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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – An Unpleasant Talk

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - An Unpleasant Talk


The four intern students of Class A meet on their way to the train station. Surprisingly, they find themselves taking the same train toward their respective agency‘s meeting place. They also find the Big Three already there, waiting for them.

They enter the meeting room to find many high- to low-tier heroes already gathered inside — Gran Torino, Eraser Head, Fat Gum, and Ryukyu among others.

Sir Nighteye facilitates the meeting and thanks everyone for the intel they gathered on the Shie Haissaikai group. It‘s time for everyone to discuss what they‘ve learned and come up with a countermeasure against them.

Based on their findings, the group has expanded its reach to many underground criminal organizations. They were also spotted together with Twice from the League of Villains, and the police gathered evidence that suggests there was some dispute between them.

After that, Gran Torino and Detective Tsukauchi also got involved. One of the heroes opposes the presence of UA students in the meeting, saying that they must explain things to them that might cause delays. Fat Gum objects, as his two interns are directly involved with the case. The gang‘s drug distribution includes a quirk-erasing weapon that proves worrying.

Growing Problems

Eraser Head explains that the quirk-canceling bullet works differently from his powers. Whereas he can suppress the quirk from being expressed, Tamaki‘s checkups revealed that his quirk factor was actually damaged. Much of the evidence was destroyed during the incident, but Kaminari‘s hardening quirk got them a sample of a bullet intact. Upon inspection, the bullet contains human blood and cells.

The effect could possibly come from a quirk. All the related organized crime incidents lately have connections to the Haissaikai. On top of that, Overhaul has the power to dismantle and reassemble objects. Midoriya and Mirio get stunned after realizing the implications, as Eri has bandages all over her body. He could quite possibly be taking samples from her body to use on those bullets.

Once the Haissaikai makes a perfect quirk-canceling weapon, their power in the criminal underground could grow uncontrollably.

Mirio and Midoriya both promise to rescue Eri, but it wouldn’t be so simple. The gang must have her locked up after the incident. Sir Nighteye has highlighted several areas in Japan that could be their possible bases. Gran Torino cautions everyone to stay efficient as they cannot afford another PR nightmare like what happened to Stain. They have to strike quickly and with less margin for error.

Eri‘s Fate

Sir Nighteye refuses to use his power to predict everyone‘s future to help the cause, as seeing someone lead to imminent death might cause complications. He‘ll reserve it as a last resort.

In any case, their goal is to find Eri and rescue her as quickly as possible.

The students gather after the meeting. Midoriya expresses his frustration at not being able to save Eri. Mirio mirrors his sentiment. Eraser Head arrives to tell them he had reservations about continuing the internship after the League‘s involvement. He warns Midoriya that he hasn‘t earned back his trust yet. But then he knows the boy will still help despite what he says. He promises to keep an eye on him to follow the rules this time.

Nejire and Amajiki try and cheer Mirio up. Eraser Head encourages them that their failure doesn‘t mean Eri‘s demise. Midoriya and Mirio promise to succeed next time.

On another meeting, Sir Nighteye admits to Gran Torino that Midoriya has the same madness that All Might has deep inside of him.

Our Thoughts

This arc got really dark, but it strengthened our heroes‘ motivations so well. Rating: 3.8/5.

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