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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – The Boy Born with Everything

BY Harris

Published 1 week ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - The Boy Born with Everything

Child of Fate

Everyone at the stadium stops for a lunch break, but Todoroki drags Midoriya into a corner to speak with him. He explains that the overwhelming battle led him to use his fire quirk for only a split second, so Midoriya was the only one to notice. Todoroki then asks if All Might is an illegitimate child due to their similar quirks.

Midoriya feels stunned by his conclusion but sees how he managed to see it. From his reply, Todoroki senses a connection between the two that they can’t discuss. Todoroki is the son of the number two hero, and if Midoriya has something from number one, then there’s even more reason for them to defeat each other.

All Might invites Endeavor for a cup of tea, but the fire hero dismisses him. Not to be denied, All Might glides in front of him and compliments his son’s strength. The hero wants to talk about developing the next generation. Endeavor tells him that his son will surpass All Might someday; that’s why he created him.

Todoroki explains that his father has been after the top spot for a long time but never had the chance to. Todoroki was born out of this desire to surpass All Might. He was the result of a quirk marriage–a forced and unethical arrangement to conceive someone with stronger quirks. As a result, Todoroki feels he’s been created as a tool. His mother always cried, which led her to pour boiling water on his face.

To the top

Since then, he’s been on a quest never to use his left side. Midoriya finds their goals similar but under different circumstances. As Todoroki leaves, he swears to defeat Midoriya with just his right side. All Midoriya can reveal is that he’s gotten here with others’ support. Being number one will be his way of giving back to those people.

During the lunch break, Mineta and Kaminari trick the girls into wearing cheerleading uniforms. Yaoyorozu even made outfits for their classmates using her quirk.

The next event is a single-elimination tournament. But first, there’s a recreation event for all participants. Surprisingly, Ojiro from class A withdraws from the one-on-one battle, stating that he couldn’t remember anything that happened during the Cavalry Fight. Presumably because of Shinso’s quirk. Another one of his teammates withdraws. Midnight accepts their decision, so members from Tetsutetsu’s team are chosen to fill in their place.

The first members of the battle round are chosen, with Midoriya going against Shinso. Shinso approaches Midoriya, who he remembers from the Ordinary course, and Ojiro steps in to stop him from answering, which probably has to do with his quirk.


Todoroki sees his first opponent Sero but is looking ahead to his possible fight with Midoriya in the second round. Uraraka gets Bakugo as her opponent while Iida is paired against Mei.

The recreation event starts with a fun scavenger hunt, where students get cards that instruct them to retrieve various items from the crowd. While this happens, Midoriya and the other participants prepare themselves for the upcoming battle. Others like Uraraka cheer on their friends to calm their nerves.

Cementoss enters the arena to set up the stage. All Might meets Midoriya backstage to calm him down since he isn’t sure about using One For All yet. The hero tells him to cheer up even if he can only use five percent of his power. All Might chose him for his determination and will to succeed after all.

Midoriya faces up against Shinso for the first round but soon finds himself paralyzed from the opponent’s quirk.

Our Thoughts

It’s great to have a classic tournament arc! 3.5/5

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