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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – What a Twist

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - What a Twist


Kirishima and the other students left in the classroom urge Vlad to let them out and face the villains, but the teacher won’t relent. Dabi then barges in with a flame blast. Vlad defends the students by trapping the villain in his blood manipulation quirk. Dabi taunts that these continuous attacks on student grounds will soon make people lose their trust in heroes.

Aizawa comes in to help and reveals that the villain is a fake. He leaves Kota to Vlad and tells them the villains are purposefully holding them up here to thin out their numbers. The students want to fight, but the teachers won’t allow it. Everyone’s safety is their priority.

Back in the woods, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Shoji are attacked by Dabi and Twice. Himiko tries to take blood from Midoriya but he is thwarted by Shoji. Compress is about to hand Bakugo to Dabi, but it is revealed to have been taken by Shoji during an earlier clash.

The students make for a quick escape, but Nomu and Kurogiri stop them in their tracks. It’s time for the villains to retreat. One by one they step into his portals. As it turns out, the beads Shoji pickpocketed were fakes and the real ones are concealed in Mr. Compress’ mouth. They’re about to escape, but a laser beam from Aoyama hits Compress in the face and he spits out the beads.

The students scramble to take them, but Dabi manages to swipe one while Shoji catches another. Compress releases his quirk to confirm their catch. Bakugo tells Midoriya to stay away as he’s being sucked into the portal with Dabi.


The villains disappear, with a raging fire still ravaging the forest. Midoriya and the rest are stunned at what happened. Everyone is in a state of shock as the rescue operations continue.

Thankfully, the firetrucks and emergency services arrive soon after, with fifteen students injured from the poison gas. Some sustained injuries with one having been kidnapped. Of the pro heroes, Pixie-Bob is in critical condition while Ragdoll is missing. Three villains were arrested at the scene. The training camp ended in the worst possible way.

Soon after, the media flocks to UA for a statement on the incident. The irony isn’t lost on the principal as he realizes their students were attacked by villains while training to get stronger and stop them. They’ve gotten complacent ever since All Might managed to hinder all organized crime.

The public’s trust might soon erode from this incident, especially if the villains manage to make Bakugo defect to their side. Since only the teachers and students know of the summer camp location, Present Mic concludes that there’s a traitor among them. Snipe warns him to be careful of a witch hunt as it could break them from the inside.

Rescue Plans

All Might gets a call from Tsukauchi on their latest development. They have now pinpointed the location of the League of Villains’ headquarters. Once they gather evidence, they’ll storm the area with the help of other pro heroes along with All Might.

As the villains expected, they get a lot of publicity from the media, who starts going against UA’s for their shortcomings on the attacks.

Midoriya remains at the hospital to recover from his injuries. As he wakes up, his classmates visit and check in on him. Jiro, Hagakure and Yaoyorozu are also still recovering. Midoriya remembers that Bakugo is also gone.

Midoriya cries as he failed to save his friend after breaking his body. Kirishima tells him that they’ll save Bakugo too. They overheard Yaoyorozu reporting to All Might about the tracking device they’ve placed into the Nomu. Iida argues that they should just leave it to the pros, but Kirishima wants to save his friend. He reaches out to Midoriya if they should go ahead.

Our Thoughts

Looks like the previous incident is a setup for something even bigger, 3.8/5.

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