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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 15 Recap – The Test

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 15 Recap - The Test

Shoot Style

Hatsumei Mei gets inspiration from Midoriya for wanting to use more of his legs in combat. She suggests he should look into being a speedy hero Iida, who moves more like an armored tank.

Midoriya saves All Might from a falling boulder the next day using his new Full Cowling technique called Shoot Style. He developed a new style by copying Gran Torino and Bakugo’s quick movements along with the armored shoes made by Mei.

His classmates praise him for his new moves, but he thinks it isn’t complete yet. All Might disagrees, saying it could be enough for the provisional exam. Bakugo sees it and tells All Might to be careful.

The other members of Class A get improvements in their costumes as well. But before they can show it off, Vlad calls them back to make way for Class B. Monoma teases them to all fail the provisional exam since the success rate is 50%. But then Aizawa reveals that the two classes will take the exams in a different place and time against other schools.

Also, it isn’t common for first-years to take the exam, so they should expect to compete against more experienced students.

The girls discuss their training progress that night, with Ashido teasing Uraraka for daydreaming like she’s in love. She floats around after being embarrassed and sees Midoriya still training outside.

Meeting Competition

The exam day comes with everyone feeling nervous about getting the license. Aizawa tells them not to worry and just get it. The step is crucial for them to become semipros.

A student named Inasa barges in on their huddle. He’s from Shiketsu — a school that rivals UA. Aizawa recognizes him as a top scorer in the entrance exam who didn’t enroll in UA.

The Smile Hero: Ms. Joke arrives and makes fun of Aizawa. She’s the teacher of a Ketsubutsu Class of 2nd years. A student named Shindo introduces himself to 1-A and shakes their hands, but Bakugo sees through his façade. Aizawa tells them to hurry up and wear their costumes. Ms. Joke senses their teacher hid something from them.

The examinees are placed together in a tight room as Mera, the examiner, orients them about the test. The 1,540 students have to go on an all-out battle. Stain’s emergence has dealt a blow to the hero profession, but more heroes are still needed to help people and keep villains away. The time between finding an incident and resolving it is running short, so the examinees will be tested on their speed. The first exam will only accept the first 100 passers, making it a 10% passing rate.

Each examinee will be given three targets to attach to their bodies and six balls to throw at the others. Once the third target gets hit, they lose. To pass, each one must have defeated two others.


The arena opens to a massive area of different terrains ranging from rocky mountains to urban industrial areas.

Ms. Joke teases Aizawa again and notes that he hasn’t expelled any of his students. Could it be that he likes them all? He remains coy.

Midoriya tries to rally his class to stick together, but Bakugo and Kirishima veer off. Todoroki also leaves, citing his difficulty in using his quirk around many people. Midoriya tells his classmates they‘re at a disadvantage since everyone knows their quirks from TV.

Ms. Joke asks Aizawa why he didn’t tell his class they would be prime targets. He says it won’t be any different if you’re a known hero.

Our Thoughts

Hopefully, we get to see more interesting quirks from other schools. The quality of this show remains superb. 4.5/5.

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