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Ozark Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Blue Cat


Published 3 weeks ago

Ozark Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Blue Cat

Marty told Charlotte and Jonah that they need to guard their belongings because that was all they have left. Charlotte knew something was going on between her parents, but they couldn’t tell them the truth. Marty instructed Wendy to find them a new place to live, a cheap but good house that wouldn’t cost them a fortune. Although Marty tried his best to keep his family alive, Wendy was still thinking of Gary and how he was an innocent man. Marty apologized to Wendy for not getting wind of what Bruce was doing early on. He apologized for not doing his job properly because he was too busy checking on the needs of his family. Marty told Wendy that Gary’s death was the only thing that’s putting him to sleep at night.  Wendy didn’t like what Marty told her, so she slapped him and punched him before leaving.

Wendy entered a real estate office to buy a house. She met a man named Sam Dermody who was feeding his dog some peanut butter using his toes. Wendy didn’t mind what Sam was doing because she came for a house, and she was leaving with a house. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Jonah were just chilling at the motel. Housekeeping came by to clean up their room, but Charlotte told her to leave. While Wendy was looking for a new house, Marty went to the public records office to look at all the public records about Ozark.

After looking at public records, Marty found a guy who owned storage facilities. He needed a storage facility himself, so he smooth talks the guy into renting him the biggest shed he could find on his property. Marty told the man that he could help him on his finances as well as all the other legal stuff he was facing in court because of delinquent taxes. The guy didn’t agree on Marty’s business offer; he just allowed him to rent the shed. Marty did his best to convince the man to take him up on his offer but the man still refused.

Marty continued to look for businesses where he could invest money and launder it. The majority of small businesses in the area refused to take his offer, so Marty kept on returning to square one: looking for more businesses. Meanwhile, Wendy couldn’t find a suitable house to live in. Sam took her to several houses that were for sale, but none of them appealed to Wendy’s taste. Back at the motel, one of the pool boys decided to talk with Charlotte. The guy’s name was Wyatt, and Charlotte thought it would be fun to go wave boarding with them instead of guard their motel room. Charlotte left Jonah at the motel because she didn’t know that there was approximately $8,000,000 inside one of their suitcases.

Marty went to a nearby bar in hopes of getting the owner to agree with his investment plan. The owner knew that Marty was just trying to launder his money in his business. The owner of the bar wanted a 25% cut for helping him wash his money. Marty tried to run an alibi on the owner, but he didn’t want to mess around with Marty. Meanwhile, Wendy finally found the house she wants. She thought she couldn’t afford the house, but Sam told her that it was just under her budget as a man with an oxygen tank came out of the house to check on his car.

Marty decides to have his lunch near a cliff. He notices something when he threw his sandwich down the cliff which made him think of something else. Meanwhile, Charlotte went with Wyatt and his brother, three,  for some wake boarding. They took a speedboat and drove it in the river while Jonah stayed inside their motel room. With nothing better to do, Jonah decides to take all the gadgets they have with him and leave the motel room.

The old man wanted to stay in the basement while Wendy and her family could keep the rest of the house. He kept the price cheap because he has terminal heart disease. The old man just wanted to stay in the house until his death. Wendy was having a problem deciding, but the old man knew that it was not her decision whether they would take the house or not. He told Wendy that if she likeed the house, she could come back with her husband so that they could sign the deal.

Jonah went to a nearby arcade while Charlotte was having the time of her life with Wyatt. They even allowed her to drive the speedboat. While they were cruising on the river, a state trooper boat passed them by and it turned around to follow them. Charlotte knew that Wyatt didn’t own the speedboat. He gave a life jacket to Charlotte and threw her overboard so that the state trooper wouldn’t follow them. Meanwhile, Jonah decides to roam around town and he arrived at the shallow part of the river. He saw a couple of people fishing and went over for a closer look.

Jonah met a man named Tuck who was having lunch by the river. Tuck gave Jonah his knife because Jonah thought it was cool. Meanwhile, Charlotte got arrested for hanging around Wyatt and Three. Wendy and Marty went to the station to pick her up. The Sheriff didn’t want to deal with them until he found out that they already bought a home in Ozark. He was happy to assist them and told one of his officers to pick up Wyatt and Three. The Sheriff told Marty that Charlotte was lucky she didn’t mess around with Ruth, the eldest of the Langmore siblings. He showed Marty a picture of Ruth and she was the housekeeping personnel that came over earlier at their motel room.

Marty rushed back to the motel room to check their money. It was still there, and he noticed that their room got cleaner. Jonah told Marty that he had cleaned the room on his own. Marty saw Jonah’s new knife and told him that he got it from his new friend. Jonah came clean and told Marty that he went out for a walk. Marty checked all of their bags and found out the suitcase was already empty. It seems Ruth had found their money and ran off with it. Marty tries to call the Sheriff, but he didn’t know where the Langmore siblings were. Marty couldn’t tell the Sheriff that he was missing a lot of money. Charlotte knew she messed up, so she went to see Marty to apologize.

Charlotte told Marty that she knew where the Langmore siblings were, but she has no clue how to get there. Marty went out to buy some supplies. He even rented a boat and bought some catfish from a fisherman at the docks. He went out to check the nearby islands and found the Langmores discussing what to do with his money. Three, Wyatt, and Ruth, were inside a broken down house with their uncles Boyd and Russ. Marty went in to tell them that the money belonged to Omar Navarro. Three Googles who Omar was and they find out that Omar was a drug kingpin. They didn’t believe that the money belonged to Omar, but Marty told them that Omar would hunt them down one by one until he got his money back.

Marty told everyone that they needed to kill him in order to get all of the money which they couldn’t even spend without raising suspicion. Wyatt chickened out and brought Three with him. Russ and Boyd took $20,000 despite all the warnings that Marty gave them. Ruth felt confident that Marty would end up dead sooner or later, but that was the least of his worries. The scene went back to episode one: Marty had filled up his ice chest with ice and pieces of catfish. Underneath the ice was the money, and he took it to the shed that he rented out. He took all of the money and hid it inside a metal tube. Meanwhile, the FBI had found what was left of the acid barrels that Del and his men had dumped on the side of the road.

The FBI agents got confirmation that the teeth they found inside the barrel belonged to Mr. Hanson. They knew that further analyses of the acid and the barrels would also contain strands of DNA that belonged to Bruce. They wanted to track Marty down at Ozark so that they could finally catch the drug cartels who were laundering their money into the US. Meanwhile, Marty went back to the cliff and thought about killing himself. Although he really wanted to die, he knew that he couldn’t abandon his family.

It was early the next day when Jonah apologized to Marty for leaving their room yesterday. Marty knew that Jonah wouldn’t have left if he knew what was in the bags. Jonah told Marty about his new friend and how he worked at the Blue Cat Lodge. Jonah also said that the lodge is nearly abandoned and that no one ever went there. Marty instructs Jonah to go to bed while he woke Wendy up to talk outside. Marty knew that he couldn’t wash $8 million dollars at Ozark because there was just no viable business available to take the money. He thought of committing suicide in order to save his family. Wendy didn’t want to go with the plan but she didn’t have any choice. Marty tells Wendy that they could return the $8 million to Del and they would be safe.

Marty knew that time is their enemy. He told Wendy that she needed to tell Del where his money was before someone else finds it. Marty called his friend, Bob, to find out the odds that the insurance company would pay his family the insurance money once he committed suicide. Bob responded that there’s a really low chance that the company would pay up, especially once they find out that Wendy cheated on him. Without any solid numbers, Marty couldn’t continue with his plan of committing suicide. He remembered what Jonah told him and decideed to go back to the motel.

Wendy was about to send the email to Del about his money as she had already gotten off the phone with the Sheriff. Wendy heard Jonah talking to Marty, and she went out of the bathroom. Marty told her that he wasn’t thinking straight and asks if she already sent the email. Wendy responds that she hasn’t sent the email yet. Marty went to Jonah to tell him more about the blue cat lodge. After talking to Jonah, Marty decides to pay the lodge a visit. He went over to talk to the owner, Miss Garrison. She refused to take Marty on his investment offer and sends him away. Marty saw Tuck at the bar, so he went over for a drink. Some of the bar guests were picking on Tuck.

Marty sees the opportunity he needed to be in the good graces of Miss Garrison. He decides to stand up for Tuck and receives a beating from the other guests who were twice as large as he was. Meanwhile, Wendy took Jonah and Charlotte to check out their new house. Marty did an awesome job of standing up for Tuck, but he got knocked out in one punch.

While they were unloading their stuff from the cab, Charlotte saw the old man on the second floor of the house. She asked Wendy who the old man was. Wendy responded that the old man was Buddy Dieker. She told Charlotte that Buddy would live in the basement for a year or more. Charlotte knew there was something off with her mother, so she wanted to know the truth. Wendy got tired of lying, so she told Charlotte and Jonah the truth: Marty was laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. They couldn’t believe it, but Wendy told them both that she wasn’t making up stories.

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