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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – Boy Meets…

BY Harris

Published 10 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 3 Recap - Boy Meets...

First Impressions

Sir Nighteye doesn’t seem too happy with Midoriya’s impression of All Might. He criticizes his look and says it isn’t accurate to the hero’s young roots or even his Silver age period. Midoriya then notices a ton of All Might merchandise displayed throughout the office, and there’s even a not-for-sale 10th-anniversary tapestry that he’s envious of. Nighteye must be a superfan.

The hero dismisses Midoriya, but he responds by quizzing Sir Nighteye on the acetic acid suicide case. It was an incident where a student fell into a sea of acid caused by someone else’s quirk. All Might saved the person and later smiled at the press with his eyes scrunched up from the pain. That was the smile that he chose to imitate.

Nighteye knows the case. Even though it’s not popular, it’s one of Midoriya’s favorite moments. The two then quiz each other on the finer details of the incident while Mirio frees Bubble girl from the tickling machine.

Midoriya may not have caught Sir Nighteye at his first impression, but things aren’t going so bad right now. Midoriya presents his contract and states his intentions to become stronger. Sir Nighteye tells him the consequences of signing with him. He’ll be doing intense work and could miss some of his lessons. Midoriya agrees since being at the top means he’ll have to go at a higher pace.

The Test

Sir Nighteye then asks him what the agency has to gain from another sidekick. He asks him what he can contribute to society and invites him to prove it in three minutes. Within that time, Midoriya has to take the stamp away from him and seal the deal himself. Mirio knows that would be difficult, considering the hero’s quirk.

As Midoriya moves in, Nighteye starts predicting his moves and dodges accordingly. Outside, Mirio and Bubble girl wonder why their boss seems stricter than usual.

Sir Nighteye criticizes Midoriya for not going all out and being anxious about his foresight quirk. Furthermore, he reveals that he favored Mirio being One For All’s successor. Midoriya starts to doubt himself, but he redirects it by focusing on All Might’s trust in him. This urges him to prove himself as the rightful heir and gain Sir Nighteye’s acknowledgment.

Midoriya uses quicker change-ups in his movement to reach the stamp. Nighteye recognizes his moves as an emulation of Gran Torino’s. He continues to lecture the boy on how he shouldn’t hesitate and put his practice to the test. Midoriya messes up the whole office to confuse him but stumbles to the wall.

Three minutes are up. Midoriya’s strategy failed as he refused to step on the tenth-anniversary poster on the wall. Sir Nighteye then realizes that the boy made sure not to damage any of the All Might merchandise plastered in the office. On top of his provocations, this caused the boy to act more flustered.

A Capable Successor

As Mirio and Bubble girl enters the office, Sir Nighteye accepts Midoriya. He never said the boy would fail if he didn’t take the stamp, and Nighteye already decided to take him in after learning of his interest. This doesn’t mean he acknowledges him; instead, he wants to show him that Mirio is more capable.

Even while knowing this, Midoriya accepts.

Midoriya’s classmates congratulate him for getting accepted. The others are not so lucky. Aizawa comes in to tell Tokoyami that the number 3 hero–Hawks, wants to take him in. Similarly, Amajiki wants to invite Kirishima, while Hado recruits Uraraka and Tsuyu. They all look forward to it.

On the first day of the internship, Midoriya gets teamed up with Mirio to patrol the streets. Their goal is to look out for Overhaul and the Shie Hassaikai.

Our Thoughts

Here’s another mentor character for Midoriya, which proves to be more difficult. Rating: 3.8/4

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