturo doesn’t care about his actions; he just wants to attack and kill the team. The governor regrets taking Arturo’s side. He couldn’t control him. Helsinki keeps watching from the top floor of the bank. He will inform Lisbon if there’s any movement from the army outside. Suarez tells Tamayo about the shooting inside the bank, but he doesn’t want to think something is going on. He believes it is just part of the professor’s theatrics. Suarez knows Tamayo is planning something behind his back, and he wants to be a part of it. With time running out, Tamayo orders Sagasta to enter the bank.

[00:29:00] The gunfight continues inside the bank. Tokyo and Rio go to Gandía’s hideout to access his weapons cache. Denver’s injury gets worse with every minute. Stockholm and Manila want him to retreat, but he really wants to kill Arturo. Arturo slowly loses his mind. He takes two grenades and throws them at Lisbon and the team. They take cover. The governor wants to defend the weapons cache until the army intervenes, but Arturo declines. While Rio and Tokyo open Gandía’s weapon cache, Arturo is having a blast at trying to kill the team. He takes a flamethrower and wants to start a barbeque.

[00:32:00] Marseille and Benjamin are almost inside Sergio’s hideout. They hear a sound coming from the hideout, so they approach cautiously. Benjamin goes to the bathroom. Marseille sees Sergio lying in bed. He thinks he is sleeping. Marseille signals Benjamin there aren’t any threats, so he lowers his guard. Benjamin uses the bathroom as Marseille tucks Sergio into his hammock. Alicia is lying on the top bunk waiting for the opportunity to pounce. She sticks the syringe into Marseille’s neck, instantly disabling him. He falls to the floor, hitting the bedside table in the process. Benjamin hears the glass breaking outside and immediately reaches for his gun. Alicia fires at the bathroom door and orders Benjamin to surrender. He slides his gun outside and comes out with his hands up.

[00:36:00] Tokyo and Rio talk about their relationship. They want to start again once they finish the heist. Helsinki informs Lisbon about the army starting to move towards the bank. She orders Bogotá and Stockholm to release Gandía. Bogota doesn’t want to release him, but they have no choice. Stockholm finishes patching him up. Arturo brings the flamethrower out and taunts Denver. He calls him out by telling him he’s the true father of Cincinnati. Gandía asks Stockholm who the real father is, but she isn’t in the mood to talk. Denver loses his temper and goes out the corridor to meet Arturo. He sees the flamethrower and moves out of range before he gets barbequed. The army is nearing the bank entrance when Bogotá throws Gandía out of the bank. He attaches a smoke grenade to Gandía’s chest to prevent him from breathing.

[00:40:00] Gandía runs out while holding his breath, but he can’t hold it long enough without suffocating. He inhales a bit of smoke before the army gets to him and removes the smoke grenade. Suarez calls the intervention off. He confirms Gandía is released. Tamayo can’t do anything but call Sagasta back to the tent. Arturo continues his insults and taunts through the radio. He wants Denver to do something reckless to kill him. The governor wants Arturo to stop; his personal vendetta would get everyone killed. Arturo doesn’t listen to the governor and continues with his plan. Stockholm hears everything through the radio. She requests Bogotá’s pistol and climbs through the vents. Manila wants to turn the radio off, but Denver doesn’t allow her. Denver is about to attack when Arturo sprays him with the flamethrower.

[00:44:00] Manila pulls Denver out of harm’s way. She tells him to keep calm and cool. Arturo overhears their conversation about Tokyo bringing them more weapons — the radio is still on. Arturo knows he needs to act, or they will be trapped inside the loading docks. He instructs the other hostages to mount shields and the browning to the forklift. Tokyo and Rio open Gandía’s weapon cache; they prepare all the weapons they can find. Arturo uses the forklift to gain an advantage, but it doesn’t last long as Stockholm emerges from the vents behind him. He tries to reason with Stockholm, but it doesn’t work. Arturo tries to reach for the pistol behind him, giving Stockholm enough reason to shoot him. The first shot doesn’t kill Arturo. He reaches for his pistol again. Stockholm doesn’t hesitate and shoots him.

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