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Ozark Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Nest Box


Published 3 weeks ago

Ozark Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Nest Box

Marty knows the Youngs are in danger, so he tells Wendy that he’s going there immediately. Marty arrives at Young’s residence and immediately sees Darlene and Jacob Snell. They were approaching the house, so Marty cut them off. Mason and Gracie came out of their home, but Marty told Jacob that he was willing to strike a deal with them if they left the Youngs alone. Darlene already got her hands on Gracie, which made Marty worry about Gracie’s safety. Jacob told Darlene to go back to the car and told Marty that they would talk about the deal as soon as possible.

Marty had no choice but to give all his money to Jacob. He was only supposed to provide $100,000 to $200,000, but Jacob wants all of it. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Jonah need to attend school, so they enrolled at Lakeside Valley. Charlotte was worried about her first day, but Jonah told her that it was just school and that she was good at it. Wyatt and Three were also attending a school that year. Russ went to talk to Ruth before taking the boys to school. He was worried that Ruth would tell her father, Cade, what happened to her face. Ruth tells Russ that he shouldn’t have hit her if he was so worried about Cade. Russ told Ruth that he acted hastily and allowed his emotions to get the best of him.

Russ went back to Petty after taking the boys to school. He knew that Petty meddled with Ruth’s plan. Russ wants to know why Petty is interfering with their lives. Petty responds that they need Marty alive, and he doesn’t wish Russ to do something stupid that will get his ass in jail. Petty made Russ promise that he won’t try to kill Marty again, Russ hesitated, but he eventually made the promise.

Meanwhile, Marty tries to find new clients to get investments because Rachel threw him out of the lodge. Without the lodge, Marty can’t launder money faster. e gave all of their money to Jacob. However, Marty thinks it was for the best. A man went to Sam’s place to ask for a tour around the area for new properties. Wendy was happy to show the man around, but it turns out he’s one of Del’s men.

He came to Ozark to check on the Brydes. Del was looking for money, and Marty hadn’t delivered his promise. They were supposed to finish $8 million; however, the fallout at the lodge cost them a lot of time, and the deposit Marty made with Jacob. Del is getting impatient, and his associate warns Wendy to get the money together. Wendy went back to the house to tell Marty what had happened. Marty tells Wendy he’ll find a way to get the money together. e was happy to take any suggestions from Wendy, and she thought of a plan. She went to Sam to convince him to invest his inheritance into Marty. t didn’t take much effort to convince Sam to invest. e wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to make more money, and he trusted Wendy.

Marty paid his contractors to tear the church foundation down. Mason and Gracie were there to confront Marty so he wouldn’t tear the foundation down. Jason tells Marty that St. Peter came to him in his dreams and told him to continue building the church. Mason no longer wants to return to the water. e wants to preach on land and follow St. Peter’s orders. Marty got pissed at Mason, so he told him the truth. e told him what the Snells were doing and how they would kill all of them if he didn’t get back on the water. Mason got upset with the truth. He couldn’t believe that the Snells were using him. Gracie assures Marty that Mason will stay in the water for the safety of all their families.

Agent Roy Petty calls Trevor to inform him of the developments in his undercover operation. e already has Russ, and he needs time to get Ruth and Marty. Trevor wants to back Roy up in Ozark but refuses to let him in because he could ruin everything for him. Roy tells Trevor to sit back and wait for his command. Meanwhile, Boyd thinks Russ is getting worried about Cade and Marty, but he wants to start changing his life for the better. Russ is beginning to like the idea of spending his life with Roy. Boyd tells Russ that he’ll support him with whatever he wants to do moving forward.

Gracie is having difficulty convincing Mason to go back and preach on the waters of Ozark. He doesn’t want to be involved in the Snells’ drug trafficking. Gracie responds that he can only choose to go back on the water or run away with her. Mason thinks God will protect their child the same way he protected him a few years ago when he got shot in the convenience store. Gracie told Mason that he survived because the shooter had lousy aim. t wasn’t a miracle or God’s intervention. <ason doesn’t agree with Gracie’s plan, so he goes to pray instead. Meanwhile, Jonah runs into trouble with his teacher at school.

All the other kids signed a piece of paper related to drugs and alcohol. Jonah refuses to sign, thinking that dealers are people and they’re just selling drugs to feed their family. Jonah points out that people are addicted to drugs because of their choice. The other kids laughed at him, and the teacher sent him to the principal’s office, where he continued to fight for his side. The principal called Marty and Wendy, and they heard Jonah’s side. The principal told Jonah to step out so he could talk with his parents. Marty and Wendy opted to side with Jonah, but the principal didn’t like insubordination. e told them it wasn’t a good start for either Jonah or Charlotte.

Marty and Wendy discover that Charlotte didn’t attend the first day of school. They ask Jonah where Charlotte was, and he responds that Charlotte went inside the school with him. e saw Charlotte talking to Wyatt earlier, so they went over to ask him where Charlotte was. Ruth hears the commotion outside their trailer, and she goes over to check. Wendy and Marty were banging on the door, looking for Wyatt. Ruth knew Wyatt was on the roof, so she called him. She threatens to beat him up if he doesn’t tell the truth. Wyatt told everyone that Charlotte wanted to go back to Chicago. Wendy told Marty to leave Charlotte to her while he went to Sam to take care of the business deal. Marty doesn’t want to go to Sam’s, but Ruth volunteers to take Wendy with her because she’s visiting Cade in prison.

Mason visits the Snells and tells them he’s no longer preaching for them. He wants the church that Marty promised him. Mason knew that the Snells were drug dealers, but they told him Marty was a money launderer. e wants to build Mason a church so he can inflate the costs and launder money. Mason couldn’t believe what he was hearing; however, he knew that Jacob was telling the truth. e chose to go back on the water for the Snells’ in hopes of saving more souls and leading them back to God.

Ruth and Wendy arrived at the bus station and went to look for Charlotte. Wendy eventually finds Charlotte, and she tells Wendy that she wants their old life back. Wendy apologizes to Charlotte, but they can’t return to their old lives anymore. She told Charlotte that they needed to stick together as a family. Charlotte understood, and she went back with Wendy.

Meanwhile, Marty goes to see Sam, and Eugenia convinces them to invest their money in him. Eugenia played hardball, but it took all for Marty to compliment a painting she kept using for the houses they wanted to sell. Wendy hates that painting, and to hear a compliment on it sealed the deal. Eugenia finally agrees to invest all their money in Marty, music to his ears.

Ruth went back to prison to see Cade. Cade felt disappointed in Ruth because Marty was still alive. Ruth told him why Marty was still alive, but Cade didn’t care about her explanation. Ruth didn’t tell Cade that Russ punched her, but that didn’t matter. He told Ruth not to come back until Marty was dead. Marty went home to make the transfer. He got all of Eugenia and Sam’s money. Wendy pulled through on her end, so it was up to him to close the game. Meanwhile, Ruth came out of the prison crying. Wendy knew something went wrong inside, but she didn’t bother to ask Ruth what had happened.

Sam argued with Eugenia because she chose to put her painting up again. Sam believes the painting isn’t good, but Eugenia took Marty’s compliment wrong. S e believes in Marty’s compliment more than she does in her son. Sam had enough of Eugenia and her attitude towards him. He doesn’t care that Eugenia is his mother. Sam calls her mother a bitch, and the argument swells into a bad decision for him. Sam fires Eugenia and reveals that Marty is really Wendy’s husband. H  quickly changed his mind and called Eugenia back to talk to her. Eugenia no longer wants to speak with Sam and covers her ears. She starts backing away from Sam and ends up in the street. A passing garbage truck hits Eugenia, eventually killing her.

Roy was still speaking to someone on the phone when Russ arrived. He showed him a brochure for their bait and tackle shop. R y felt happy about the brochure, but that wasn’t why he called Russ to come over. He wanted to talk to him about something. Meanwhile, Mason went to the church to burn the foundation to the ground. He poured gas all over the place and set it on fire. Jacob and Darlene could see the smoke from their place, knowing that Mason had done the right thing. Darlene told Jacob that someone else was watching Marty. She wants to kill Marty before someone else does. J cob told Darlene she needed to be patient because they needed Marty alive.

Charlotte arrives at their house and goes for a swim. Marty asks Wendy how things went with Charlotte earlier, and she responds that they took Charlotte’s life away. Wendy wants to send the kids back to Chicago, but Marty refuses. They end up arguing about everything that happened between them, Wendy, who cheated on Marty with Gary, and how Marty lived a life of secrecy when he started working for Del with Bruce. They ended up blaming one another while Charlotte nearly drowned in the lake. S e swam too far out, and she couldn’t find her way back.

Charlotte sank to the bottom of the lake, and no one knew she was drowning. Marty and Wendy continue arguing, so Charlotte fights on her own. She manages to regain her consciousness and swim back up.

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