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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Encounter with the Unknown

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - Encounter with the Unknown

Surprise Attack

Villains attack the stadium where the students are about to conduct their training. Aizawa suspects that these are the ones that caused the ruckus earlier at school. They’ve come to meet All Might, but he’s nowhere to be found, so they resort to hunting the students instead.

Aizawa tells his students to stay put while the villains are approaching. They seemed to have bypassed the alarms installed outside the building. From the looks of it, they selected this place to isolate them. The plan looks carefully orchestrated, meaning that these are not ordinary villains.

No. 13 and Eraser Head are forced to handle the situation while they wait for backup.

Eraser Head meets the advancing force using his nullifying quirk and close-quarters combat. No. 13 leads the students’ evacuation, but a villain with a portal quirk stands in their way and introduces themselves as the Villain League. He expresses disappointment at not finding All Might, the man they plan to defeat.

Bakugo and Kirishima step in to fight him, but their blows don’t land. The villain then engulfs them in a cloud, sucking everyone into his portal energy and scattering them all around the stadium.


Midoriya finds himself in the sea area to face the villains there. Thankfully Tsuyu landed at the same place and helped him with her frog-ability quirk. They manage to retreat to a nearby boat with another classmate named Mineta.

The three make a plan for their next step. They know that the enemy has been elaborately planning all along, so they must be just as careful. Mineta thinks that they should just wait for All Might to come to save them, but Tsuyu suggests that villains who’ve prepared this much to catch All Might could have a way to defeat him.

Suddenly, villains start approaching their boat, and Midoriya has to think quickly. He feels obligated to fight, knowing that All Might has his limitations.

Students in different zones start facing off against enemy villains with none willing to back off.

Back at school, All Might worries that he couldn’t join Eraserhead and No.13 due to his quirk’s limit. The school principal learns he saved three crimes this morning and tells him not to overdo it. He has to learn to control himself and give the job to other hero agencies.

No.13 assigns Iida to send the message of the attack back to school since they’re out of options.


Midoriya and his group discuss their abilities to find a way to escape or defend themselves. Mineta cries that his sticky grape-like hairs don’t seem too useful in battle.

Suddenly the villains start their attack and cut the ship in half. Mineta cries again as he didn’t expect high school students like then to be thrust in such life-threatening situations. Midoriya insists they should do their best or the villains will get to All Might.

The villains wait as the ship starts to sink but remain cautious and keep their distance. Midoriya jumps off the boat and creates a whirlpool with a flick of his fingers. Tsuyu follows by jumping up high and catching Midoriya with her tongue. Mineta gets a ray of inspiration after seeing Midoriya’s cool feat and launches his sticky grape hairs onto the water. These get stuck into the villains while the whirlpool drags them onto the center. In the end, the group manages to escape while catching the enemy in a sticky clump.

Our Thoughts

Excited to see how strong the big baddies are in this show. From this encounter alone, they certainly seem terrifying, 3.8/5.

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