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One of Us Is Lying Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – One of Us Is Not Giving Up

BY Angela

Published 7 months ago

One of Us Is Lying Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - One of Us Is Not Giving Up

Bronwyn’s mother tells her the disciplinary committee has finished their investigation and did not find Bronwyn wrong. She asks Bronwyn about her Yale essay and reminds her the deadline is fast approaching. She says she knows Bronwyn is upset about Nate, and she’s sorry he’s not who Bronwyn thought he was. Bronwyn tells her Nate didn’t do it, but her mother tells her she needs to move forward. Bronwyn tries to write her essay but fails. Instead, she texts Addy and Cooper and asks them to meet her.

Cooper reads Bronwyn’s text. His dad comes to his room and gives him reading materials for his upcoming interview. Cooper suggests they postpone his interviews, given what happened with Nate. His dad tells him there’s no way they’re canceling and reminds him that if they have to, they will use the whole mess to their advantage.

In jail, his lawyer informs Nate he has been offered a plea deal, and if he takes it, the sentence is six years. But he can be out in four with good behavior. His mother tells him it is just like college. His lawyer tells him it is a good deal, and if he takes it, the case will be closed, and the other three students will have nothing to worry about. Nate says he’ll think about it.

Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper, and Janae meet at Addy’s house. Bronwyn tells them they have to get Nate out of jail, so they should start looking into Ms. Avery. She suggests they bluff and make her believe they know her secret already so they can get her to talk. They ask Janae to do the job and record Ms. Avery’s response because she is most likely to have heard the secret from Simon.

Janae tries to bluff Ms. Avery at school, but she does not give in. She gets suspicious when she sees Janae is trying to record the conversation and refuses to talk. Flashback: Simon blackmails Ms. Avery to do something for him in exchange for keeping her secret, which she says can cause her to lose her job, her teaching license, and her whole life. She tells him what she did does not make her a hypocrite, so she doesn’t understand why she is being blackmailed. Simon insists he is not blackmailing her but giving her a choice.

Janae reports to Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn, and Maeve that she failed because Ms. Avery didn’t tell her anything. They hear Ms. Avery talking to the phone as she leaves the room, so they decide to follow her to her house. After staying outside for a few minutes, they see Vanessa going in. Bronwyn takes a photo at once.

Addy arrives home and gets surprised when she sees Jake in her room. He explains he was hurt when he found out Addy betrayed him with one of his best friends. She says she never wanted to hurt him. He says he wants her Addy back. Addy says the old her who was so afraid of losing Jake and doing something he didn’t like is gone. She says when she lost him, she felt like she didn’t have to be careful all the time, and it felt so good she hadn’t taken a Xanax for a while. Jake says he likes the new Addy and shows her tickets to the ice cream pop-up. He reminds Addy about their anniversary — the next day. He begs Addy for them to go back to normal and wake up from the nightmare that has been. Addy says they can’t just pretend the past two months didn’t happen and tells Jake she’ll think about going to the ice cream pop-up.

Nate’s lawyer shows him footage of his mom’s interview with the media, where she does further damage to Nate by admitting to knowing Nate is a drug dealer. He advises Nate to take the plea deal.

Cooper shows Bronwyn the same footage, and she gets enraged. She says she needs to talk to him and inform him they’re close to getting Ms. Avery. Cooper tells herMs. Avery didn’t show up at school that day. Bronwyn realizes Ms. Avery is trying to run. She cuts classes and goes to Ms. Avery’s house with Cooper.

Addy approaches Vanessa at the tracks and shows her the photo they took at Ms. Avery’s house. Vanessa lies and tells her she was there because she needed help with Physics. Vanessa tells her to stay away from her, and she runs. Flashback: Vanessa confronts Simon for not staying true to their deal. She says he can post about her but begs him not to take Ms. Avery down with her. Simons says he won’t, but he needs her to do something for him in exchange.

Addy runs after Vanessa at full speed, so when Vanessa suddenly stops and faces her, they bump into each other and fall to the ground. Addy scrapes her knee, but still, she kneels in front of Vanessa to beg her to tell her about Ms. Avery. She tells her Nate has become her friend, and she doesn’t want him to go to jail for something he didn’t do.

Bronwyn and Cooper lurk around Ms. Avery’s house and see she’s packing up. Ms. Avery catches them and lets them in.

Vanessa discloses to Addy she had an abortion. She explains Ms. Avery caught her trying to skip classes, and when she told her where she was going, she drove her to the doctor’s office and even paid for the abortion so that her parents wouldn’t know. Vanessa begs Addy not to tell anyone about Ms. Avery because she doesn’t want her to be punished for being good.

Ms. Avery tells Bronwyn and Cooper the same story. She says Simon said he wouldn’t post about it if she gave Addy, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Nate detention that day. When Cooper asks her about the possibility of her killing Simon herself, she tells them she was dealing with the streakers when the crime happened.

Addy, Bronwyn, and Cooper meet in Addy’s room. Bronwyn and Cooper think Ms. Avery could have planned for the streakers to be there so she could leave after putting the peanut oil in Simon’s cup. Bronwyn thinks they should go to the police with what they have, but Addy reminds them that if Ms. Avery is innocent, they will be destroying Vanessa and Ms. Avery’s lives for nothing. Bronwyn comes up with the idea of tracking down the streakers. She asks them if they know anyone from Laguna, and Cooper tells them he might know someone, referring to Kris.

Bronwyn gets a text from Nate’s mother saying Bronwyn can take her visitation slot so she can talk to Nate. Addy receives a text from Jake: “Happy Anniversary. Maybe next year.”

Nate isn’t expecting to see Bronwyn at the booth. Bronwyn tells him he should not take the plea deal because they think they know who killed Simon. Nate says if he takes the plea deal, he will be in for four years, and it will be over for all of them, and they can go back to their lives. Bronwyn suggests they make bail, but Nate tells her he isn’t worth it because all he does is ruin everything for her. He tells her to get ready for the Ivy League and walks away.

Cooper asks Kris about the Laguna streakers. Kris identifies one of them. Cooper tells Kris he wants to go public with him. Kris is overjoyed. The two pose for a selfie just as Hunter, one of the Laguna streakers, shows up. Cooper goes after him, and when he catches up with him, he threatens to break his arm if he does not leave him alone. Kris comes to his rescue and aims a pepper spray at Hunter. Hunter reveals someone hired them on Reddit and paid them on Venmo to streak on the first day of school. He says he didn’t get a name, but he showed Cooper a Venmo screenshot showing the payment was from someone who uses Anarchi$K as his username.

Cooper shows Janae, Addy, and Bronwyn the screenshot. Janae recognizes it is Simon’s gamer tag. They deduce that Simon got them in detention and then hired the streakers to get Ms. Avery out of the room so she won’t be involved. They realize Simon orchestrated everything to frame them and think Simon committed suicide. Janae tells them he could not have killed himself. She turns to Maeve and asks her if she thinks the same. Maeve remembers when Simon told her he couldn‘t wait to leave and never return. She tells them she thinks she does not know Simon as well as she thought. Janae tells them they’re all wrong and walks out.

Addy, Bronwyn, and Cooper talk to Detective Wheeler about their theory. She dismisses them and tells them all they did was get Ms. Avery fired. She says they should stand back and let her do her job if they don’t want to be charged with obstruction of justice. She says they’ve ruled out suicide, so it would be wise for Nate to take the plea deal.

Back in school, they see Ms. Avery leaving with her things. Addy tells them it is their fault, and they have made matters worse. Bronwyn does not want to give up, but Cooper tells her he’s done because he has a future to think of. Addy reminds Bronwyn that Nate said himself he doesn’t want them to throw away everything for him. Cooper and Addy walk away.

Addy texts Vanessa to apologize, but Vanessa tells her to stop. She talks to Jake and asks him to go home with her. He asks her if it means she’s done with all the Scooby Doo stuff. She says she’s done and hugs Jake.

Cooper arrives home and gets into an argument with his dad for arriving too late. His dad tells him he has canceled the interview. Cooper apologizes and explains he was playing basketball. His dad gets mad at him for lying and tells him he saw Kris’ post because he tagged Cooper. He says Cooper is blowing his chance because everyone saw the photo. “Tell your friend to take the photo down, please,” he begs. Cooper tells him Kris is not his friend but his boyfriend, and he’s not telling him to take the photo down because he wants to be himself. He believes he is so good he can play baseball and be gay at the same time. His father tells him nobody’s that good.

Bronwyn reads her Yale essay to her parents. Their jaws drop when Bronwyn wrote about wanting to take money out from her college fund to bail Nate out of jail. When her parents object, she tells them she wants to get Nate out because she loves him and it’s the right thing to do.

Addy and Jake get cozy while watching TV. They finish the show, so Jake asks if it is okay with Addy if he plays RDR for a bit. Addy then asks him if it is okay if she falls asleep while he does. She prepares to sleep on his lap, but she frowns when she notices something on the screen.

Nate’s lawyer informs him someone posted his bail.

Addy secretly goes into Jake’s Xbox account and sees a chat history with Anarchi$k.

Our Thoughts

Woah. So Jake was involved in all of this? That was totally unexpected! Well, I guess we should be used to discovering unexpected things from here on out. First, what happened between Ms. Avery and Vanessa totally caught us off-guard. Second, the theory that Simon killed himself is not something we have considered, but it makes sense after this episode. Third, Bronwyn’s parents posting bail for Nate is definitely not something we even have remotely imagined. Lastly, we thought Jake and Addy getting back together was not on the table. But hey, here we are! Let’s all just hope we are in for an unexpected season finale!

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