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Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – …had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - ...had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida

Devi dreams again. This time, she sees Paxton walking into her room, getting ready to have sex with her. Bothered by the dream, it’s all that she talks about with Dr. Ryan. But Dr. Ryan says she is there for Devi to talk about the major events in her life, namely, her father’s death. Devi says they can talk about her dad all the time, but what’s about to happen between her and Paxton is much more timely. Dr. Ryan asks what’s so special about Paxton, so Devi shows her a picture. Dr. Ryan agrees that Paxton is hot but reminds her that even hot people have feelings and problems. She says Devi losing her virginity to someone she barely knows is not a good idea, given her current mental state.

In school, Fabiola and Eleanor meet up with Devi. Eleanor apologizes to Devi and has prepared a photo montage of their friendship to ask for forgiveness. Devi tells her she’s forgiven, so they walk together. Alex passes by and calls Fabiola ’Fab.’ Devi tells her it‘s so sexy. Fabiola tells her she followed Devi’s boyfriend plans, so she’s going out with Alex during the weekend. Eleanor asks Devi where she is with Jonah, so Devi tells her she has been talking to someone else, Paxton. She tells them about her interaction with Paxton, except she said it was Paxton who came to her and not the other way around. While Eleanor focuses on Devi’s story, Fabiola focuses on someone else, a blond girl.

At their house, Nalini takes out a sari from storage for Kamala to wear during her video call with Prashant’s parents. Kamala tells her she will not wear a sari. She will wear jeans and a blazer because it is fun to mix professional and casual. Nalini tells her that wearing it will make her look like a career woman when Prashant’s family wants to know that she can cook, clean, and cater to their son’s needs. She advises Kamala not to let them know about her career yet and wait until the wedding to move back to the US and continue with her career. Kamala shrieks. Nalini sees Mohan’s motorbike has fallen over; Kamala is under it.

Nalini helps Kamala get up and tells her she has always hated the bike. Kamala tells her she can sell the bike and use the money so they can turn on the AC once in a while.

At lunch, Devi goes to the Hot Pocket — the most intimidating spot at school — so she can talk to Paxton. She asks Paxton if he wants to hang out after school. Paxton thinks she‘s asking for sex, so he says they can do it at his house after school. Devi says it‘s too soon but soon is good. It’s just that she has orchestra practice so she cannot make it. She asks Paxton if they can do it later that week, but Paxton isn’t so pleased, so he says he doesn’t know.

At orchestra practice, the instructor reminds everyone how they witnessed Devi’s dad die and then welcomes Devi back into the group. As the group starts to play, Devie remembers vividly what happened and realizes she cannot play the harp just yet. She leaves the room and finds Paxton about to leave in his Jeep. She says she cleared up her schedule so she can already come with him. He asks her to hop in, and then they drive away together. Fabiola and Eleanor see this, so their jaws drop.

Paxton offers Devi a can of beer and tells her that his mom will be home soon so they better get at it. He takes off his shirt, and Devi drops her beer. He explains he has to shave his chest for swimming and puts Devi’s hand on his chest so she can feel the stubble. Devi panics and tells Paxton she must go home because she needs to sign up for a package.

She arrives home and sees her mother talking to Andrew, their neighbor. He is riding his father’s motorbike. Her mother says he‘s thinking of buying it. Devi tells her she cannot sell it because she can drive it soon. Her mother tells her she cannot drive it because she might get into an accident and die. She says Mohan is not there anymore, so it‘s her call. “You’re being such a bitch,” Devi shouts and goes inside.

Fabiola and Eleanor come to Devi’s house and talk about how to have sex. They study it and practice Kegel exercises to educate themselves about the different sex positions. Meanwhile, Kamala wears a sari and gets on a video call with Prashant’s parents. Nalini coaches her by writing words on a notepad and holding it up behind the screen. Nalini tells her to be more interesting, so Kamala tells them she is in a 6-year program to find preventative treatment for Lyme disease. Nalini loses it and decides to show herself to Prashant’s parents. She tells them that Kamal loves to cook. She can cook anything except meat.

While Devi puts on lip gloss by her locker, Ben tells her she shouldn’t wear too much makeup because it will collect on her mustache. She gets back at Ben and says she is seeing someone on a date after school. Ben tells her she only sees her therapist because she got so messed up that she couldn’t walk for three months. Devi gets back at him again and says she won’t walk again the next day because she is about to get railed while he is staying a virgin.

While trying to cover up some scratches on Mohan’s motorbike, Nalini sees the red string that hangs by its handlebar and remembers when Mohan took her for a ride after she got upset about not having another child after Devi.

Devi rides her scooter and goes to Paxton’s house again. Paxton just finished his run, so he meets Devi outside. They go in together. Devi says she needs to freshen up before they do it, so she goes to the ladies’ room. After gargling, putting deodorant, and spraying perfume all over her body, she decides to put some perfume down under. She winces in pain so loud that a girl outside the door asks her if she’s okay.

Devi opens the door and sees Rebecca, Paxton’s sister with Down syndrome. Rebecca asks her for help picking jeans. She tells Devi that she works in Old Navy and asks if she is Paxton’s new girlfriend. Delighted, Devi asks her if she looks like one of Paxton’s girlfriends. Rebecca says no because all of Paxton’s girlfriends look like a skank. Rebecca shakes hands with Devi as she introduces herself. Paxton walks in on them. Paxton thinks Devi purposely wandered around their house, so he gets upset and tells her to go.

The next day, Devi heads to the Hot Pocket again to talk to Paxton, but he ignores her. Fabiola and Eleanor see her walking away from the Hot Pocket and assume she’s been there with Paxton. They also assume they already had sex because she looks glowing. Eleanor tells her she will go from the person everyone felt sad about to the girl everyone will be jealous of. Hearing it from Eleanor makes Devi realize everyone pities her, so Devi plays along and agrees that she already had sex with Paxton.

In history class, Devi gets distracted by the thought of how she will make things right with Paxton when he doesn’t talk to her, so she misses a question being asked by Mr. Shapiro. Ben takes the opportunity to show off. Devi tells Ben that she wishes the Nazis would kill him. They both get called to the principal’s office. Principal Grubbs tells Devi to apologize to Ben. When she does, she cries and says she is messed up and wishes she‘s dead.

Ben tells Principal Grubbs he won’t press charges, so the principal tells them to work it out and just never tell their parents. After being dismissed, Devi sincerely apologizes to Ben for what she said. Ben tells her it‘s okay; he‘s sure something bigger is bothering her. Perhaps, her date didn’t go well. He says everyone thinks his relationship with Shira is perfect, but they also have ups and downs. Still, they make it work because he pushes her intellectually, and her hotness elevates him socially.

Kamala and her boyfriend of three months, Steve, are kissing by a tree. Kamala tells him they can no longer be together because her parents have found a match for her, and she is going for an arranged marriage to fulfill her duty to her family. She bids Steve goodbye.

Devi comes home and asks her mom for food. She assumes her mom is there because her car is parked outside. However, Nalini is out driving Mohan’s motorbike.

While Kamala and Devi are eating dinner, Devi comments on the lemonade being too sour. Kamala gets upset and tells her not to drink it. Nalini arrives and announces they are keeping the bike for her personal use. She tells Devi that if she ever calls her a bitch again, she will never drive at all because she will die. Nalini drinks some lemonade and tells Kamala the same thing. Kamala stands and walks away angrily.

Later that night, while Devi is busy scribbling in her room, Nalini tells her a boy is downstairs looking for her. She goes down and sees Paxton waiting for her. Paxton says sorry for being rude to her the other day. He explains that he is overprotective of his sister because she has been bullied. He tells Devi that when his parent first adopted Rebecca, he used to sleep by her bed with a Nerf gun. Devi tells him she will never make fun of Becca because she is way cooler than her. Devi tells him that if they are cool, they should meet at his garage again the next day to finally have sex. Paxton tells her he thinks having sex is not a good idea anymore because things between them have gotten weird.

Our Thoughts

Uh-oh! Major bummer! Paxton decides not to have sex with Devi, so what will Devi do? She made her friend believe otherwise. Well, I think I see the storyline now. This series might indeed be interesting, and it is actually funny. I pity Kamal for being forced to marry someone she clearly does not love and for being willing to put her career and passion on the line just for her duty to her family. I mean, we are in the modern world already, but sadly, culture sometimes dictates these things, still. On a lighter note, Ben being friendly to Devi is a refreshing scene! I know it does not look like it right now, but it makes me think they may be together in the future — twist.

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