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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 20 Recap – Special Episode: Save the World with Love!

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 20 Recap - Special Episode: Save the World with Love!

Special Class

All Might and Midoriya switch gears on their regular programming and introduce a special episode titled “Save the World with Love.”

At the end of July, before the start of training camp, All Might enters the teachers’ room to find them watching a TV special about him. The Special goes over his roots from a young student who studied in America to becoming a legitimate hero. Cementoss and Midnight watch as All Might starts his career with a man named David Shield.

Their reminiscing is cut when it’s time for the special class. Aizawa gathers Tsuyu, Iida, Uraraka, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo to train them for a different kind of scenario. Special instructors join them, which includes All Might, Cementoss, Midnight, and Present Mic.

They all meet in costume at Training Ground: Beta, where they’ll have to inspect a hostage situation at a jewelry store. Aizawa answers no questions from the students, leaving them to assess the situation on their own.

Bakugo suggests Uraraka spy on them first through the window while the others create a distraction. While they call the villain played by All Might and ask for their demands, Uraraka floats to find three hostages and one villain inside.

Ongoing Crime Scene

Bakugo gets impatient with their planning and charges while the villain is near the window. The others are forced to follow him, but they enter to find the villain already dead from a knife wound.

The huge blast obscured Uraraka’s view of the situation, so she couldn’t get a view of what happened.

They question the first hostage played by Cementoss. He claims to have been tied up after the villain forced him to hand out the jewels. Midnight says she was there to buy accessories when the villain caught her off guard. Present Mic says he was buying an engagement ring when the villain wrestled him unconscious.

There seem to be no discrepancies in their statements and no incriminating evidence in their wallets. They conclude that there must have been an argument between the villain and his accomplice, but the three deny those allegations.

The exits and windows are barred, so the suspect still lies with the remaining three. The students are puzzled by the situation until Midoriya asks why the villain barred himself inside when he already had his loot. He then concludes that Midnight called the police and got herself stuck inside on purpose.

Love Reveals

But then the others ask why the villain was killed if it were the case. Midoriya figures out that because Midnight came inside to stop the villain, he ended his life to not connect his crime to the woman. Midnight weeps as they unravel the truth. The villain wanted to save Midnight because he loved her. The other students feel emotional, but Bakugo thinks it’s weird.

Aizawa comes in and halts the scenario after they figured it out, but then he reveals that they missed a single detail that deducts their points to zero. The villain isn’t dead and was merely acting. They should have restrained him instead of assuming he was dead. All Might disappears from the scene and happily runs away to escape. It also means that the villain was only pretending, and his supposed love for Midnight wasn’t real.

All Might returns to his office, coughing from using muscle form too long. There, he reads an email from Melissa Shield inviting him to visit her and her father. The next day, he ambushes Midoriya for a trip to I-Island.

Our Thoughts

This episode came at a weird place, but I must admit the scenario was fun. I might need to check out that movie soon. 3.5/5.

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