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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Cavalry Battle Finale

BY Harris

Published 10 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Cavalry Battle Finale


Mineta, Shoji, and Tsuyu enter attack mode after finding their headband gone. They set out for Midoriya and Todoroki’s team, who find themselves face to face against each other.

Iida boosts them, and Midoriya finds himself against five attackers simultaneously. Kaminari launches a massive voltage attack while Yaorouzu’s insulated blanket shields them. The other teams pursuing Midoriya get stopped while all they can do is run.

Suddenly their rocket boots and jetpacks finally blow out from use. It’s all on Tokoyami now to defend them from incoming attacks. His quirk Dark Shadow strengthens in the dark but is relatively weak when under bright light. Kaminari’s bright electric attack makes it difficult for the shadow to fight back.

Soon they get backed into a corner, with Todoroki sealing off their left and right flanks. Thankfully, not a lot of students know Dark Shadow’s weaknesses. Midoriya stays determined to defend their ten million-point headband.

Elsewhere, Bakugo’s team gets harassed by 1-B student, Monoma. His teammates advise him against taunting the opponent too much, but he stays unfazed. Bakugo’s temper starts flaring, and he sets his sights on revenge. Monoma manages to block his attack and copy his explosive quirk. Bakugo launches another blast, but Monoma manages to copy Kirishima’s hardening.

Will and Determination

Monoma Neito’s quirk is Copy, enabling him to use other people’s quirks for five minutes after touching them. They manage to escape from Bakugo, but after the incessant taunting from the opponents, he’s determined not to back down.

Midoriya’s team gets trapped in a corner for the final minute of the battle. The two teams deliberate on their options, but Iida suggests playing his trump card. He uses his overdrive skill Recipro Burst and boosts through with unimaginable speed to take Midoriya’s headband. But as a consequence, his engines are now fried.

The tables have turned, but Midoriya is determined to take the headband back. Uraraka cheers him on, and Midoriya feels the burden of everyone’s support. It was a risky move teaming up with him, so he didn’t want to waste their trust. Midoriya unleashes his quirk, which forces Todoroki to use his fire side.

Time is tight, but finally, Bakugo manages to take two headbands from Monoma to rise up to the third place. Still, he isn’t satisfied and continues the chase against 1B. With the combined powers of Asido and Sero, they boost themselves through the ground and take all of Monoma’s headbands. Now they set their sights on Midoriya and Todoroki.

Final Clash

The two teams clash, with Midoriya slapping away Todoroki’s hand before grabbing the top headband, but they took the wrong one. Seventy points are not enough for them to qualify. With ten seconds left, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya’s teams clash for ten million points.

But then the time ends with no exchanges happening. First place goes to Todoroki’s team; Second goes to Bakugo. Third place goes to Shinso, but unbeknownst to Midoriya, Tokoyami was able to snatch an unguarded headband with a good number of points. Their team managed to snag Fourth place.

Todoroki looks at his left hand–his firepower and swears never to use it to spite his father. The students of class B wonder how their points were taken away abruptly. Shinso smirks on the sidelines. Uraraka complains to Iida about his secret technique, which he claims is a trump card against Midoriya.

Todoroki grabs Midoriya for a conversation outside of the gym. At the same time, All Might invites endeavor to grab some tea.

Our Thoughts

Nonstop action and great animation from start to end, 4/5 fantastic episode.

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