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Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


Published 4 months ago

[00:01:00] Tommy took the Peaky Blinders to the opening of his foundation. Polly introduced Tommy to the people who had attended the opening along with the orphans who would be within the care of the foundation. Tommy told them that the children would be safe as they came from the streets like him. Tommy assured them that he would keep them safe, and Arthur seconded his motion along with the Peaky Blinders. After the ceremony, Tommy went outside to check Grace’s memorial. He wanted to savor the moment, but Father Hughes arrived to spoil it. Tommy hadn’t invited Father Hughes to the opening, but he still came and told Tommy where his office would be. Tommy didn’t respond and allowed Hughes to leave with the children and some of the guests. Michael arrived to fetch Tommy so that he could have a cup of tea with the mayor.

[00:05:00] Michael looked at Father Hughes, but he didn’t recognize him. Polly and Ada mingled with the guests as part of the legitimate business side of their company. Tommy, Arthur, and John went over their plans as well as updates on the tunnel being built under Hampton Court. A group of women took Tommy from Arthur and John for a photo opp. They gave him a horse carving of his horse Grace’s secret. Ada gave Charlie back to Tommy as he was having a fit and was asking for Tommy. He handed Charlie over to someone for the photo opp, but he couldn’t find him after. Tommy asked everyone if they had seen Charlie, but no one knew where he was. They searched everywhere for him, but they couldn’t find him. Some people saw a woman leave the event with a boy. They got into a car and headed south.

[00:09:00] Arthur told Tommy to go back to the office while he searched for the car with John. Polly went with Tommy to accompany him. They headed to the betting shop, and Tommy called for Sergeant Moss, but he wasn’t there. Tommy threw the phone in his anger. Polly tried to convince Tommy that the economic league didn’t take Charlie, but his gut told him otherwise. Ada arrived at the betting shop to tell Tommy about a priest waiting for him outside. Tommy told them to stay inside while he handled the situation. Tommy went outside to speak with Father Hughes. He told Tommy that they had Charlie. The economic league knew about Tommy’s plan and how he had told the Soviets not to blow up the train. Father Hughes told Tommy that it was his fault that his son’s life was now in danger.

[00:12:00] Father Hughes gave Tommy an envelope. He ordered him to blow up the train and scatter the contents inside the envelope in order to implicate the Soviets. Once the explosion had killed a few people, the British government would have no choice but to cut their diplomatic ties. Father Hughes told Tommy that their mission would be complete once the diplomatic ties had been severed. The economic league also knew about the tunnels under Hampton Court. Father Hughes ordered Tommy to surrender all the jewels they would acquire from the heist. Tommy didn’t have any choice but to accept the mission and all other agreements. The league would bring back his son after everything in their agreement had been fulfilled. Tommy went back to the betting shop and brought hell upon his family.

[00:14:00] Tommy knew someone had talked about their plans, and he wanted to know who it was. He blamed everyone because everyone had a weak link, Esme for John, Linda for Arthur, Ada’s sudden return to the family, and Ruben for Polly. Everyone was caught by surprise when Tommy suddenly blamed them for Charlie getting kidnapped. He told them that their enemies knew of their plans, and he hadn’t told anyone about the tunnels except for the family. Ada told Tommy that she had returned for love and common sense. John responded that Esme didn’t need extra cash and wouldn’t sell them out for extra cash. Arthur didn’t even want to think that Tommy would bring Linda into the picture. Polly told Tommy that she didn’t mention anything to Ruben about family business. Tommy knew it was Ruben. He had wondered why he would waste his time with Polly.

[00:17:00] Polly was offended, but Ada told Tommy that Polly had had red wine with Ruben. Tommy knew the effects of Red wine on Polly and that she wouldn’t remember half of the things she did or said. Finn arrived to tell Tommy that they weren’t able to find Charlie. Tommy instructed him to fill a few cans with petrol and put them in his car. He also wanted Finn to find Michael and bring him over. Tommy knew that the traitor was Ruben. He left to carry out his plan leaving Polly in guilt and tears. Polly spent her evening in the office. She drank and cried, staring at her portrait. Morning came, and she decided to slash the portrait into pieces. Tommy met with Alfie as he was the only other person who knew about the plans outside of the family.

[00:20:00] Tommy asked for a list of people who would be interested in a Faberge egg. Alfie provided Tommy with a list, but he immediately drew his weapon at the sight of the list. Tommy knew the names that would be on the list beforehand. A name was missing from the list, which meant that Alfie was protecting that specific person. It also meant that Alfie had sold the information to the economic league about his plans. Alfie confirmed that he had sold Tommy out. Tommy responded that Alfie had crossed the line and that they were holding Charlie hostage. A fight broke out between Tommy and Alfie. Alfie’s associate broke the fight off, but Michael was there to save Tommy. Alfie told Tommy that he couldn’t talk about crossing the line because he had crossed it so many times. They talked things over, and Alfie told Tommy that he hadn’t known about his son.

[00:25:00] Back at the office, Ruben arrived looking for Polly. He saw the painting of Polly slashed to pieces. Polly took out her gun and pointed it at his face. She had asked for him last night, but he wasn’t ready to face her and enter the world of the Peaky Blinders. Ruben had come now because he was ready. He told Polly that whatever Tommy had told her wasn’t true. Polly lowered her weapon and started crying. Polly told Ruben that her painting was wrong because she was too sure of herself in the painting. She no longer wanted to be a part of the Peaky Blinders; instead, she wanted to spend a dull life with Ruben.

[00:28:00] Meanwhile, Sergeant Moss rushed to his office to answer a call. After the call, he encircled the name of Gilbert Palmer on his list. Palmer was the man Alfie was protecting. Sergeant Moss arrested Gilbert and brought him to Arthur. He prepared a noose for Gilbert and began torturing him for information on Charlie’s whereabouts. Tommy went to the tunnel to dig with his men. He told Johnny Dogs that the enemy had taken Charlie, and he needed the tunnel to be finished by midnight. The next day, Michael met with Arthur and John at the scrapyard. Michael told them about his first kill and showed them the gun Tommy had given him. They gave him the possible location of Charlie. They wanted him to take two of their men to extract Charlie from the location. Michael wanted to kill Father Hughes personally, but Arthur disagreed.

[00:31:00] Father Hughes brought Charlie dinner the night of the plan. Tommy continued digging with his men while John and Arthur went to the train tracks to set up the explosives. They were waiting for word on whether Charlie was safe or not. If they didn’t receive word, they would blow up the train and the six men inside. Michael arrived at the location and told his men to stay in the car. He wanted to kill Father Hughes, and he intended to do it alone. Tommy was set to blow the tunnel while Arthur and John were also set to blow up the train. Michael entered the building, but Father Hughes heard his footsteps. Michael pointed the gun right at Hughes’s left eye, but he wasn’t able to shoot. Father Hughes disarmed him and tried to strangle him.

[00:36:30] Tommy got inside the vault and began looting the jewels and jewelry. He got out before anyone knew he was there. Michael was able to break free from Father Hughes as he slashed his face with a knife. The two men he had come with entered the building and tried to kill Hughes, but he told them to call Finn instead. Michael slashed Father Hughes’s throat as blood gushed out and spurted on his face. The call came in too late, Finn ran as fast as he could, but Arthur and John had already blown up the train. They partially burned the evidence and scattered it with the wreckage. Michael brought Charlie back to the office where Ada and Polly were waiting. Polly saw the blood on Michael’s face, and she knew there was no turning back for him.

[00:40:00] Tommy stopped by a phone booth to call the office. He wanted to speak to Charlie, so someone gave the phone to him on the other end. Tommy spoke to Charlie and told him to go to bed. Tommy cried at the thought of nearly losing his son. Meanwhile, Michael went to the abortionist to see Charlotte off. He told her that he couldn’t stay because Tommy needed his help with the family business. Charlotte begged him to stay, but Michael handed an envelope full of money to the abortionist and left. Tommy arrived at his house and asked Ada where Charlie was. He came running upstairs into Charlie’s room. Tommy hugged Charlie as tight as he could.

[00:43:00] Tommy met with Tatiana to sell the jewels from their vault. They met in the middle of a road with a mediator named Monsieur Silk. Tatiana was in on the plan and had helped Tommy steal the jewels on her behalf. Tatiana bought the jewels back and planned to head out to Vienna because there was a man waiting for her. Monsieur Silk verified the authenticity and value of the jewels and jewelry. She kissed Tommy one last time and bid him farewell. Tatiana paid Tommy and asked for five grand as payment for the sex. She asked for another five grand for helping Tommy get over Grace, but he didn’t pay her because he still grieved his loss. Tatiana shot Monsieur Silk and left.

[00:47:00] Tommy went back to his house and called a family meeting. Everyone came, and Tommy prepared their payment. He apologized to each and every one of them for the pain he had caused them. Linda and Esme accepted their payments, but Lizzie didn’t. Tommy pointed out that her payment was for helping him not to fall apart. Tommy had nearly lost Charlie, and he knew there was no going back. Polly proposed a new hope for their company moving forward as she returned Michael’s share of the payment. Esme and Lizzie were thrilled at Polly’s proposal as well as Ada, but Linda wasn’t. She was hell-bent on moving Arthur away from the Peaky Blinders to start a new life. Arthur bid farewell to everyone, but before he left, Tommy told him that he wouldn’t get far.

[00:54:00] Tommy told them that everyone would be arrested as their enemies wanted to bring them down. He ordered Lizzie to collect all the money he had given them. Tommy told everyone that he had made a deal with people more powerful than their enemies. Tommy told Arthur to trust him, but Arthur didn’t care because they would be hanged for the crimes they had committed. Linda attacked Tommy; she knew that he had sold them out to stop them from leaving. Everyone tried to leave, but they couldn’t. Chaos and Mayhem ensued as the police arrived with Sergeant Moss and began arresting everyone. They loaded them inside the police trucks and left.





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