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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 14 Recap – Create Those Ultimate Moves

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 14 Recap - Create Those Ultimate Moves

Ultimate Moves

Midoriya dreams of the night when All Might tells him that he’s retired and promises to raise him to be a strong successor. He wakes up and remembers he’s in the dorms. Remembering All Might’s promise and legacy, Midoriya goes to school with great determination.

In class, Aizawa explains to them the importance of obtaining a provisional license. It gives them a great deal of responsibility regarding human life, so it’s sure to be one of the most difficult licenses to acquire. For today, they’ll be teaching them to come up with their Ultimate Moves.

Cementoss, Midnight and Ectoplasm come in to explain the basics of an Ultimate Move. Every pro hero has a move that ends the fight and is inherently attuned to their quirks and abilities. The teachers make them don their costumes and head towards the training gym.

Iida asks them why it’s necessary to come up with Ultimate moves when they focus on the provisional exam. Aizawa replies that their rescue and communication skills will be tested in the exam, each year focusing on different aspects. On top of that their fighting skills will be tested. Ultimate moves will ensure they act consistently through every situation and not be swayed by any challenges. They don’t necessarily need to be attack types like Iida’s Recipro Burst.


Cementoss creates a challenging terrain while Ectoplasm stations his clones around it. Students must come up with their moves before summer vacation ends and a new semester begins.

Other students already have their stations ready, while Midoriya is spacing out in indecision. He can’t think of any moves since his hands can’t take any more abuse. Ectoplasm tells him to keep developing his quirk instead.

All Might comes in to look at them and sees Bakugo’s impressive progress. He goes to Midoriya and advises him to stop imitating him before moving on to the others. Aizawa sees the change in his colleague and notices a teaching manual in his back pocket.

Midoriya goes to the support development studio to look for something to help his arms. He finds Hatsune Mei blowing up the whole lab with her wacky inventions. Uraraka and Iida join him to make upgrades to their gear as well.

Power Loader invites them in for a consultation and checks their costume manuals for the design company. Designs will still have to go for government approval before it gets back to them.

Mei gets excited seeing Midoriya and gives him her powered suit armor, but it breaks his back. Iida wants to make a cooling system for his legs, but Mei gives him arm boosters. She suggests that he should start running with his hands to cool his legs.

Breaking The Shackles

Although this makes little sense, Midoriya gets insight from it. Power Loader apologizes for her self-centered nature but adds that she could be a valuable support for them once they go pro. There are no other support students with dedication quite like hers.

Power Loader tells them that her drive to experiment makes her strong. Midoriya then remembers his teacher’s words to break past his boundaries. He goes to Iida for advice on his next move.

The training for ultimate moves continues at the gym. Four days later, Midoriya gets a brace to protect his arms.

Tokoyami learns how to embrace his body with dark shadow to help with close combat. Bakugo now has a pinpoint, accurate move.

Suddenly, a huge pillar breaks from the terrain. It’s about to fall on All Might, but Midoriya leaps in and breaks it with a Smash kick. Now, he’s finally able to break out of his limits and use his legs for One For All: Shoot Style.

Our Thoughts

It was a wise choice for Midoriya to differentiate himself and be his own hero, 4.2/5.

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