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Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 Recap – Your Place in Heaven


Published 5 months ago

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 Recap - Your Place in Heaven

[00:00:30] The army blows the roof while Helsinki is still in the dining hall. The blast didn’t kill him, but a statue fell on his legs. He lets out a loud shout as his legs are crushed. Palermo radios Helsinki to see if he’s still alive. For a moment, he can‘t respond. Palermo fears the worst, but Helsinki tells them he’s still alive. Palermo tells him to get out of the dining hall, but he can’t. Helsinki is trapped. He tells Palermo his situation. Palermo consoles him through the radio as they head over to rescue him. Palermo tells Helsinki they’ll go to dinner once everything is over. Helsinki also wants to go to the movies. Palermo tells him they’ll go to the movies as long as he doesn’t fall asleep.

[00:02:30] Sergio saves Alicia and her baby. He turns his attention to the heist and the remaining team members. Palermo, Lisbon, and Tokyo give Sergio a status report about their location and what their next move will be. Tokyo, Denver, and Manila are already on the rooftop. They are ready to attack Sagasta and his men from behind, but Sergio stops them. He tells Tokyo not to open the door and go through the roof; there are snipers all over the bank. Palermo wants Tokyo to attack immediately to save Helsinki. Sergio tells Tokyo not to get the hostages killed by snipers. Rio, Palermo, and Bogotá arrive at the dining hall just before Helsinki gets killed. Palermo fires a rocket launcher to disable Sagasta and his team.

[00:06:30] Berlin, Tatiana, Marseille, and Bogotá prepared for the heist. Rafael had a very important role in the heist. He would duplicate the key cards to access the gold room using a piano tuner. They only had one problem: a guard named Hans. He never left his spot. Hans didn’t have a wife and children. His only relative was his father, but he had already lost his mind. They planned on using Han’s father against him. The replicas were hidden inside his tool cart with tools needed to tune a piano.

[00:10:00] On the day of the heist, Marseille brought Hans’ father with him. They released his father to distract him and make him leave his post. The distraction worked; Hans left his post. Berlin responded to his request for an emergency backup. The moment Hans left, they sneaked inside the gold room. Hans followed his father, who followed the sound of Tatiana’s piano. Inside the gold room was an advance safe. Rafael hacked the safe, and they switched out the gold with the replicas. With time running out, Berlin needed a distraction. Marseille distracted Hans long enough for Berlin and Rafael to escape. They made their way to a bathroom, where Rafael was overwhelmed with power and greed as he successfully completed his first heist.

[00:17:00] Rafael felt amazing as he caressed the briefcase full of gold. Berlin took the suitcase from him and threw it out the window. Rafael tried to stop him, but he couldn’t. Berlin told Rafael that only a true thief felt like he owned someone else’s property. He told Rafael to leave his arrogance and moral superiority behind once he joined their next heist. The team left the concert with smiles. No one was any wiser. Yet, Rafael frowned — they didn’t have the gold. They took a ride on a small boat. After a while, Tatiana pulled the briefcase out of the water. Bogotá came out of the water with his scuba gear and boarded the boat. Berlin asked Rafael if he was seriously thinking of walking out with a briefcase full of gold.

[00:21:00] Back at the bank, Palermo finally reaches Helsinki. There‘s a moment of cease-fire as Sagasta attends to his wounded teammates. Manila and Denver get back to the hostages and tell them to head for the roof. Manila instructs Matías to grab their gear and follow them to the roof. Helsinki tells Palermo to cut off his legs, but he doesn’t want to do it. Helsinki explains his legs would get cut off at the hospital anyway. Bogotá agrees with Helsinki. The marble statue weighs at least two tons, and they don’t have enough manpower to move it. Palermo orders Bogotá to find a way to move the statue. Sagasta and his men are still on the other side of the statue, keeping an eye on any movement they make.

[00:25:00] The hostages make it to the roof with Manila, Denver, and Tokyo. They tell half of the hostages to take off their masks. Meanwhile, the bomb squad prepares to enter the building from the ground floor. Sergio asks Lisbon why they released the governor. She told him they placed microphones inside the governor’s handcuffs. As a result, they have Colonel Tamayo in a checkmate. With everything that Colonel Tamayo told the governor about fabricating evidence and whatnot, he won’t be able to weasel his ass out of it. Lisbon tells Sergio to contact Pakistan to arrange the tapes. Sergio orders Benjamin to start the foundry while Marseille leaves to buy anything Alicia and her baby need. Sergio asks Alicia to surrender her ammunition for the safety of everyone inside the storm drain. She takes out the magazine and surrenders it to Marseille.

[00:28:00] Tokyo, Denver, and Manila are going out on the roof with the hostages. They kept all their weapons inside a bag and tied it to Manila’s foot. Sergio’s instructions are to keep themselves hidden among the hostages until they get to the hole on the roof. Matías will provide distraction fire once Sergio gives him the signal. Meanwhile, Lisbon and Stockholm arrive to cover the extraction of Helsinki. They throw smoke grenades to blind the enemy as Bogotá and Rio detach a wooden beam in hopes of lifting the marble statue from Helsinki. They successfully get the wooden beam. The hostages scatter on the roof with Manila, Denver, and Tokyo. Sergio calls Tamayo before he orders the bomb squad to enter the bank. He plays the recording and orders him not to proceed with the second attack.

[00:33:00] Sergio tells Tamayo he needs to hold off the second attack or he’ll prove to the world that he fabricated evidence against Alicia. Colonel Tamayo can’t do anything. He orders Suarez to hold off the second attack. Suarez couldn’t believe Tamayo’s orders. He tells Suarez he got a call from the president, and his ass is on the line. Meanwhile, Manila is having an anxiety attack on the roof. She confesses her love for Denver, and she tells Tokyo that from the moment she set foot inside the monastery, she knew everything would turn bad. Tokyo assures Manila no one is dying that day. Palermo, Bogotá, and Rio pull Helsinki out of the fallen statue. Sergio orders Matías to distract the snipers while Denver pulls the bag towards them. Everything goes according to plan as Tokyo, Denver, and Manila get in position.

[00:38:00] The team retreats to allow Denver, Tokyo, and Manila to enter the bank from above. They trapped Sagasta and his team at the center of the dining hall — it‘s a standoff. Tokyo and Gandía look at each other; they know they must kill each other. Tokyo remembers her moments with Nairobi. She entered Nairobi’s room and saw statues of saints and pictures of Jesus. Nairobi told Tokyo that the pictures and statues protect her and Helsinki. Tokyo and Nairobi discussed the afterlife. Nairobi just wanted to be remembered by her friends after she died. Tokyo told her she would never forget Nairobi for going with her to rescue Rio. Tokyo added she always knew people live on with their last thoughts just before they die. She planned to keep thinking of her happiest moments before she would die.

[00:42:00] Nairobi told Tokyo she had a very beautiful plan. Back inside the bank, Palermo calls out the person in charge of the commandos. Major Sagasta responds. Palermo orders them to put down their weapons. Major Sagasta tells Colonel Tamayo to send the second team in because everyone is with them. Colonel Tamayo tells Sagasta they need to resist because a second team won’t be coming in. Major Sagasta is disappointed that Tamayo sold them out. Sagasta distracts the team by signaling their surrender. After the countdown, they throw their smoke grenades and separate Tokyo, Denver, and Manila from the rest of the team.

[00:45:00] Sergio tells Lisbon not to lose sight of Tokyo. Tokyo, Denver, and Manila can’t move from their position because they can’t see anything. Sagasta and his men push the rest of the team back into the museum and close the safety lock. It‘s now three against eight as Gandía taunts Tokyo. He calls out to her. Gandía tells Tokyo that Nairobi is waiting for her in heaven.

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