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Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 5 Recap


Published 4 months ago

[00:01:00] Tommy had surgery on his head. Ada took him to the hospital and left him in the care of the doctors and nurses. She told them he was a war hero, which was why they needed to take care of him. Tommy struggled, but he recovered. Michael visited Tommy to tell him about Father Hughes. He had memories of Hughes from back when he was still a child. The memories weren’t great, and Michael volunteered to kill Father Hughes for Tommy. He asked Tommy to teach him how to shoot a gun. Tommy responded that he just needed to point and pull the trigger.

[00:04:00] After three months, Tommy finally got back home. He emptied a vial of morphine on his sink and threw it away. He came down to have breakfast. Mary entered the room to bring Tommy a newspaper. He told Mary that for the first time ever, Charles had asked for him instead of Grace. Mary pointed out that Charles missed him. She reminded Tommy of his medicine, but he no longer wanted to take it. Tommy explained that every time he drank morphine, he would see Mary standing by his bed, reading the bible naked. Mary didn’t understand what was happening, so Tommy just told her to fetch Johnny. That night, Arthur and John went back to the factory with Charlie and Curly. They took out the firing pins from the armored vehicles and gave them to the soviets.

[00:07:00] It was part of Tommy’s plan so that the soviets no longer needed to blow up the train. Charlie explained that no one made the firing pins anymore, and they had destroyed all the spares within the factory. The representative of the Soviets accepted Tommy’s plan. Meanwhile, Tommy and Johnny Dogs talked things over about a separate plan for the Lee clan. Tommy told Johnny that he needed to take three Lee families and camp 100 yards from the gate of Hampton court palace. Tommy added that he had bought the land, so they would be camping there legally. Some of Tommy’s friends would dig a hole underneath their camp into the Hampton court. As part of accepting the deal, Johnny would receive five grand, which he needed to split up with the other families. Mary came out to tell Tommy that his brothers had arrived with the “wandering Jew.”

[00:09:00] Tommy asked Mary to escort the wandering jew to his office and tend to his brothers in the kitchen. Tommy went to his office to meet the jew, Alfie Solomons. Alfie knew that Tommy was knocking heads with Russians. Tommy needed Alfie’s help with his plan. He soon called for his brothers to join him in his office. When Arthur entered the room, he immediately decided to go back out as he saw Alfie. Alfie apologized to Arthur and explained that what had happened between them in the past was just business. Arthur stared at Tommy as he picked up an ashtray and did his best to stop himself from killing Alfie with it. After his struggle, Arthur demanded to know why he was going to work with Alfie. Tommy explained that he had come up with the plan when he was in the hospital, and they needed Alfie to succeed.

[00:17:00] John, Arthur, and Tommy went to the Hampton Court to meet up with Mrs. Romanov and Tatiana. The Cossacks were standing guard outside the mansion when they arrived. Tatiana explained that the Cossacks stood guard every time they opened the treasury. When they were inside, Tommy told Arthur and John that they needed to strip naked so that Tatiana and Mrs. Romanov could check their bodies for tattoos. He explained that their enemies would often have tattoos hidden on their bodies as a sign of their allegiance. Tatiana and Mrs. Romanov needed to make sure that Arthur and John weren’t assassins. Tommy told them that he had already stripped naked for them previously, so he was already trusted. Arthur wanted to leave, but Tommy convinced him to stay and do as told. Mrs. Romanov ordered Tatiana to check closer, so she knelt in front of Arthur to check his scrotum.

[00:21:30] Tatiana went a bit too much as she stroked Arthur’s penis to the point of erection. She told Arthur that despite his might to keep the devil inside, it would always be forced out. Tommy stopped the search by applauding Tatiana and Mrs. Romanov. John and Arthur couldn’t believe what had happened. Tatiana and Mrs. Romanov left the room to celebrate their new business partners with Vodka and music. Tommy reminded them of the plan as they were one step closer to its fulfillment. Meanwhile, Polly took Michael to Ada on a business meeting. He was uneasy and begged Ada to use her phone. Michael had a big problem as he had knocked up a girl named Charlotte. He stepped out of the room to make a call. Michael spent a minute staring at the phone before picking it up.

[00:25:30] Polly thought Michael was going to call Charlotte, but he called the abortionist instead. While Ada signed her contract to enter the family company, Michael entered the room. He signed his end of the contract, took a bottle of whisky, and left. With Michael going to sleep, Polly planned to visit Ruben to get her portrait. She asked Ada not to mention Ruben to Tommy or the rest of the family. She didn’t want to get Ruben involved. Polly seemed to have fallen for Ruben, but she didn’t want to admit it yet. Back at the Hampton Court, it was more than just Vodka and music as part of the celebration. The whole house had turned into an orgy. Arthur asked for more Vodka as he saw a man having fun with another man. John saw their spy and went out to speak with him.

[00:29:00] The boy’s name was Stefan, and he was no longer happy with his job. He asked John when he would get out of being their spy. John didn’t give him an exact date; he only responded with soon. Stefan explained that he had heard Mr. Romanov talking to Mrs. Romanov about how to kill Tommy, John, and Arthur. He wanted to use swords, but Mrs. Romanov wanted to use machine guns on them. Stefan started breaking down in front of John. He told him to keep his head up as his job was nearly finished. Tatiana took Tommy down to their vault, where the Cossacks were keeping guard. They entered the vault where he found Alfie tied up. Mr. Romanov had tied him up because he didn’t trust him. He only released Alfie when Tommy arrived. Alfie’s job was to be Tommy’s jeweler.

[00:31:00] Part of their deal with the Russians was to select jewelry from their collection amounting to 70 grand. Mr. Romanov decided to speak in Russian and tell Mrs. Romanov that Alfie smelled like rum. Alfie decided to pull out his trump card and respond to Mr. Romanov’s statement. They were all surprised that he understood Russian. Alfie told them that the Russians had chased his mother through the snow with dogs and killed her. Alfie went on with business and started choosing jewelry from the vault. Tension was building between Alfie and Mr. Romanov, so Tommy told him to finish business. They had reached a value of 37,600 in jewelry, so Alfie decided to ask for Faberge Eggs. Mr. Romanov didn’t want to give them an egg, but a deal was a deal, so Mrs. Romanov ordered Tatiana to take the egg out.

[00:35:00] Alfie marveled at the egg’s beauty and called it quits. He told them that the total value with the egg would reach 70 grand. Mrs. Romanov ordered Tommy to rejoin his brothers while Alfie left. Meanwhile, Polly had arrived at Ruben’s, and he wanted her to be honest about his painting. She took off the cover to unveil the painting. Polly stood there in silence. She told Ruben that it was good. Ruben responded that it was one of the best works he had ever done. After that, things just clicked as Ruben and Polly took their relationship to the next level. Ruben tried to choke her, and she remembered how Campbell had choked her. Polly asked Ruben not to do that. He apologized and continued to caress Polly.

[00:38:30] Back at the Hampton Court, the orgy continued as John and Arthur enjoyed themselves. Arthur took one of the whores into another room. He took off his wedding ring while they did the deed. Tommy, on the other hand, asked Tatiana to take him to a darker place. Tatiana knew that Tommy still loved Grace as he broke down before anything happened between them. Tatiana took her clothes off and allowed Tommy to use her. Ruben and Polly had a laugh as she suggested that he named the painting “Fuck them all.” Ruben agreed to call the painting as Polly suggested. Polly decided to tell Ruben about how she had killed Campbell. Back at the court, Tommy, Arthur, and John came out the next day just as the sun rose.

[00:48:00] John started sharing his experience from that night and decided to ask Arthur how his night was. Arthur felt guilty for going behind Linda’s back, so he kept his mouth shut. Back at the scrapyard, Tommy met with the tunnelers he had served with during the war. He introduced them to the Peaky Blinders and didn’t waste a moment. They immediately went over the plan to dig a tunnel directly to the vault under Hampton Court. Polly went back to the office and decided to peek inside Michael’s office. She called Ada and asked her to find out why Michael had been unhappy lately. Polly managed to open one of the drawers and found a small box. She thought it contained a ring for a special girl, but when she opened it, Polly found a bullet with the name of Father Hughes on it.

[00:52:30] Tommy was also in the office, and he saw Polly holding the bullet in her hand. He didn’t say a word and continued walking towards his office. Polly followed Tommy for an explanation. Tommy told Polly that the bullet was his, but he never got the chance to fire it. Polly knew the rules of the gypsies, and she knew that Tommy needed to pass the bullet to another person. Tommy responded that it was not about rules; he told Polly that Michael had asked for the bullet himself. Tommy explained that she was better off not knowing Michael’s reason. Tommy told Polly that Michael had a vendetta with Father Hughes, and it was during his time in the parish when they had taken him away from her. Polly refused. She didn’t want Michael to pull the trigger. Polly threatened to bring the whole company down if Tommy allowed Michael to kill Father Hughes.




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