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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 19 Recap – Rescue Exercises

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 19 Recap - Rescue Exercises

Next Test: Rescue

The second and final phase of the provisional exam starts with the examiners blowing up the previous area into a disaster site. The stadium fills up with civilians ranging from children and elderly, all coming from the “Help Us Company” — a professional agency now playing the role of injured victims from a disaster. Examinees will be tested using a rescue scoring system to evaluate their performance. They have ten minutes to prepare.

Iida and Midoriya recognize the site as inspired by what happened at Kamino ward.

Sero tells Mineta and Kaminari of Camie’s heated encounter with Midoriya, which earns him the ire of his jealous friends. Midoriya denies that anything happened while Camie waves at them from afar.

Suddenly, a group of Shiketsu students approaches Bakugo, led by the hairy student, Nagamasa. He apologizes for how Seiji acted in the previous bout and says he wants to have a good relationship with UA.

Todoroki overhears it and doubts it. He calls Inasa and asks him if he’d done anything wrong before. The Shiketsu student says he’s just like his father, Endeavor, who he dislikes so much. Camie says goodbye to Midoriya, which makes his friends jealous again. Uraraka somehow feels uneasy around her.


The ring bells, and the examiners explain the scenario. A terrorist attack has ravaged the city, and collapsed buildings have injured many. The first wave of rescuers is having difficulty arriving at the scene, so the heroes on the field are responsible for acting first. The doors open, so the students scramble for position.

Since the scoring criteria are unknown, examinees are left to follow their instincts. Iida calls for the class to stick together, but Bakugo and his crew go elsewhere.

Midoriya hears a child crying nearby, calling for rescue. The child scolds Midoriya for his callous approach and deducts scores from him.

The other schools fare better than them, already setting up first aid stations and clearing debris for the rescue to arrive. Aizawa admits his students don’t have much experience on the matter.

The class gets a lecture from the HUC guys to act as leaders to assess the situation and check on the victims. Midoriya remembers his favorite video of All Might and wakes himself up. Uraraka sees him act and resolves to keep her feelings to herself.

Added Complication

As everything stabilizes, the examiner throws another challenge with Gang Orca’s group preparing themselves.

Most of the first years are inexperienced and try to barge into their problems head-on, but Yaoyorozu becomes a guiding voice for her class. She leads her party to help clear debris as they rescue an old man trapped in the rubble. Examinees who try to show off in this exam lose the objective and fail to work with those around them.

Class A splits into groups to cover a wider area. Iida tells them to cooperate with other schools to save as many as possible.

Elsewhere, Bakugo finds two injured civilians, who unfortunately get the short end of his temper. Kaminari and Kirishima assist them as Bakugo gets points deducted for his rudeness.

The rest of Class A find their groove as they collaborate and go to areas where their strengths can be utilized. Midoriya takes his rescue to the first aid area, which triggers the test‘s second phase. Gang Orca and a group of pretend villains arrive at the scene to shake things up. The examinee’s ability to multitask will be put to the test.

Our Thoughts

This scenario is probably more realistic and practical than all the battle-anime-oriented conflicts in this show. 3.8/5.

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