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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Deku vs. Kacchan

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Deku vs. Kacchan


Bakugo and Midoriya grew up in the same neighborhood and had known each other since they were young. Bakugo was the ringleader of their group who always dared to do difficult things; that’s why Midoriya always looked up to him. But when Bakugo discovered his quirk, his aggressive qualities intensified.

Now the two are in a duel for their first training exercise. Bakugo has ignored each of Iida’s calls and now wants to fight. Time is ticking, but the heroes still haven’t uncovered the bomb’s location. Bakugo launches himself for a strike but gets caught up in the capturing tape setup by Midoriya. Uraraka splits up for her task as Midoriya dodges another of Bakugo’s strikes.

All Might notes that Midoriya always uses his head in encounters like this. With the research he’s done as a Hero fanboy, he’s gained a lot of strategies from others.

Midoriya runs away from his foe to confuse him. Bakugo taunts him in frustration, inviting Midoriya to come after him. All Might sees the pride inside of him and worries that it may be too much.

Iida stays behind to guard the bomb while Uraraka closes in stealthily. This leaves Bakugo on his own. The plan to split them up is working. With Midoriya beating Bakugo, they can close in on Iida alone.


Bakugo continues to taunt his foe, with Midoriya intent on getting back at him. Bakugo remembers being superior to all of his friends back then, with Deku being the kid who’s behind on everything. From a younger age, he’s always seen himself as better than everyone. Now he’s frustrated at the idea of Midoriya catching up to him.

When they were young, he remembers falling into a river, with Midoriya being the only one to help him. His pride cannot take it as he sees himself as the better kid.

Uraraka finally finds the location of the bomb with Iida guarding close by. The boy tries his best to enact the villain role and threatens Uraraka. He boasts that he cleaned everything in the room that she can use her quirk on.

She calls Deku to report the situation. Time is running out, so Midoriya meets with Bakugo, who now has a loaded grenade arm. Bakugo taunts his friend for holding back on his quirk, but Midoriya stands his ground.

Bakugo launches a projectile attack and obliterates the side of the building. Midoriya falls to the ground with his helmet off. Bakugo approaches, impressed by his new attack. Iida calls for him to stop, which gives Uraraka an opportunity.

She floats above Iida to get the bomb, but Iida manages to relocate it with his speed.

Outwit and Outlast

The other students are asking All Might to stop the fight, but the hero notices that Bakugo is conscious of where he’s aiming. Instead, All Might warns him not to use the same move again.

Bakugo explodes to punch Midoriya but changes direction and blasts him from behind. This precise maneuver gets some praise from their classmates. He grips Deku on the arm and slams him down. All of this is unnecessary, as all he has to do is restrain the other with tape. Still, Midoriya keeps moving and runs away to the window.

Bakugo berates him for hiding his quirk since they were young. Midoriya denies it, saying he’s always been so amazing, so he wants to be better than him. The two clash, with Midoriya, finally using his quirk.

It was all a ruse as Midoriya punches upwards, leaving Uraraka free to control the scattered debris and catch the bomb. Midoriya wins with a broken arm again.

Our Thoughts

Bakugo started as a one-dimensional bully but became a lot more relatable in this episode. 4/5.

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