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Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – …been the loneliest boy in the world

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - ...been the loneliest boy in the world

It‘s time for Ben’s story, narrated by an American actor, producer, writer, and fake rapper: Andy Samberg. He‘s a client of Ben’s dad.

Andy narrates that Ben felt on top of the world when Devi agreed to be his ally that night when they stole alcohol together, but he got disappointed when Devi didn‘t go with the plan. He even thought he just imagined his conversation with Devi.

Ben arrives home from the conference just when her mother is about to leave for another retreat. She leaves Ben as usual, all by himself in the big house. He resorts to playing basketball alone, playing video games, and commenting on different Reddit threads on the Internet. In short, he is a lonely boy, mostly left to himself.

Ben is about to sleep when a notification pops on his phone. He will watch a Clippers game with Shira and his dad the following day.

Andy narrates that both of Ben’s school buddies went to different high schools, so as soon as he started dating Shira, her friends became his friends.

At school, Ben reminds Shira of the upcoming game after school, but Shira says she can’t make it because she’s going to a brow-sculpting pop-up. Ben asks Shira’s friends if they want Shira’s game ticket, but they don’t. Ben tries to ask Trent or Marcus to go with him, but they say it‘s weird because they‘re not really friends. They even suggest that if Ben can‘t go, they can take both tickets so they can go with his dad.

In Chemistry class, Ben boasts and tells Devi that his dad is taking him to the Clippers game and have courtside seats. He says he has an extra ticket but only for someone who will apologize. Devi tells him to stop talking to her. Ben tells her he doesn‘t get why she’s mad at him, so Devi explains that he told everyone she‘s sleeping with Paxton, which got Paxton pissed. Ben asks her why Paxton would get pissed by that, but Devi tells him it doesn‘t matter.

Ben is at home waiting for his dad to get him so they can go to the game, but his dad cancels on him last minute due to work. Ben lies to Patty, their housekeeper, and tells her he has a lot of homework and that his father also has a lot of work, so they can‘t go to the game. He gives her his tickets so she can take her sons. He sits alone and comments on a live video of the game. Someone from the Rick and Morty Reddit thread sees his comment, so they decide to meet. Ben gets disappointed when he meets the guy because he‘s not a teenager but a weird pedo man born in 1969.

The following day, he hangs out with Shira and her friends at school, but they just take selfies. He gets 100 on a test, but he‘s unhappy. He walks down the hall when Trent sees him and slaps him. Trent thought the large zit on Ben’s face was a roach. He tells Ben to get it checked because zits can leak into his brain and kill him.

Ben sees Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, a dermatologist. While getting him treated, she thanks Ben for keeping Devi on her toes. She says she gets to hear about their rivalry every dinner time. “Wait, you guys have dinner together every night?” Ben asks. Nalini says they do because they’re a family. She gives Ben a cortisone shot, and Ben cries. Nalini thinks it‘s because of the shot, but Ben tells her he hasn’t eaten dinner with anyone in a long time.

Nalini comes home and brings Ben with her. She says he’ll be having dinner with them. Devi gets upset and talks with her mother upstairs while Ben stays with Kamala, who is preparing dinner. Still, Nalini and Devi‘s conversation is heard downstairs because the vents in their house have just been cleaned. Nalini tells Devi to stop being rude to Ben because he’s human. He’s so sad that he cried many tears in her office. She says Ben is having a hard time with his family and girlfriend, and he had one of the nasties pimples she has seen. Devi tells her Ben is not her friend, so Nalini asks her why when Ben is nice, smart, and can never buy drugs because he looks like a narc. She tells Devi to be polite.

During dinner, Devi sarcastically tells Ben that it‘s nice to have him in their house, which she considers a safe haven from her nemesis. Nalini asks Ben how the UN trip was. He says they have prepared for months for that trip, but Devi came without preparation and still became the talk of the weekend. Nalini asks Ben what Devi did. Ben realizes he has the perfect opportunity to get back at Devi, but he chooses the high road. He tells Nalini that Devi was just so good and passionate about her role, so she made a huge impact as a first-timer.

While cleaning the kitchen after dinner, Devi thanks Ben for not ratting her out to her mom. They get into a hearty conversation with Devi coming clean to Ben that she and Paxton never had sex. Ben tells Devi that his dad often ignores him and his girlfriend only loves him for his money. They talk more about Paxton and about the guy who catfished Ben from Reddit.

The next day in school, Ben is hanging out with Shira, who is busy taking selfies. He receives a notification that he has just received $5 from Devi with a note saying she gave it to him so he won‘t eat with a pedo again.

Our Thoughts

I think Ben and Devi would make a great couple! Of course, it would not be as thrilling as having a relationship with the hottest guy in school, but I guess there’s also something about dating the smartest. Oh, the places where my mind goes! But it‘s sad someone like Ben would feel so lonely most of the time. He deserves love and attention, but he gets almost nothing. It‘s a good thing Nalini invited him to dinner. Although his time at the Vishwakumar’s did not start great, it ended on a pretty happy note. I hope Ben and Devi will be friends like Fabiola and Eleanor.

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