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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – Bakugo vs. Uraraka

BY Harris

Published 6 days ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - Bakugo vs. Uraraka

No Holding Back

Uraraka’s motivation for becoming a hero was to earn money and provide for his parents. But after seeing how Iida resolved to go against Midoriya, she realizes she has to stand up for herself and not rely on others for once. Her next opponent is the fearsome Bakugo.

Before their match, Bakugo offers for her to give up and leave with just a minor scratch, but the match starts with Uraraka rushing toward her opponent. This coincidentally matches Midoriya’s notes, which aim for her to make Bakugo float to destabilize his quirk. Bakugo braces himself for a right swing and blasts her away. As expected, he isn’t holding back against his female opponent.

Uraraka distracts Bakugo with her jacket to attack from behind, but he reacts too quickly and throws her off again. Even with the smokescreen, his reflexes prove to be too fast. He blasts her again in the next attack and twice and thrice more, but Uraraka keeps attacking without rest.

The audience sees it as a desperate move. Rock and debris start scattering around the stage. A hero in the audience calls him out to stop this cruel display, urging Bakugo to push her out of bounds instead. On top of that, they start booing him.

Aizawa then calls out the pro hero and refutes his claims. Bakugo isn’t letting up because he respects his opponent. He’s merely trying his best to win. Uraraka whispers her thanks to Bakugo for not letting his guard down.

Secret Weapon

Monoma from 1B actually sees her strategy. She was collecting scattered debris from the blasts all along and pushing them all above the stage. Uraraka then unleashes her quirk and a shower of rocks starts falling toward Bakugo. She attacks at the same time, seeing this as an opening. But Bakugo simply blasts away the debris with a huge explosion and it pushes her away.

Bakugo was actually expecting a secret strategy from her since she’s always planning with Midoriya. Her gambit has failed, but Bakugo remains pumped to continue the fight. Unfortunately, her legs give out and she falls. Not willing to give up, she crawls towards her opponent, remembering her promise to her parents. Not long after, she passes out.

Midnight stops the fight and Bakugo advances to the second round. The first round of battles is concluded.

Bakugo passes by Midoriya on the hallways and he asks if that risky plan was his idea. Midoriya tells him the truth that it was Uraraka’s bold plan.

Midoriya checks in with Uraraka on the waiting room to find her up and about. She plays off her frustration by acting cool about it, but after receiving a call from his father, she breaks down and cries. Her father encourages her and tells she’ll be a great hero someday.

Back at the stage, Kirishima wins against Tetsutetsu on the arm wrestling match.


Midoriya passes by Endeavor this time. The hero compliments his power, stating that it could possibly rival All Might. Midoriya excuses himself and moves past him to evade suspicion, but the man isn’t finished. He declares that Todoroki is the one that must surpass All Might, and their upcoming match should be a useful testing ground for that. He urges him to give an impressive showing.

Before he leaves, Midoriya declares that he isn’t All Might, and that Todoroki isn’t Endeavor. The pressure between the two of them becomes clear as they move towards the stage.

Uraraka returns to the audience seats with sore eyes. The whole class braces themselves for the next match. Todoroki and Midoriya step into the stage with a huge applause from the crowd.

Our Thoughts

Uraraka gave a strong showing despite her loss. It’s refreshing to see our female supporting cast hold their own against the others, something that past shounen anime haven’t been too good at. 3.5/5.

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